Baby Sol

Status: Eliminated
Started: Blind Auditions 1
Finished: Knockouts 1
Twitter: @MissBabySol
Instagram: @missbabysol
Mentions ... To Win Sentiment 3-Day Avg Sentiment
Blind Auditions 2 12 0 22 22
Blind Auditions 3 6 0 30 26
Battles 3 16 0 47 33
Knockouts 1 41 0 152 76
Claudillea should be the last one to sing. Apart from Baby Sol, She's making everyone sound awfully average... #TheVoiceUK
Wrong choice William, Baby Sol, brill, #TheVoiceUk
Unpopular opinion: in my opinion Gevanni is a bang average singer and only got through on sympathy vote, Baby sol was the best of the 3and was robbed, poor choice by will i am. #TheVoiceUK
Save @claudillea_ or @MissBabySol @thevoice @giffgaff #TheVoiceUK
#TheVoiceUK gutted baby Sol didn't go through, class act but well geovanni.
What's going on with The Voice? Both #cordelia and #babysol blew that boy away but he goes through. Have the judges been told to pick a male? #TheVoiceUK
So that's Cordelia, Cameo and Baby Sol all eliminated in one foul swoop despite them being the best singers so far. Unbelievable. #TheVoiceUK
Yes baby Sol #TheVoiceUK @iamwill
I hope ither Claudi and BabySol are saved by the public vote! @giffgaff #TheVoiceUK
Dunno if any of you give a monkey's about #TheVoiceUK but I gotta say Will's singers tonight have all been *outstanding*. Gevanni is a beautiful soul with a gorgeous voice; Claudelea is a marvellous box of tricks; Baby Sol's take on Blackbird was really special. Best team by far.
WOW @MissBabySol what a performance, stunning #TheVoiceUK #TeamWill
#TheVoiceUK come on Will Baby Sol won it easy :))
Team Will: Who should go through #TheVoiceUK . Good luck Baby Sol. That was a raw incredible performance so full of emotion. I really hope Will puts you through
Whoever Will picks out of Claudillea and Baby Sol, the lifeline should go to the other. #TheVoiceUK
Baby Sol has got it seriously going on for me! #TheVoiceUK
Baby Sol so beautiful too #TheVoiceUK a shining star @iamwill
Baby Sol is everything - can't remember any other songs tonight #TheVoiceUK
What. A. Great. Version of an amazing song!! #BabySol #TheVoiceUK
#TheVoiceUK Nah Baby Sol, is kind of what we've heard before. It has to be between Gevanni and Claudillia and I'd give it to Claudillia because she was pitch perfect and the range is just immense. You don't get that range all the time. It's rare.
I love @MissBabySol she has such a cute voice. She sings with such emotion and heart. I felt every word of that performance well done Baby Sol I am sure @iamwill and @Palomafaith are so proud of u .well done that was wonderful #TheVoiceUK
Baby Sol needs it more than the others. The other two can make it later! #TheVoiceUK
Baby Sol has a good voice but literally can't understand what she's saying?? Surely I can't be the only one #TheVoiceUK
Sooooo unique and incredible @MissBabySol #TheVoiceUK
Why does it have to be Baby Sol OR Claudilea?!?!?! #TheVoiceUK
#TheVoiceUK Baby Sol is singing her heart out. Kind of Beetles meets Macey Grey.
E'one's doing moody, atmospheric versions. Blackbird's not easy to sing. Love it though. Baby Sol is captivating. Tom looks teary. #TheVoiceUK
#TheVoiceUK omg I have goose bumps baby sol singing this song doing the Beatles proud I think :)))
Oh god Baby sol is freaking awful. She sounds like a baby #TheVoiceuk
#TheVoiceUK #babysol a new #earthakitt
Oh I do like baby sol, please do a great version of this song #thevoiceuk
#TheVoiceUK Baby Sol has a genuinely unique voice - not like some of the others who seem to 'put on' voices just to sound unusual. Need a shoe to throw.
#TheVoiceUK come on baby sol smash it girl :))
Oh my gosh I forgot about Baby Sol. Will's 3 are all so good #TheVoiceUK
I'm waited with baited breath for this @MissBabySol #TheVoiceUK
#TheVoiceUK ahh baby sol i like her
Love #TheVoiceUK Baby Sol is a star
Good luck @MissBabySol #TheVoiceUK
Feet up. The Voice. That'll do. Waiting for @MissBabySol #TheVoiceUK #thevoice
My G @MissBabySol is on #TheVoiceUK atm give her a follow. and be prepared to be mesmerised by her amazing voice.
Good luck this week @MissBabySoll . . . rooting for ya. xxx Miss Baby Sol ft Speech Debelle - 'The Future' (Official Video) via @YouTube #thevoiceuk #missbabysol #teamwill
So for #InternationalWomensDay I want you all to watch the incredible performance of my talented friend @MissBabySol on @thevoiceuk last night. her and the amazing @SoDivaOfficial smashed it. Enjoy. #thevoiceuk #TeamWill #teamtom
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