Haris Namani

Status: Eliminated
Started: Episode 1
Finished: Episode 9
Instagram: @haris_namanii
Thankyou to everyone who showed my brother Haris love and support ❤️ #loveisland
I feel like that's the best karma ever for Harris after doing that to his stunning girlfriend #loveisland
In here to find love but won't send Harris home cos he's her best mate… ermmmmm #loveisland
Incredible last words Harris. Really powerful. Very moving. #LoveIsland
why's haris reacting like that please? LOOOOOL #LoveIsland
Loool is it just 90a babies left now that Haris has gone 🤣 #loveisland
The islanders when they said Harris 😂😂 #loveisland ♥️🌴
Says only good things about Haris Still votes him 🙃 #loveisland
“I'll still be looking for love and the girl” Lmao you had a girl and left her for a show!!! Okay Harris #loveisland #LoveIslandUK
Harris don't cry love. You a baby #LoveIsland
I feel bad for Harris he hasn't even had a chance 😭 #LoveIsland
harris is your best friend???? you didn't even talk to him #loveisland
Harris still has some growing up to do. It's for the best. #LoveIsland
my best friend in here???? we haven't seen anything of harris in ages #LoveIsland
Harris didn't really get any screentime lol #loveisland
Good thing Harris left he wouldn't have understood anything related to the 90's #loveisland
Harris leaving makes sense lmao 90's party for a boy who was born in 2001 doesn't make sense LOOOOOL #loveisland
The producers probably told them Harris had to go lol #loveisland
Ana May and Harris low-key suit they should try again on the outside 🥰 #loveisland
Can't the producers be honest and get the contestants to talk about what really happened with Harris? Like, we all saw the video 😂😂 #LoveIsland
at least haris isn't a bully #loveisland
Harris trying to find love #loveisland
Lmao Harris said “hmu 🤪” #LoveIsland
Now Haris has to go back to his ex laughing at him Lmfao #LoveIsland
Bye bye Haris bet ur ex girlfriend is happy #LoveIsland
lucky harris is gone bc he was -2 years old in 1999! #loveisland #loveislanduk
Can't lie I loved Harris #loveisland
It would be good to know THE REAL REASON for Haris leaving… like let us see the consequences of a person's actions and how it is dealt with my producers! Viewership will skyrocket!#LoveIsland #LoveIslandUK
Harris left his ex and his job for a 2 week holiday 🤣 #loveisland
Ok good, they made the choice. So haris didn't actually get kicked out then? #loveisland
I liked Harris :( #LoveIsland
Haris took it on the chin. Better then homeboi did in the vid👀. I rate that. #loveisland
So Harris leaving was just this vote all along 🤣 #loveisland
Harris getting hella emotional omg #LoveIsland
Harris is not crying #loveisland
not them throwing a 90s party now that Haris has left 😂 #loveisland
Better be anime and harris. #loveisland
Wow. This is a cheeky way to send Haris out #loveisland
Anna-Mae and Harris needed to go. Thank u Australians xx #loveisland
Harris chill out 😂 #LoveIsland
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