Shannon Singh

Status: Eliminated
Started: Episode 1
Finished: Episode 3
Twitter: @Shannonsinghh
Instagram: @shannonsinghhh
Lol how was Shannon supposed find any type of love in 2 days ...she got scammed #LoveIsland
Shannon was literally the most beautiful girl, I hope she comes back in some way like Casa Amor #LoveIsland
shannon was the best girl idgaf. justice for #loveisland
ITV better have Shannon in Casa Amor or something. That's a great twist #LoveIsland
praying shannon comes back n this is a joke. she was my favourite, girlie had so much potential and they did her so dirty. #LoveIsland
Shannon needs to come back as the bombshell we deserve and have her pick when the boys get more seasoned icl. #LoveIsland
Is Shannon PLT deal secured ? Lol #LoveIsland
Shannon was one of my favourites Love #LoveIsland
No fucking way, Shannons gotta come back right!??? Like with casa amor or whatever but that can't be the end lolll #LoveIsland
Looooool Shannon really got her 15mins of fame #LoveIsland
Can Shannon come back as a bombshell please #LoveIsland
I came to watch Shannon succeed & they off'ed her like that ? #LoveIsland
Hahaa, Shannon thought she was going to win. #loveisland2021
nah mate shannon was actually the best one #LoveIsland
i feel like they knew shannon was way too hot n they're finna bring her back as a bombshell or for casa amor, the season of unexpectedness #loveisland
Shannon didn't have a chance. I feel bad for her #LoveIsland
so shannon just didn't even get a chance? alright seems fair #LoveIsland
Hope Shannon secures her plt deal regardless #LoveIsland
I hope Shannon is in the Versace Hotel, charging room service to ITV and living like a Queen for the next 8 weeks #LoveIsland
Loool they finally had an Asian girl on love island and they dump Shannon after 2 days what a joke #loveisland
I'm gonna predict that they'll bring Shannon back as a surprise twist in the future because they can't waste a babe like that #LoveIsland
Can't believe Shannon has gone she had Amber vibes, winner vibes #LoveIsland
I hope everyone's in agreement that Shannon getting shegged is 100% Aaron's fault, she didn't even want him #loveisland
justice for shannon, she deserves better #loveisland
I'm not mad that Shannon is gone.... #LoveIsland
how has shannon gone already? she's literally the best one there #LoveIsland
Shannon was just too hot for everyone.. hopefully she'll be back as the ultimate bombshell #LoveIsland
the public telling the producers shannons the best one there: #LoveIsland
Shannon should be the first islander to go back into the villa. She was tbe best out of the girls. #loveisland2021
Aaww Shannon would've been good man. #LoveIsland
Shannon did this to her tbfh loool #LoveIsland
Good that Shannon wasn't going to get involved one bit #LoveIsland
Convinced Shannon's going to a villa with better looking boys #LoveIsland
NOOOOOOOO I love Shannon ?? #LoveIsland
LOOOOOOL Shannon came for the bag aswell #LoveIsland
Shannon is the only girl that hasn't annoyed meffs #LoveIsland
me at itv headquarters explaining how you can't kick shannon off when she's only been there two days and she's the public favorite #LoveIsland
Shannon should have been a bombshell, she's the fittest one there and now she's GONE? nah #LoveIsland
Glad to know I'm not the only one thinking they'll throw Shannon back in as a surprise #LoveIsland
Shannon was such good vibes #LoveIsland
Shannon Singh. They really got of the sexiest girl in the villa. #LoveIsland
I don't think I'll ever emotionally recover from that #loveisland #ShannonSingh
shannon was way too good to be the harley of this season #loveisland2021
Montage of Shannon best bits #LoveIsland
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