Zara Deniz Lackenby-Brown

Status: Eliminated
Started: Episode 4
Finished: Episode 15
Instagram: @itszaradeniz
if it's zara going they better do a love island australia where they'd act like theyre sending her home but she then walks back in with the two new bombshells… cause she REALLY can't leave?! 🥲 #loveisland
#loveisland Zara we love you, you are a legend, and infintly more interesting than any of those men
#loveisland anyways cant wait to send zara all the love when she comes out🤭❤️
Love island for the last time I don't want a chance to win 50k and a free holiday. I just want Zara back!!#loveisland
A miracle better happen, I want zara backkkkk #loveisland
The way how my heart is racing for this recoupling, @LoveIsland PRODUCERS YALL BETTER NOT FUCK THIS UP ZARA NEEDS TO STAY THERE!!!! #loveisland
yeah yall have fun with this show i'm done. zara deserves everything and more. she is the only reason this season was remotely enjoyable. #loveisland
The boys would've loved Zara, gone but never forgotten❤️🫶🏾 #LoveIsland
I cant lie, I wasnt a Zara fan.. but she deserved SO. MUCH. BETTER. #LoveIsland
LOL Zara didn't get the last laugh. Her plan backfired amazingly #loveisland
manifesting that somehow zara will miraculously brought back to the island and this was all one big joke #loveisland
Zara could've actually won if she found the love of her life on the show 😭😭 #loveisland
Surely Zara will be brought back for casa amor or something or a bombshell again like they did with Mike and Sam🥲 #loveisland
One of these good for nothing men better get into a friendship couple with Zara cause she CANNOT go home #loveisland
Unpopular opinion but soo glad Zara has gone, I don't think she was a very nice person tbh #loveisland
Our baby girl is out but she's loved. Zara is all good #loveisland
You've made great TV Zara, all the best #loveisland
laughing at the zara love in the hashtag 😂 #loveisland
Zara would have loved Jordan 🥹 #loveisland
Loool not Jordan looking for his Amapiano queen. I like to think Zara would know what Amapiano is 😌😔 #loveisland
My Zara smiling till the very end❤️ #loveisland
i am still expecting zara to come back with two boys, since they love the aussies so much they might as well take inspiration #LoveIsland
zara sweetie whatever happens i love you angel #loveisland
Has anyone realised how no one's upset that Zara's gone like did she have any real friends in there?? #loveisland
Wow Zara's gone you know. Do they realise she was the most exciting person there?? #loveisland
Zara better be having dates with the bombshells rn #loveisland
i love how everyone is convincing themselves zara is still here somehow 😭😭😭 #loveisland
Why would they announce two new bombshells just before the recoupling is aired??? Coincidence??? I think Zara will be saved by the two new bombshells #loveisland
I'm convinced Zara wanted / asked to leave. No way do they just let a big character go like that BEFORE 2 bombshells 🤷🏻‍♀️ #loveisland
Hahaha see ya later Zara 🤣 best episode yet #loveisland
I love Zara's confidence #loveisland
#loveisland Had the chance to have another great series & you blew it with not keeping Zara in.
This show is dead without Queen Z! A complete joke of a decision, we love you Zara 🫶🏾🫶🏾🥹 #LoveIsland
I love how Zara code switches 😂😂😂😂😂 #LoveIsland
Zara is better off out of that villa. She was never going to have a good time in there, everyone was out to get her 💔 #loveisland
zara was nothing but real in there, she spoke nothing but facts. she makes such good tv, love her x #LoveIslandUK #loveisland
Love island this better be a twist and you bring zara back as a bombshell again. #loveisland
the way that the top most recent love island tweets aren't even cracking 1k likes bc half the viewers stopped watching as soon as zara left 😭 #loveisland
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