Anna-May Robey

Status: Eliminated
Started: Episode 1
Finished: Episode 9
Instagram: @annamayrobey
Honestly I feel bad for Anna-May she seemed like a sweetheart 🥹#loveisland
Why does everyone want Anna-may gone lol, she seems so sweet #loveisland
anna-may had so much potential if she wasnt boring af #loveisland
I loved anna may bless #loveisland
Say what you want about Anna May, I think she's a diamond and just didn't find that spark bless her #loveisland
Potentinal for Anna-May? U what.. im depressed watching her, how are they not depressed around her.. her energy ent good #loveisland
“She's gonna end up like Anna May” LOOOOOOOOOL 😭😭😭 #loveisland
aww anna may 🥹 i feel so sorry for her #loveisland
Anna looks calm She should be. I think they keep her here coz she needs a chance #loveisland
anna may is truly there for love poor girl x #loveisland
Gonna end up like anna-may😂😂 #loveisland
Not “… end up like Anna-May” 😂😂😂 #LoveIsland
Anna May is such a nice soul She's got no bitchiness #loveisland
I feel bad for Anna May its gonna be her and she seems so lovely 🥺 So weird bc she seemed so loud and chatty in the intro vid but havent seen any of that #LoveIsland
#loveisland better sack the Anna babe
i feel like anna-may is feeling like “good riddance bye losers” #loveisland
anna may deserved better tbh 🥺#LoveIsland
i'm so sad that anna-may is gone. i loved her she was so cute #LoveIsland
Anna mae better go home tho #loveisland
Okay I'm happy w that result, feel bad for Anna may tho x #loveisland
I'm ngl I had to google the contestants earlier just to remember who Anna-May was cause she's had zero tv time 😂 #LoveIsland #LoveIslandUK
yall can hate the producers for having a voting agenda but..tbh..they do know better than us sometimes. if it was up to us 24/7 amber, anna, molly mae, maura wouldve been kicked out! ekin su wouldve been gone! like...sometimes producer agenda #loveisland
Anna better be going ong #LoveIsland
I feel bad for Anna may now that she's gone #loveisland
pls keep chatty never said a word anna may she's cute #LoveIsland
No one even cares anna-May has left #loveisland
they better send Anna Mae home #loveisland
Ekin Su Vs Anna Vakili who wins a fight? #loveisland
faye, Ekin suu, Shaughna and Anna get into a fight in the club toilets … . whos winning? #LoveIsland
To anyone watching love island - Does anyone know what bracelets Anna May is wearing? I've trying to see for days 😂 #LoveIsland #AnnaMay
anna was sweet rip #LoveIsland
Anna-May is a sweet girl, but not right for Love Island #loveisland
How are the Aussies seeing potential in Anna May???? #loveisland
anna-may deserves a chance #loveisland
as much as i love anna-may her leaving is not making a difference to our screens #LoveIsland
how's there a potential for anna may? #loveisland
i swear anna may hasn't had any opportunities with anyone #loveisland
i have a feeling anna may is 100% gonna go :( #loveisland #LoveIslandUK
I like anna may but it kinda has to be her 😭 #loveisland
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