Lana Jenkins

Status: In
Started: Episode 1
Finished: ---
Latest Odds: 3.10
Implied Chances: 32%
Instagram: @lanajenkinss
I love the name Lana. Funny that "Lana Banana" brings straight back to American Horror Story: Asylum. An ingenious season. #loveisland
I want to give Lana all the love 💗😭 #loveisland
Lana babe, your just the safe option. He may not have said your second best but he's made it clear you're replaceable… #loveisland
I don't have words for Lana LOOOOL he didn't even work to get her back and a day later he's telling her immediately the bombshell is his type. I could throw up fr #LoveIsland
Aussie fella doing this boy best friend tactic to try secure Lana I see right through you pussy. #LoveIsland
Is Lana a saint?? An angel from on high?? Help me understand! #LoveIsland #TALKSWITHASH
lana has the purest heart i love her #loveisland
Lana how about this episode you guys get a new man's this episode. You deserve better my love #loveisland
Lana & Millie are definitely winning this season about to be like Millie & Liam #LoveIsland
Can we just vote for #Lana to win it on her own, only normal lass in there #loveIsland
I love how much all these guys care for Lana #loveisland
Lanas too nice and it's not doing her justice #LoveIsland
Naaah I could never stay with someone who keeps telling I'm not their type, and then TELL ME THAT ANOTHER MAN IS HER TYPE 🙆🏾‍♂️🙆🏾‍♂️🙆🏾‍♂️ Lana is a better person than me loool #loveisland
Lana is a natural beauty #loveisland
I love how natural Lana is #loveisland
I love how the guys protect Lana #loveisland
Lana is far too nice for this show. She's hardly gonna find the man of her dreams in amongst this lot #loveisland
I love watching men act like dogs, it fills me with genuine joy especially when the girls they're fucking over are bitches😭 Lana in the mud #loveisland
Lana, you deserve better!!🙌 #loveisland
Lana, please give me some Indiyah 'may the best heartbreaker win' energy 🙄#loveisland #LoveIslandUK
Liv & Lana holing hands for the morning chat is so cute 🥹 #LoveIsland
Lana better not cry #loveisland
I need a bombshell to come in for Lana so she can get her lick back #loveisland
Lana love open your eyes and move on #loveisland
someone please save lana from this man #loveisland
yes lana, be confident. #loveisland
If Lana knows what's good for her, she will bin this boy. #loveisland
HER FACE when he said she's a good looking girl 5 seconds after lana sat down 🤨🤨🤨 does he REST 😭 #loveisland
Lana is really tryna play up soulmates just because this man likes Harry Potter 💀 you lot dtm over that series istg #loveisland #weonsmoke
Lana how did he reassure you ? He literally said that's his type to the T 🤣💀#LoveIsland
How many more times does Lana wanna be second best for, find a new man girl! #loveisland
Lana saying “ohhhh I like thattttt🤪” omg somebody in that villa needs to twist her ear #LoveIsland
Lana needs to dip quick… the self respect gotta be stronger than the feels baby! #loveisland
There next bombshell needs to come and sweep Lana off her feet, she don't deserve this #loveisland
Lana run whilst you have the chance #LoveIsland
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