Tanyel Revan

Status: Eliminated
Started: Episode 1
Finished: Episode 22
Instagram: @tanyelrevan
Isn't it interesting how a big personality Ekin wins..but the likes of Zara or Tanyel… perfectly timed recouplings and exits. #LoveIsland I wonder why πŸ€₯ @LoveIsland
Be nice if Tanyel went home. Lovely girl but I reckon she'll do better on friendship island instead #loveisland
Love Tanyel's outfit 😍 #LoveIsland
If Tanyel goes I want her to get the best brand deal ever! She's my delusional queen! I love her! #loveisland
Tanyel looks happy to go LOL #loveisland
Looool they all got rid of Zara and tanyel and wanna act like one big happy family I'm gonna be sick #loveisland
Atleast Zara and Tanyel can reunite πŸ’— thats the only good thing im taking from this episode cha #loveisland
Tanyel got sent home????? lol I'm glad I didn't even bothered tuning in #loveisland
I know Tanyel's been in the background lately but I really hope she stays, they need to send someone fun in for her #LoveIsland
not tanyel smiling watching their speech being happy for them when they were happy enough to ship her home #loveisland
Justice for Tanyel she was good vibes 😭 #loveisland
It was nice knowing you Tanyel πŸ‘πŸΎ #loveisland
tanyel better be saved #LoveIsland
Tanyel and Spencer's little spark😭 the only time I got excited in this season #loveisland #LoveIslandUK
Yeah my good sis Tanyel has been set up :( #loveisland
They better save Tanyel! #loveisland
Bring Tanyel back for Casa Amor so she can have a love story. Please #LoveIsland
I love Tanyel but honestly she should have played the game more! Faked a connection till casa like a lot of the other couples #loveisland
We need a fan favorite vote ASAP to bring back Zara and Tanyel because this is ridiculous #loveisland
#LoveIsland producers usually love to make sure entertaining girls stay in yet they've let Zara and now Tanyel the most entertaining and real girls in there get dumped, it's like they want the show to get worse as it carries on
Tanyel better be saved. #loveisland
naaaah Tanyel actually can't leave, she's the best girl in there #loveisland
Tanyel should've been in the final, this season won't have ANY strong fam fav characters in the final. #loveisland
Tanyel is iconic 'I hope it ain't the same without me!' #LoveIsland
tanyel better still be on my screen in 20 minutes time πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» #loveisland
First zara and now tanyel nahhhh producers have fully fkd it please now tell me which islander is entertaining? #loveisland
I knew it. Tanyel's going home πŸ₯² my fave islander πŸ₯²πŸ₯²πŸ₯² #loveIsland
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