Shannon Singh

Status: Eliminated
Started: Episode 1
Finished: Episode 3
Twitter: @Shannonsinghh
Instagram: @shannonsinghhh
Mentions ... To Win Sentiment 3-Day Avg Sentiment
Episode 1 943 26 985 985
Episode 2 501 3 402 694
Episode 3 836 3 -377 337
When Shannon curved that kiss in the challenge that's when #LoveIsland directiors said shes just here for followers pull the plug.
Just started #LoveIsland tonight and omfg can't believe they've got rid of Shannon I fully thought she'd be the main girl of the series
petition to swap aaron for shannon ??? #LoveIsland
Shannon is the only girl that hasn't annoyed meffs #LoveIsland
Heather quarantined for two weeks and got 4 tests only to be refused by Matt James in the bachelor, Shannon will be alright #LoveIsland
can we start a petition to bring Shannon back in casa amor? thanks. #LoveIsland #loveisland2021
Loads were outraged that Shannon was going into the Villa. And now loads are pissed off that she's dumped from the island LOL make your minds up #LoveIsland
You know deeping it it's actually mad the producers booted Shannon off she didn't even step forward for Aaron and got held hostage in that situation #LoveIsland
Shannon has to quarantine for longer than she was in the Villa #LoveIsland
Shannon on the flight back to Scotland #LoveIsland
Sharon reminds me of Shannon from the last season. #LoveIsland
I bet Shannon got kicked off cause she didn't take part in the challenge last night #LoveIsland
if they don't bring Shannon back for class amor i'm throwing hands #LoveIsland #loveisland2021
I was 8 minutes late to #LoveIsland and the most obscene thing happened Shannon did not deserve that I want to complain
what's stopping shannon from going over to hugo and pulling him for a chat#LoveIsland
me begging the love island producers to take back shannon and kick chloe out instead #LoveIsland
shannon coming back for Casa Amor #LoveIsland
Bring Shannon back!! #LoveIsland
What's criminal is that Matt Hancock affair lasted longer than Shannon's hot girl summer in the villa #loveisland
#LoveIsland Shannon's time at the villa
She heard it's coming home xo #LoveIsland #Shannon
jokes aside, i feel like that was incredibly unfair to Shannon from the perspective of a contestant, she got robbed of the experience, not her fault the guys this year are dead lool #LoveIsland
No because the Love Island producers have some explaining to do after dumping Shannon, one of the prettiest girls in the villa #LoveIsland
Aaron seeing shannon get dumped after he wasted his time on her #LoveIsland
Who's decision was it to get rid of Shannon and have us listen to Chloe string out every single word instead @itv? #loveisland
Shannon just got hate crime'd idc #LoveIsland
Shannon must reappear in casa amour if not I'm rioting #LoveIsland
There's no way we just lost Shannon to chloe I'm fuming #LoveIsland
I'm glad Shannon's gone. Up her own arse and the way she rejected that kiss yesterday in the Devil Game. Ha #LoveIsland
love island, yall got some explaining to do, after shannon going so fast without notice #LoveIsland
Looking forward to the Shannon highlight reel #loveIsland #loveisland2021
so shannon just didn't even get a chance? alright seems fair #LoveIsland
It was already boring now Shannon's gone ffs #loveisland
Chloe out Shannon back in. Now #LoveIsland
Hope they let us vote Shannon back in soon omg. But unfair bless #LoveIsland
shannon dropped and fayes still in the villa ? #LoveIsland
so in return for dumping shannon, a girl who hasn't got a look alike already on the show, we got the third blonde girl with an annoying voice #loveisland
Shannon didn't even get her verified tick on Insta, didn't get to tan, didn't get to wear her matching outfits with Kaz and didn't get to escape Aaron. DAMN. #Loveisland
I feel like Shannon might be kept away and come back later on. That goodbye was a strange one. #LoveIsland
Kmt @LoveIsland that's not fair! You better bring Shannon back! She and Kaz are the reason most us are watching! #LoveIsland #loveisland2021 #casaamore
Shannon definitely had more of her personality to show let a good one go way too soon when there's Faye in there #LoveIsland
Wait shannon is gone ?! Nah I'm pissed #LoveIsland
So Shannon has left Shouldn't have given Aaron & Toby the cold shoulder #loveisland2021 #LoveIsland
WTF??? Shannon left so early??? #LoveIsland
Rahhhh Shannon dumped just like that #LoveIsland
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