Rachel Finni

Status: Eliminated
Started: Episode 5
Finished: Episode 13
Instagram: @rachel.finni
also, rachel babes, the men in cockfosters are fucking sexy, get yourself down to miracles or middeys #loveIsland
rachel's sexy talk at her big age was freaking me out i'm glad she's gone #loveIsland
Rachel's makeup looks amazing Love #loveIsland
i wonder how hard rachel tried to befriend the boys because it seems like friendship can carry you in this show too #LoveIsland
Not really sad to see Rachel go, but still think she deserved a *tad* better and longer #LoveIsland
I find Rachel really funny in the same way I find those videos of Debby Ryan on tick tock funny, anyone else agree? #loveisland
I hope Rachel gets her happy ending, Love Island wasn't for her #LoveIsland
Rachel why you smiling LOOOL #LoveIsland
Omg I actually feel so bad for Rachel. She deserved BETTER #loveisland
I hope Rachel has her key when she gets home because if I was her mum, mi o le shilekun fun disappointment #loveisland
I swear this is probably the earliest exit for a bombshell Rachel was set up for sure! However she didn't do herself any favours tbh #loveisland
Rachel looks beautiful #Loveisland
I love how Rachel doesn't hide the emotion on her face #LoveIsland
Rachel looks soo beautiful tonight #loveIsland
Rachel looks beautiful!! #LoveIsland
Rachel was confident for like 2.5 seconds and has been going out sad ever sinceit was for the best #LoveIsland
I'm not sad to see Rachel go tbh I don't think this was the place for her respectfully #LoveIsland
Rachel I'm sorry, much love. But the thirstiness is too much. It is sky high and I just need you to relax slightly #LoveIsland
rachel had a wild week like she deserved better, sis was set up from the beginning #loveisland
if Rachel goes home she's gonna win the title of most-done-dirty islander of all time #LoveIsland
Being happy that Rachel is gone, but yet feeling so so uneasy that she now has the opportunity to watch herself be a complete desperate melter on the telly #LoveIsland
So that's it then. Rachel babe you had a good run! #LoveIsland
Love to Rachel. She was set up from the start #LoveIsland
Why they all in white? Love Rachel's dress #loveIsland
Rachel had her pum in hand and achieved zero. Hate to see it #loveIsland
Rachel deserved better! #loveIsland
Don't think Love Island is the show for Rachel gets way too over emotional and invested with new guys. Needs to go home and heal tbh #LoveIsland
Rachel was too good for all the boys anyway #loveIsland
Rachel left at the right time lol #LoveIsland
last option left you were stood next to Rachel. Her ego is something else. Fair enough Rachel was a desperado but at least she wasn't clapped. #loveisland
Lol remember Rachel? #LoveIsland
Rachel should be happy she was sent packing because what is this?? #LoveIsland
So Rachel's gone and the two original black contestants have resorted to being a 'friendship couple'. I'm thinking #LoveIsland ain't for the community folks!
Hahahahaa Rachel coming out with like 20k followers on IG hope she didn't quit her day job #LoveIsland #Jobcentre
Rachels stunning these boys r blind #loveIsland
it's pro black women and support black women until it's rachel right? oh okay #LoveIsland
Bruv don't you know that if you picked Rachel, you could easily have won the show? Sheeesh! #loveisland
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