Tyler Cruickshank

Status: Eliminated
Started: Episode 21
Finished: Final
Instagram: @tylercruickshank_
Tyler looks so peng, this glow up is phenomenal Love Love Love Love #LoveIsland
I don't think Kyler will win because I don't think Tyler is likeable. I don't dislike him but there are stronger personalities #LoveIsland
Woah, Tyler looks INCREDIBLY handsome in this #LoveIsland
Tyler's so handsome Love #loveisland
The boys look so handsome look at TYLER Love #LoveIsland
Tyler is sooo handsome Love #loveisland
i never like to compliment men but tyler's very sexy #LoveIsland
Nahhh, Tyler is HANDSOME Love #LoveIsland
Tyler laughs like Seth Rogan lol #loveisland
Look at the was Tyler is smiling, he knows he's WON! #LoveIsland
Love it yes Tyler it came natural to us WE heard you! #LoveIsland
tyler's speech is the only speech i've actually liked it was adorable #LoveIsland
loool why did tyler say "it came natural to us" like that #LoveIsland
Tyler put his heart into his speech I hope he means all these words. I feel so emotional for her. #LoveIsland
Nauuurr Tyler's fine af Love #LoveIsland
Oh my god is tyler about to deliver the rom com speech WELL DONE #LoveIsland
It came natural to us Tyler's funny man #LoveIsland
Kai this Tyler is fine Love #LoveIsland #Kyler
Came natural to us LOOOOL yes Tyler! #LoveIsland
Tyler treating this as a competition is me bc if I'm not gonna win at the end then what's the point? #loveisland
No cause I love Tyler and I don't know how I got to this point, guy is too smooth mehn omggg Love Love #LoveIsland
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