Claudia Fogarty

Status: Eliminated
Started: Episode 20
Finished: Episode 39
Instagram: @claudiafogarty
Yes share the happy news with Claudia, she'll be ecstatic #loveisland
Best ring my ex and let her know I've just kissed my wife 🙄 Come off it Claudia mate 😂 #loveisland
Claudia covering her ears is hilarious 😂 #loveIsland
lol exactly like why does he need to tell Claudia? Please please #loveisland
claudia i love you but it AINT that deep gal he can kiss who he wants #loveisland
claudia ain't winning the money sorry love just pack your bags #loveIsland
Claudia babe, they have done absolutely nothing wrong he has chose her, he can kiss her if he wants to #loveIsland
Claudia found out the kiss lol ohh gosh #loveIsland
Oh this is why Claudia has an issue cause they kissed lol this girl #LoveIsland
Claudia i'm sorry for anything i said about you you've redeemed yourself tonight fair play #loveisland #loveislandUK
Claudia dressed like a rich widow 🥲 #loveisland
Is Claudia okay? LOL #LoveIsland
Claudia what do you love about this man #loveIsland
Not claudia saying loves #loveIsland
Poor Claudia, the guy she liked and the guy she coupled up with both like the same girl #loveIsland
Claudia needs some pride and self respect #loveIsland
Tell Claudia for what tf lol #loveisland
Claudia is just need Togo tbh😫 lmaooo. Girls VS girls. Hahahaha. This is funny #loveisland
okay keenan is going to tell claudia about the kiss #loveisland
icl claudia is a good thing #loveisland
Claudia hunny, this isnt about you love #loveisland
Lol Claudia you ain't on smoke tho #loveisland
#loveisland he shouldn't have to come to you claudia , your basically his ex now love
“Love” Aunt Claudia noooo #loveIsland
Claudia my love, this is for the journal #loveisland
Claudia needs to heal fr fr like girl… you were not married to the man please abeg #loveisland
Wait Claudia why you trying to put yourself in the mix like your important #loveisland
Claudia? Loooooool what is going on… … . #loveIsland
Right, nobody is allowed to be affectionate until Claudia authorises it! #loveisland
Claudia PLEASE. Find peace #LoveIsland
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