Beryl McCormack

Status: Eliminated
Started: Blind Auditions 1
Finished: Knockouts 2
Twitter: @beryl_music
Instagram: @berylsolo_
Mentions ... To Win Sentiment 3-Day Avg Sentiment
Blind Auditions 6 25 0 64 64
Battles 1 30 1 74 69
Battles 2 3 0 -4 45
Knockouts 2 39 1 68 46
Can't vote for this but if would, it would be for either Doug, Beryl, or Claudillea #TheVoiceUK
Beryl McCormack Can Sing #thevoiceuk #talentshows #entertainment
Meagan Trainor what did you just do..... Beryl should have been chosen for the semi final #ThevoiceUK #thevoice She sang the best had the best voice and got best audience reaction. UK talent shows are ...... smh
#TheVoiceUK holy shit all 3 of them were amazing Personally I liked Oli hopefully her or Beryl get the lifeline
Beryl needs to get though on the lifeline vote, shocked she didn't get put through #thevoiceuk
Omg Beryl is out #TheVoiceUK
Ridiculous! Beryl should've gone through and then Oli a strong contender for the lifeline vote. #TheVoiceUK
Seriously??? First ShezAr goes, now Beryl goes??? Losing faith in this shownow I remember why I didn't watch it last year. Shite decisions. #TheVoiceUK
Between 2 here for me. Can't decide between Brooke and Beryl #thevoiceuk
Beryl goes thru 100%! #TheVoiceUK
I love Beryl @thevoiceuk #thevoiceuk
I REALLY want Beryl to get through pleaaaaase Meghan #thevoiceuk
A good performance from Oli. But after that it's this order: 1. Beryl 2. Oli 3. Brooke Be gutted if it's not Beryl. #thevoiceuk
#TheVoiceUK Oli has a real jewel of a voice. Unlike that of Beryl but it's just as good. Real emotion projecting across to the audience and that in itself is a real plus. Well done Oli.
Beryl you are amazing! #TheVoiceUk @giffgaff
o.m.f.g. Brooke vs Beryl vs Oli? This could LITERALLY be the final and I still wouldn't be able to pick a winner from them 3 #TheVoiceUK
Yes! @iamwill throwing his shoe at Beryl! #TheVoiceUK
Can only imagine just how powerful Beryl's voice is #TheVoiceUK
Beryl #TheVoiceUK
Beryl just killed #TheVoiceUK
Beryl is over singing and not making the soul vocal runs she`s attempting Sometimes less is more. #TheVoiceUK
Wow Beryl what can I say I have no words. Let's just say you proved you were worth your place on team Meghan. Your voice is amazing. You have great vocal power and amazing power. I can see u in the Semi-final for sure. Congratulations #thevoiceuk @Meghan_Trainor
Beryl could win the whole show! #TheVoiceUK
Well. That was the best performance of the entire evening. Beryl is incredible! Wow. #soul #thevoiceuk
Beryl is an incredible singer #TheVoiceUK
THAT was the worst yet!!! WTF were they thinking of giving her a Celine Dion song... out of tune, shaky, and then she starts shouting!!!! #Beryl #thevoiceuk My god, will these judges get a backbone and fking tell them when theyre awful!
#TheVoiceUK Beryl is nervous and slightly out of Key ?
Beryls dress is stunning! Her voice was so good #TheVoiceUK
Beryl singing Celine Dion was so beautiful Love reminds me of my mum Love Love Love #thevoiceuk
Just clapped at the tv to Beryl #thevoiceuk what a voice!!!!
Beryl can sing #TheVoiceUK
#TheVoiceUK Beryl has real soul. Got to wonder if she learned to sing in a gospel church.
Beryl is giving me goosebumps. Wtffffff. #thevoiceuk
Beryl deffo is my fave on the voice #thevoiceuk
A Beryl and Lois final two is what we deserve. #TheVoiceUK
Beryl has got to go through. Honestly can't compete with soul in black women. I love her! #thevoiceuk
I really like Beryl #thevoiceuk
Big voice. Big song for Beryl #TheVoiceUK
Good luck Beryl #thevoiceuk
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