Teddy Soares

Status: Eliminated
Started: Episode 11
Finished: Final
Instagram: @teddy_soares
Mentions ... To Win Sentiment 3-Day Avg Sentiment
Episode 11 523 0 216 216
Episode 12 1,331 15 1,091 654
Episode 13 1,077 2 583 630
Episode 14 165 2 116 597
Episode 15 317 1 -5 231
Episode 16 364 1 119 77
Episode 17 165 0 153 89
Episode 18 139 6 171 148
Episode 19 164 15 199 174
Episode 20 899 34 876 415
Episode 21 156 3 162 412
Episode 22 163 2 204 414
Episode 23 145 13 157 174
Episode 24 340 13 61 141
Episode 25 545 3 273 164
Episode 26 419 6 249 194
Episode 27 1,512 18 -395 42
Episode 28 898 6 -18 -55
Episode 29 2,102 49 130 -94
Episode 30 1,467 37 474 195
Episode 31 542 58 658 421
Episode 32 383 46 471 534
Episode 33 305 28 503 544
Episode 34 784 31 570 515
Episode 35 2,285 28 -1,569 -165
Episode 36 2,129 18 -780 -593
Episode 37 2,473 21 1,058 -430
Episode 38 2,038 29 -511 -78
Episode 39 319 3 -70 159
Episode 40 424 1 199 -127
Episode 41 333 8 252 127
Episode 42 796 50 294 248
Episode 43 709 118 274 273
Episode 44 1,607 40 -688 -40
Episode 45 1,711 82 330 -28
Episode 46 1,001 16 264 -31
Episode 47 218 2 95 230
Episode 48 1,540 12 1,365 575
Final 1,380 89 1,085 848
If its one thing i learnt from this show....UK people are toxic as hell...i will never forgive yall...Faye and Teddy...over Kaz and Tyler... MAD! #LoveIsland
Faye and Teddy robbed of 4th #LoveIsland
nah. i still can't get over that faye and teddy came above kaz and tyler ffs #LoveIsland
I'm just glad that Faye and teddy didn't win or else I will fight someone. #LoveIsland
If Faye and teddy last more than a month I'll be very surprised #LoveIsland
When Faye watches the show back Teddy is in trouble AGAIN #LoveIsland
Faye does not deserve Teddy. #LoveIsland
im sorry but Faye and Teddy actually make me sick like? #LoveIsland
There's nothing sweet about Faye and Teddy's journey. It's embarrassing to relive it #LoveIsland
Faye got asked what's the first thing you're going to do when you leave and she said Teddy is gonna get a pair of wellies He has no idea he's going straight to the plantation #LoveIsland
At least Faye and teddy didn't win bc I would of actually left earth #LoveIsland I love teddy but faye.
Watching Faye and Teddy's best bits #LoveIsland
Did he really just say he saw how she spoke to Sam and it basically turned him on? Fuck sake teddy we've all supported you for fuck all #LoveIsland
I hope Faye shows Teddy more pepper tbf #LoveIsland
Let Faye and Teddy win, I dare them. This show will flatline. #LoveIsland
faye and teddy got more votes pissss offffff #LoveIsland
faye can SHRIEK abuse across the villa on multiple occasions and teddy will still call kaz the aggressive one. #loveisland
I can't believe Faye and Teddy made the last three. The devil works hard but Fiat 500 twitter works harder. #LoveIsland
4th should of been Faye & Teddy. This is absolutely rigged #LoveIsland
can Faye not have a go at Teddy for one single thing pls #LoveIsland
i hope when they do teddy and fayes montage they put loads of clips of faye being actually insane so she can how scary she is #LoveIsland
Faye and Teddy are not going to be too 2. I'm more worried they come 3rd #LoveIsland
The only 4th place I better hear is Faye and Teddy #LoveIsland
just give me faye and teddy fourth place thennn i'm happy #LoveIsland
Faye and teddy defo will split tomo morning #loveIsland
Faye said she was Teddy's ball and chain. PLEASE TEDDY, we can pray you out of the sunken place. #LoveIsland
You know what? As long as Teddy & Faye does not win. Obvious would love for Kaz & Tyler to win but wouldnt be surprised if they don't because....well..... *gestures vaguely to the UK* #LoveIsland
if teddy and faye don't come in 4th place offcom won't hear the end of me #LoveIsland
Anyone but Faye. Teddy and Millie are the rightful winners but not how this show works. #LoveIsland
Faye says she didn't think herself and Teddy would make it this far, neither did we hun #LoveIsland
I really don't like the fact everyone keeps empathising on the fact Faye and teddy had a rocky stage, as did Tyler and kaz? Liam and millie? Toby and Chloe? Lmao #loveisland
#loveisland love island kaz liberty jake hugo chloe aaron lucinda faye millie liam casa amor toby teddy Brie priya Brett Toby #LoveIsland I'm gonna be sad when I can't use love island for views
ok my #LoveIsland predictions: 1st- chloe and toby 2nd- liam and millie 3rd- teddy and faye 4th- kaz and tyler
Teddy May the ancestors dig you out of that sunken place #LoveIsland
Why don't people like Faye and teddy? #loveisland
I'd rather any of them win atp. Just not Faye and Teddy xx #LoveIsland
Faye & Teddy to win #LoveIsland #TeamFeddy
Honestly i don't even care who wins anymore just that Faye and Teddy (Feddy) come dead last #LoveIsland
Whenever Faye and Teddy kiss I just think what do her lips feel like LOL #LoveIsland
Tyler and Teddy Love #loveisland
Honestly As long as Faye and teddy don't win I'll be happy with the outcome #LoveIsland
Imagine if Faye and Teddy win #LoveIsland
the whole nation hates teddy and faye #loveisland
If Faye and teddy win tonight I will cry #LoveIsland
#loveisland 10 love island tyler mary kaz liberty jake hugo chloe aaron priya faye millie liam casa amor toby teddy #LoveIsland
I acc am rlly happy that i haven't seen anyone vote Faye and Teddy love island twitter knows whats up #LoveIsland
We can all agree we want Faye and Teddy last thank you #LoveIsland
I'd love to see Kaz and Tyler win tonight, they have my votes. A long as Faye ad Teddy don't win i'm happy #LoveIsland
WHAT I HOPE THE WINNERS ARE 4- faye and teddy (sorry teddy its just faye) 3- kaz and tyler 2-millie and liam 1-chloe and toby #LoveIsland #loveIslandfinal @nonceyman
#loveisland 2021 love island mary kaz liberty jake hugo chloe aaron priya faye millie liam casa amor toby teddy #LoveIsland
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