Blaize China

Status: Eliminated
Started: Blind Auditions 1
Finished: Knockouts 1
Twitter: @BlaizeChina
Instagram: @blaizechina
Mentions ... To Win Sentiment 3-Day Avg Sentiment
Blind Auditions 2 10 0 29 29
Battles 1 15 0 24 27
Battles 2 1 0 7 20
Knockouts 1 8 1 30 20
I'd go with Darci, by a whisker from Blaize #TheVoiceUK
Not enjoying most of the song choices if I'm honest. Blaize more performer tonight and it took from the vocal. #TheVoiceUK
Wow @BlaizeChina that was amazing. I loved the party and afro beats vibes you were given off. I also think the addition of your own verse was great and wasn't a risk at all. It really suited the song. Well done Blaize xx #TheVoiceUK
This Blaize girl is so beautiful and she's very talented too #TheVoiceUK
Blaize China reminds me of Steff London #TheVoiceUK
#TheVoiceUK Sorry Blaize but you don't rock my boat.
Good luck @BlaizeChina #TheVoiceUK
#TheVoiceUK tf he's good but the other two what is up with the choices tonight y'all if Blaize doesn't win now I shall riot
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