Sharon Gaffka

Status: Eliminated
Started: Episode 1
Finished: Episode 18
Twitter: @SharonNJGaffka
Instagram: @sharongaffka
Mentions ... To Win Sentiment 3-Day Avg Sentiment
Episode 1 422 5 121 121
Episode 2 135 1 76 99
Episode 3 181 4 -33 55
Episode 4 411 6 179 74
Episode 5 218 1 87 78
Episode 6 206 3 163 143
Episode 7 304 4 104 118
Episode 8 700 1 -587 -107
Episode 9 1,473 3 -162 -215
Episode 10 523 1 27 -241
Episode 11 761 1 145 3
Episode 12 257 0 37 70
Episode 13 421 2 122 101
Episode 14 1,005 3 360 173
Episode 15 162 1 27 170
Episode 16 722 0 150 179
Episode 17 805 0 348 175
Episode 18 890 0 180 226
Aww, bless Sharon. The girls were close #LoveIsland
Tbh Danny took us all for Mugs when he chose to go on dates with Kaz and Sharon...and ended up choosing Lucinda. Not to forget he is a racist. #LoveIsland
Happy for Hugo, gutted for Sharon #LoveIsland
I can't stand Lucinda and the fact Brad and Sharon are gone because of her makes it worse #LoveIsland
So wait if he thought Lucinda was the best looking why tf did he pick Kaz and Sharon to go on a date with? #LoveIsland
Hugo is getting me mad???? Why isnt he toasting AJ?? But he's here saying why me and talking about Sharon #LoveIsland
Sharon just went HOME! She is not deadddddddd! #LoveIsland
I'm really going to miss Sharon :/ I know ppl hated her because of Fake Gate but she was genuinely one of the more interesting islanders, I'm going to miss her man #loveisland
i swear the producers told danny to pick kaz & sharon for a date to appease the public. because he went right ahead & chose lucinda... as we knew he would ??? #LoveIsland
I actually quite liked Sharon too!! #LoveIsland
i cant watch without sharon @sharongaffka Love #loveisland
why people constantly going on about how they hate sharon when aaron literally has the most sexist views, is a massive player and belongs in the 1940s #LoveIsland
i ended up liking sharon but sacrifices had to be made now we can vote lucinda and danny off #LoveIsland
Peak really cause if it was just the boys that got to choose, Hugo would've still picked Sharon #loveisland
actually raging, sharon deserved better #LoveIsland
hugo and sharon hugo and sharon then vs now #loveisland
Faye moving like Sharon is fina go jail , you'll see her soon !! #LoveIsland
They drag out the departures, don't they? Got to be like Big Brother back in the day and just bounce as soon as your name is called. Especially someone like Sharon who brought nothing to the party. #LoveIsland
y do i feel like hugo is deeping how he might've liked sharon now #LoveIsland
Why is Hugo and Sharon hugging like there were a serious couple #LoveIsland
You'd think Sharon is about to walk to her've known her for 2 weeks man #LoveIsland
Sharon was actually there for a good reason unlike some #LoveIsland
Gonna miss Sharon but we move #LoveIsland
this show shouldn't be making me cry but i love sharon sm #LoveIsland
Can't believe Sharon is leaving but the vacant stares of Lucinda and Millie will still be on my screen #loveisland
Faye holding the next villa funeral this time for Sharon #LoveIsland
Nooo Sharon #LoveIsland
it was so obvious sharon was going home it almost makes it boring #LoveIsland
#LoveIsland Sharon is truly leaving gracefully. Im sorry but her expressions are giving it all. Love that for her
Sharon babes it's time. #LoveIsland
Hugo friend zoned Sharon so what's his problem? #LoveIsland
I love Sharon the most #LoveIsland
Hold it Sharon it was your time #LoveIsland
imagine teddy does a 180 and picks sharon i'll scream #LoveIsland
bye sharon i guess #LoveIsland
Imagine if Toby saved Sharon instead, a TWIST#LoveIsland
sharon #LoveIsland
When Danny picked Lucinda but we all know he was bullied into taking Kaz and Sharon on a date so that they wouldn't cry #loveisland
Hugo smoking that Sharon pack tonight #LoveIsland
i personally really like sharon. idk why y'all have beef with her #LoveIsland
Sharon is definitely going #LoveIsland
Danny choosing Lucinda may have booked their way out. Think they'll be unpopular. He should've picked sharon #LoveIsland
As long as my baby Kaz is safe idgaf goodbye Sharon. You've been taking up space #LoveIsland
My heart is now light. Kaz is safe! I knew my enemies could not succeed. Sorry to Sharon I guess #LoveIsland
does that mean sharon will be going? cos surely aaron will pick kaz #loveisland
Okay so by my calculations, Sharon is going home ?? #LoveIsland
I hope Sharon's bags are packed #LoveIsland
If AJ picks Hugo, Sharon will be heading off I presume #LoveIsland
Depending on who AJ chooses I think Millie or Sharon will be dumped #LoveIsland
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