Sharon Gaffka

Status: Eliminated
Started: Episode 1
Finished: Episode 18
Twitter: @SharonNJGaffka
Instagram: @sharongaffka
Gonna miss Sharon!!!!! Love the girl. Beautiful girl, wish she could of found someone. Actually sheded a tear. But she'll deffoooo find someone on the outside, she's stunning #LoveIsland
Even though I wasn't the biggest fan of Sharon, I feel like she'd be an amazing mate to have. Would always have your back which is so rare these days #LoveIsland
Sharon's holiday is ending a few weeks early, she's not dead why do they react like this every time lol #LoveIsland
I wish Sharon all the happiness with whichever 45 year old married tory minister she finds love with. #LoveIsland
I liked Sharon, like she seems like a proper good mate, that would have your back #LoveIsland
Why is Sharon smiling you're about to pack your luggage babe #LoveIsland
I love Sharon she's so cute deserved more #LoveIsland
Good luck Sharon #LoveIsland
Much love to Sharon! You deserve the best! #LoveIsland
Is Sharon gonna go home? I just liked her accent. It's cool you can get you like green rich car #Loveisland
You maybe not have found love or won the money Sharon but you will have won a @OfficialPLT deal #LoveIsland
this show shouldn't be making me cry but i love sharon sm #LoveIsland
Bless though, you could tell the girls really loved Sharon as well #LoveIsland
Sharon you deserved to go home from you started talking about green bentleys lol your chest too high babes #LoveIsland
Sharon's out of the villa. Thank goodness. #LoveIsland
I think I'm the only person that liked Sharon lol #LoveIsland
The OG boys would have saved Sharon a thousand times over those bombshells. It is what it is. #LoveIsland
Bye Sharon babes it was fun #Loveisland
Goodbye to Sharon! Hope she finds her perfect man soon! #LoveIsland
Thank goodness for Sharon going home #LoveIsland
Sharon said she's going home. I stan a self aware queen #LoveIsland
Sharon looked stunning tonight #LoveIsland
sharon could have had the siannise redemption we all deserved to see but the producers would SEND IN SOME FUCKING MEN preferably ones without nazi preferences #loveisland
Yes you are Sharon love #loveisland
Awh gutted that Sharon has gone. She was amazing. Bless her! #LoveIsland #sharon
not you lot shedding a tear over Sharon leaving not me after she compared being black to choosing to have surgery lol y'all be easy tho! #LoveIsland
#LoveIsland Sharon is truly leaving gracefully. Im sorry but her expressions are giving it all. Love that for her
Awwh i feel like Sharon deserved better fr fr #LoveIsland
S'ALONG Sharon it's been fun #LoveIsland
i actually like sharon ngl i loved her bond with the og girls #LoveIsland
To loose Sharon???? SHES NOT DEAD TF #LoveIsland
sharon was too good for the chingum boys they kept putting in there anyway i can't wait to see what she does when she comes out #LoveIsland
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