Sam Jackson

Status: Eliminated
Started: Episode 25
Finished: Episode 34
Instagram: @samjacksonn98
Me tonight thinking about how lovely Sam was, how he didn't really get a chance at love and how much better he deserved, justice for Sam #loveisland#loveislanduk
No actually sad to see Sam go, feel like he deserved more time he would of made someone very happy he seemed so genuine #LoveIsland
don't worry Sam everyone loves you Love #LoveIsland
Sam deserved to much better probs one of the best boys in there and didn't even get a proper chance #loveisland
I hope they save Sam he deserves a chance #LoveIsland
I feel so sorry for Sam. He really didn't get a fair chance at all #LoveIsland
i feel so bad for sam he deserved to stay in the villa and have his chance #loveisland
justice for sam he deserved so much better #LoveIsland
Justice for Sam! He deserved better! #loveisland
i feel bad for sam he deserved better #LoveIsland
I wish they'd have saved Sam, he deserves that space just to have the opportunity to meet someone #LoveIsland
Really feel it for Sam though. He seemed like a decent guy. Just never had a proper chance. #LoveIsland
Sam is honestly the best last they've had and no one took appreciation of that #loveisland
i feel so bad for sam, he deserved better :( #loveisland
Wow Sam is acc a fine bobo #LoveIsland
Feel bad for Sam though he deserved a chance to find love! #loveisland
Sam is sooooo hot like that outfit?? I actually think I'm in love with that man #loveisland
I hope they save Sam or whatever his name is #LoveIsland
anyway RIP Sam, he would've been a fun islanders and it's a shame he didn't get a proper chance! #LoveIsland
these girls better save sam or else #loveisland
Sam should have been an original boy lol #LoveIsland
I actually Like Sam wish he had more of a chance #LoveIsland
please save sam #LoveIsland
i feel bad for sam he deserved netter #LoveIsland
Sam i love you #LoveIsland
Damn Sam was a cutie too but he was just there for decoration in the end #LoveIsland
Sam deserved to stay he didn't even have a chance to find someone #LoveIsland
Sam deserved BETTER #LoveIsland
you guys realise if anyone wanted sam they would have went for him he's a nice guy but it is what it is #LoveIsland
love you sam, fucking farewell MR HAMMOND #loveisland
girls please save sam #loveisland
Sam deserved better!! #LoveIsland
Y'all who loved Sam can go couple up with him now. #LoveIsland
Sam deserved so much better #loveisland
Sam deserved better #loveisland
Sam deserved so much better #loveisland
Sam deserved better #LoveIsland
sam deserved better #loveisland
sam i love you #LoveIsland
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