Teddy Soares

Status: Eliminated
Started: Episode 11
Finished: Final
Instagram: @teddy_soares
I only cared about Teddy being in love. It's like Jaleb but I was only interested in the black party being loved on. Nit anymore she's disgusting and I hope Teddy someone real on the outside #LoveIsland
lol my mum said teddy is being tactically he can win and take the 50k for himself #LoveIsland
Teddy that was so beautiful Love #loveisland
Teddy best of luck, you're gonna need it #LoveIsland
Teddy came into the villa looking fresh and sexy. In the final he looks like he has aged a lot within 8 weeks. This is the relationship you guys are enabling?? #LoveIsland
Don't worry that constant jibes about if Teddy is funny yet will wear him down...he's not Tommy Cooper luv #LoveIsland
#LoveIsland teddy is a king and deserves to be treated as one but I'm not sure if I want them to win
Would've had Teddy win on his sen tbh most genuine kid I've seen on there by a mile #LoveIsland
We can all joke and say Teddy is in the sunken place but honestly he loves it there. He don't wanna be saved so just leave him #LoveIsland
Teddy is cute Love Love #LoveIsland
Imagine Feddy winning, Teddy after getting the vibes from his bros, keeping the money and saying "may as well give you a real reason to scream at me" I'd love to see the aftermath of that! #loveisland
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