Rachel Finni

Status: Eliminated
Started: Episode 5
Finished: Episode 13
Instagram: @rachel.finni
Mentions ... To Win Sentiment 3-Day Avg Sentiment
Episode 5 495 3 580 580
Episode 6 2,722 15 2,309 1,445
Episode 7 1,217 1 -375 838
Episode 8 722 3 -255 560
Episode 9 1,023 1 -286 -305
Episode 10 1,226 1 -633 -391
Episode 11 676 0 162 -252
Episode 12 1,617 7 -2 -158
Episode 13 1,016 0 32 64
Faye we do not need another Rachel #LoveIsland
Faye pls. Don't become a crybaby like Rachel or I will go back to disliking you #LoveIsland
Love to Rachel. She was set up from the start #LoveIsland
toby really didn't like rachel#LoveIsland
She said Brad wouldn't hurt a fly? What about Rachel? #loveisland
Me waiting at the airport for rachel #LoveIsland
We knew from the beginning Teddy would pick Fayestill I had hope that he would pick Rachel #loveisland
Noooooo. Not Rachel. I really wanted that rat Faye to go #LoveIsland
Rachel went out sad, Faye is SOMEHOW still in there, Teddy is a Coon. All the couples are disgusting, especially Tobi & Chloe. #loveIsland
Rachel just oozes sex appeal. I'm pissed #LoveIsland
Rachel and Teddy suit so much more than Faye and Teddy #LoveIsland
i mean we all know rachel overstayed her welcome, the leave out was expiring #LoveIsland
BRING BACK CHUGGS AND RACHEL and let them couple up brad is a snake so unfair #loveisland
Rachel villa highlights #loveisland
If only Rachel listened to Faye's warning. Brad would have being home home #Loveisland
Rachel is gorgeous I dont know how she is gone so early. Ok maybe I do that chat was weird #loveisland
Rachel should have just wore flats #LoveIsland
I feel bad for Rachel, she was put in a crappy situation from the beginning having to choose between chuggs and Brad and now this #loveisland
#loveisland Rachel got such a short end of the stick from the moment she paired off with Brad and y'all know that's the truth
so let's recapshannon then rachel dumped from the villa? two fit girls? these boys are the fucking problem. #loveisland
faye pretending she cares that Rachels leaving #loveisland
faye over rachel??? ok so teddy has no taste #loveisland
Little tip for the outside Rachel, don't ask someone's turn ons within 45 seconds of meeting them.. #loveisland
Im happy he kept Faye styll buh Rachel cockfosters yh mans deya i got you #LoveIsland
All Rachel has done is cry her entire time here #LoveIsland
Noooo, Rachel #LoveIsland
Is it me or is Rachel acting #LoveIsland
If we're being real, Rachel brings nothing to the show, she and her seggz talk can go #Loveisland
he's picking Rachel but I want Faye to stay #loveIsland
The only reason he's picking Rachel is because she may aswell went and spoke to him with her legs wide open, #Rachelout #LoveIsland
Teddy did say Faye was stunning and he liked her eyes? So will be get rid of all that to just find out he has nothing in common with Rachel #loveisland
Not Rachel #LoveIsland
Teddy is going to choose Faye. Rachel was doing too much yesterday. I feel like that will put him off idk #loveisland
PLEASE save faye i can't keep watching rachel cry every night #LoveIsland
I *think* Rachel being over confident will hit her right back in the facebut I bet I'll be wrong and Teddy picks her #loveisland
It's either Sharon or Rachel that's going home at this point #LoveIsland
Brads speech is fucking disrespectful to Rachel I know she wants to die inside #LoveIsland
Rachel's resting bitch face during Brad's turn though #Loveisland
rachel is fumingggg #LoveIsland
Brad says there hasn't been no there for him what about Rachel #loveisland
"hasnt been anyone for us" RACHEL IS RIGHT THERE #LoveIsland
Lol, Rachel is beggin it now #LoveIsland
If Rachel goes home, I'm going to bed upset. #LoveIsland
Rachel might go home, Hugo won't let Faye go home. I think Teddy prefers Kaz over Rachel ah I don't know man I just Aaron and Chloe ejected. #LoveIsland
Rachel and kaz lookin sweeet #loveisland
I can't be the only one who wants Rachel to go home right ??? #loveisland2021 #recoupling
Rachel looks soo beautiful tonight #loveIsland
rachel and teddy have the same speaking tone #loveIsland
I think it's obvious one of Rachel or Faye will go but idk which one of them Teddy will save #loveisland
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