Baby Sol

Status: Eliminated
Started: Blind Auditions 1
Finished: Knockouts 1
Twitter: @MissBabySol
Instagram: @missbabysol
I love @MissBabySol she has such a cute voice. She sings with such emotion and heart. I felt every word of that performance well done Baby Sol I am sure @iamwill and @Palomafaith are so proud of u .well done that was wonderful #TheVoiceUK
Team Will: Who should go through #TheVoiceUK . Good luck Baby Sol. That was a raw incredible performance so full of emotion. I really hope Will puts you through
What. A. Great. Version of an amazing song!! #BabySol #TheVoiceUK
#TheVoiceUK come on Will Baby Sol won it easy :))
My G @MissBabySol is on #TheVoiceUK atm give her a follow. and be prepared to be mesmerised by her amazing voice.
Good luck this week @MissBabySoll . . . rooting for ya. xxx Miss Baby Sol ft Speech Debelle - 'The Future' (Official Video) via @YouTube #thevoiceuk #missbabysol #teamwill
WOW @MissBabySol what a performance, stunning #TheVoiceUK #TeamWill
Good luck @MissBabySol #TheVoiceUK
Baby Sol so beautiful too #TheVoiceUK a shining star @iamwill
I hope ither Claudi and BabySol are saved by the public vote! @giffgaff #TheVoiceUK
Oh I do like baby sol, please do a great version of this song #thevoiceuk
Sooooo unique and incredible @MissBabySol #TheVoiceUK
Love #TheVoiceUK Baby Sol is a star
Baby Sol has a good voice but literally can't understand what she's saying?? Surely I can't be the only one #TheVoiceUK
Oh my gosh I forgot about Baby Sol. Will's 3 are all so good #TheVoiceUK
#TheVoiceUK come on baby sol smash it girl :))
E'one's doing moody, atmospheric versions. Blackbird's not easy to sing. Love it though. Baby Sol is captivating. Tom looks teary. #TheVoiceUK
#TheVoiceUK omg I have goose bumps baby sol singing this song doing the Beatles proud I think :)))
#TheVoiceUK Baby Sol is singing her heart out. Kind of Beetles meets Macey Grey.
Wrong choice William, Baby Sol, brill, #TheVoiceUk
#TheVoiceUK ahh baby sol i like her
Yes baby Sol #TheVoiceUK @iamwill
I'm waited with baited breath for this @MissBabySol #TheVoiceUK
What's going on with The Voice? Both #cordelia and #babysol blew that boy away but he goes through. Have the judges been told to pick a male? #TheVoiceUK
#TheVoiceUK #babysol a new #earthakitt
Why does it have to be Baby Sol OR Claudilea?!?!?! #TheVoiceUK
Baby Sol is everything - can't remember any other songs tonight #TheVoiceUK
Baby Sol needs it more than the others. The other two can make it later! #TheVoiceUK
Feet up. The Voice. That'll do. Waiting for @MissBabySol #TheVoiceUK #thevoice
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