Cynthia Otseh-Taiwo

Status: Eliminated
Started: Episode 24
Finished: Episode 28
Instagram: @cynthiataiwo_
I hope Cynthia stays she's actually lovely and natural 🤞🏻🥰#LoveIsland
Cynthia is so beautiful though 🥹🥰 #loveisland
Cynthia is stunning 😍 #loveisland
Cynthia should have been in the main villa love her vibe 😍 #loveisland
Love Cynthia ! ❤️🫶🏻 #loveisland
Cynthia is such a beautiful girl she deserves better oh man #loveisland
Cynthia my darling mi love yuh long time lemme even go buy up your cake store we ride at dawn #loveisland
I just have to say, I love how supportive the Casa girls were towards Cynthia. Real girl's girls #loveisland
Nah why is Cynthia looking like that 🤣 you know there's a chance he's gonna stick #loveisland
Cynthia is awesome 😭😭😭 I want this ! #loveisland  #LoveIslandUK
I really like Cynthia, she's jokes 😂 #LoveIsland
i love cynthia's energy i hope she stays #loveisland
I actually love Cynthia, she needs more TV opportunities after the show ends #loveisland
Lol Cynthia is coming on strong. #loveisland
Nah Cynthia is NOT letting this slide turn that happy jolly music off rn #loveisland
I love Cynthia but it's been 3 days can she relax #loveisland
I feel bad for Cynthia but she should have known better… girl you were throwing yourself at him, he barely gave you anything to work with #loveisland
Cynthia coming across as desperate but I love it 😂 #loveisland
Nahhh Cynthia is sooo sexy #loveIsland
I just wanna give Cynthia the biggest hug🥺 she will find way better than Lord Farquad for sure #loveisland
Loool Cynthia is better than me I would've showed him exactly why MLK died for us🤣🤣🤣 #loveisland
cynthia in that blue dress !! she's so beautiful #LoveIsland #LoveIslandUK
Cynthia looks stunning #loveIsland
Cynthia babe, you gave it your best shot. It is what it is. #loveisland
I feel so bad for Cynthia, bless her #loveisland
Cynthia… . She's given him no choice but the like her lol #loveisland
Love the Casa girls for having Cynthia's back like that fr #loveisland
Maya being the caring woman she is bless her asking if Cynthia is ok! But I feel sorry for cynthia #loveisland
"I don't need a man" "I don- oop I do want this man tho" I love Cynthia 😭😭#loveisland
Cynthia is so classy #loveisland #LoveIslandUK
Cynthia pls don't cry oooo🥲 #LoveIsland
I NEED Cynthia to stan' up #loveisland
Cynthia go n find yourself a man who knows your worth babes #LoveIsland
Cynthia is gorgeous btw #loveisland
Are you not embarrazzed Cynthia..I'd never say I straddled a nigga and didn't get chose even if it was on national TV 💀 🙈 #LoveIsland
Cynthia is crazy 😂😂 love her 🤣🤣 #LoveIsland
Cynthia is gorgeous tonight! #loveisland #talkswithAsh
Cynthia is good vibes icl #LoveIsland
Loooooool Cynthia Pele #loveisland
Cynthia is trying to not scream at him meanwhile I'm screaming my head off at the tv #LoveIsland
I hope Cynthia doesn't give him the satisfaction of reacting #LoveIsland
Cynthia deserved better #loveisland
Looool Cynthia girl charge it to the game #loveisland
Cynthiaaaa do you love Caseee? #loveisland
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