Olivia Hawkins

Status: In
Started: Episode 1
Finished: ---
Latest Odds: 8.00
Implied Chances: 13%
Instagram: @livhawkinss
Aww Olivia good thing you are in a love square 😊 #loveisland
lol! Olivia, subtle 😉👌🏾 #loveisland
#loveisland well done Ellis I'm officially now rooting for Olivia if it means getting rid of your thirsty self.
lmaooo olivia really thinks she's that girl🤣🤣🤣 LOOOL #LoveIsland
loool olivia doesn't know yet this is too good😭 #loveisland
olivia needs to know her worth but it makes good tv LMAO #LoveIslandUK #loveisland #LoveIsland
Olivia: I'm not stupid 🤣🤣 babes, I cannot wait till the tea reach you #LoveIsland
Olivia thought she was the winner, she don't know that she's the rebound/safe option #loveisland
Looool Olivia this nonchalant behaviour will never work🤣🤣he never goes to gyal #loveisland
Love how Olivia manages to be at the heart of all the drama in this villa despite not being in a solid couple 👀 #loveisland
olivia saying shes not stupid 🤭 #loveIsland
The level of excitement I have for Olivia to find out about the Kiss #LoveIsland
Olivia throwing direct shade is too funny😂 #LoveIsland
Did Olivia just say I'm not stupid 😂😂😂😂#LoveIsland
olivia hun if you give us THIS level of theatrics when you find out about the kiss than all is forgiven #loveisland
Can't wait for Olivia to find out about the kiss ☺️#LoveIsland
Olivia has all this chat. Karma is a wonderful thing #LoveIsland
olivia hun if you give us THIS level of theatrics when you find out about the kiss than all is forgiven #loveisland
ANYWAYS Olivia getting her karma today will be fantastic television. #loveisland
What fun side? Olivia has not shown she's fun at all #loveIsland
Where is the fun side of olivia?? Does she have one! #loveisland
It's so funny how gassed Olivia is #loveisland
I feel like Olivia is gunna kick off when she finds out about this kiss 😂😂😂 #loveisland
Olivia lives on la la land and I'm here for it 😂 #LoveIsland
Olivia can never be fun bffr. #loveIsland
Olivia thinks she's really won I'm loving her downfall #loveisland
#LoveIsland okay i don't like olivia but she is stunning
Olivia doesn't have single funny bone in her #loveisland
Olivia is seventh option at this point I'm crying #loveisland
“Im not stupid” Are you sure Olivia? #LoveIsland
Looool someone get Olivia a clown outfit #LoveIsland
Olivia: “im not stupid” girl if only you just looked up… #loveisland
olivia babe you better take your own advice. #loveisland 
“I'm not stupid” - Olivia #loveisland
Olivia STAN UP! #loveisland
good vibes oh olivia u have no idea #LoveIsland
Loooooooool Olivia pls let it go bro #loveisland
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