Sanam Harrinanan

Status: Winner
Started: Episode 24
Finished: Episode 49
Instagram: @sanamiee
Interesting #loveisland finale tonight: #Sanam Harrinanan is the first Indian-origin contestant with real a chance to win the show. She is Indian-Trinidadian and hugely popular with viewers. Indian media will love it! Trinidad And Tobago India
Sanam is the most sweetest, kindest purest soul to ever grace love island.words can't explain how much I love her 🥰🥲#LoveIsland
sanam is so gorgeous and beautiful and sexy and wow #loveisland
Sanam is the most pure angel to ever grace that love island villa🥹 love her🥹😍 #LoveIsland
Sanam is such a beautiful soul bless her hope they win #loveisland
Omg sanam is from Trinidad lol she wins my heart ❤️ I'm #LoveIsland
Sanam is so beautiful 😍 my winner Frr #loveisland
Sanam is stunning those dimples 😍 she also has a beautiful personality which makes her even more beautiful #loveisland
Sanam has such a classic beauty and elegance about her, she's just stunning #LoveIsland
if anyone deserves to be the first casa amor islander winning this show it has to be sanam she is the sweetest ever I LOVE HER SO MUCH PLEASE #loveisland
Sanam's face 🤝🏾 smile 🫶🏽😍 gorgeous babe ❤️ #loveisland
Sanam is so so so so so beautiful and and that's a good enough reason why she deserves to win #loveisland
Lol sanam too much give away in the moment, bless her❤️🥹 #loveisland
Nah Sanam's hair and makeup actually looks unreal. Everyone else looks as good as they have during other parts of the season but Sanam looks incredible tonight #LoveIsland
Sanam just melted my heart 🥹🥹🥰such a beautiful women #loveisland
Sanam's dress is gorgeous She looks stunning 💗 #LoveIsland
Sanam is stunning! She's totally radiant 😍💖 #LoveIsland
Rooting for this ethereal angel🤍 Sanam FTW! #LoveIsland
Sanam has such a beautiful face, wow 😍🥺 #LoveIsland
Sanam is such a beautiful person. Not only is she stunning but the way she holds herself, her values EVERYTHING🥺 #loveisland
Has a Casa Amor person ever won Love Island?!?! Sanam could lit be the first Casa winner🥹 #LoveIsland
Sanam's smile and dimples are it! She needs all the beauty deals 🥰 #loveisland
Sanam looks stunning, I'm loving the smoky eye😍 #LoveIsland
Sanam is stunning wow 😻 #loveisland
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