Elly O'Keeffe

Status: Eliminated
Started: Blind Auditions 1
Finished: Knockouts 2
Instagram: @EllyOKeeffeMusic
Wow Elly I love your voice. that was a difficult song and u did it justice . You have such a sweet tone. I also love your vocal power. You don't overdo it which is great . Well done Elly. A fantastic performance Love Love #thevoiceuk @RealSirTomJones
#TheVoiceUK I was so impressed how you sung that Elly very moving interpretation it was amazing:))))))
#TheVoiceUK come on Elly we want a big song to cry too with your beautiful voice:))))
Good luck Elly #thevoiceuk
Elly 's Irish accent is so lovely . Not annoying #thevoiceuk
Elly I feel you! This woman is just a living legend absoutley love her @ShaniaTwain would love for you to be a coach when you've finished Vegas! #ShaniaTwain #thevoiceuk #TeamTom
Joy to watch Elly on #thevoiceuk Real and authentic. #CorkGirl
Wow Elly is good #TheVoiceUK
Wasn't so convinced with Elly, nerves perhaps? Well done #TheVoiceUK
Elly all the way!!!!!! Such a unique epic voice!!! #thevoiceuk
I love Elly Love but Tom has let her down with this song choice #TheVoiceUK
Wow Elly @thevoiceuk #thevoiceuk
Elly is so much better than that song. Not her genre at all. It's so set up #thevoiceuk
Come on Elly!! We're behind you! #TheVoiceUK
Please Elly! Bring it on!! #TheVoiceUK
Well, Elly knocked that one out of two parks. Maybe three... #TheVoiceUK #Halo
#TheVoiceUK Elly or Shazar Tom
Go, Elly! #TeamTom #thevoiceuk
Cmon Elly! #TheVoiceUK
#TheVoiceUK Beyonce song for Elly really Tom ?
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