Priya Gopaldas

Status: Eliminated
Started: Episode 37
Finished: Episode 43
Instagram: @priyagopaldas
Growing up I feel it's natural to assume that all doctors are good, empathetic people that care for others. Then when you stop and consider all the people you knew who studied medicine at uni you realise the majority are massive Tories like Priya #loveIsland
Priya thinks she's fun cos she likes to try different types of cheese LOOOOOOL #loveIsland
Priya says she's good fun but said her ideal date is a run #loveisland
Priya: I just want more fun Also Priya: I love a cheese board and wine #LoveIsland
Priya is saying she wants fun and flirty straight away but wasn't she saying she only kisses after the third date #LoveIsland
Why Priya thinks asking a bloke what his favourite cheese is makes her so fun and interesting I do not know. #loveisland
Loool not Priya acting like she's not boring too #loveisland
Watching Priya demolish a perfectly nice guy when you're in your 30s and the dating pool of decent, available non-fk boy men is miniscule. #loveIsland
Omg yes it's a proper public vote dumping, no shit where they get to save someone... Priya and Farquaad you're FINISHED!! #LoveIsland
Priya thinks she's a fun person lol #LoveIsland
whys priya talking about having fun when her ideal date is a run? AND WHY IS SHE AO BOTHERED ABOUT WHAT CHEESE HE LIKES #LoveIsland
Okay I love this for Priya, that was very nice #LoveIsland
priya your saying your fun but wasn't you idea of a perfect date a run in the countryside? #LoveIsland
Priya complaining about lack of fun on a date and in her man but her contribution towards the conversation on the date is what ur favourite cheese is. Oh soooo exciting. I'm ecstatic. Buzzing. Priya teach me how to live life on the edge like u live yours. #LoveIsland
Priya - "I feel like I'm a really fun person and he's sucking the fun out of me!" Also Priya - "What's your fav cheese?" #loveisland
Priyas so fun and crazy. She likes cheese boards, doing taxidermy and dreaming about boris johnsons hair. So fun Love Love Love #loveisland
Priya wants someone exciting and fun but is asking questions about cheese??? #loveisland
priya you can think you're fun all you want hun but you're judging a man over his favourite CHEESE #loveisland
Priya pulled him for a chat and got left speechless looooool #LoveIsland
Does Priya she's less boring then her date? Lol you give boring a whole new meaning love #LoveIsland
priya thinks she is so funny bless her #LoveIsland
Priya babe you cannot think you're fun if you fancy this mucka #LoveIsland
Priyas idea of fun, is someone who likes to try different cheeses #LOVEISLAND
priya your idea of fun is going on a 100m run i've got some news for you buddy! #loveisland
How is Priya so beautiful not jealous at all haha #loveisland
why is priya calling herself fun when she said her ideal date was going on a run... #LoveIsland
Ok but Bojo loves cheese.. It's a perfect match for Priya to make little tory babies with #LoveIsland
What kind of cheese does Boris like to make him so exciting? Asking for Priya #LoveIsland
Priya saying she's a fun person and her idea of a fun convo is what's your favourite cheeseshe needs medical assistance #loveIsland
Priya is genuinely out here looking for an innovation award because she likes babybels #loveisland
priya babes do you really think bojo would be fun n flirty? #LoveIsland
Wow so funny priya #Loveisland
& Priya is defo the type to make fun of her friends in front of mandem #loveIsland
Priya that did a whole graduation for sex and thinks that means she's quirky and fun. Alright sis lol #loveIsland
Priya thinks coz she smiles a lot that she's fun She could definitely relate to Theresa May #loveIsland
Priya: "I want more fun... I like a cheese board" Bojo "I've got giant mozzarella balls, I'm coming " #loveisland
New life goal is for someone to love me as much as Priya loves cheese the wee mouse #loveisland
I do like Priya, but she reminds me of my Mam trying to join in with all the fun and japes #LoveIsland #EduIsland
Sorry but, has Priya been fun or flirty because she was giving 3 dates before kissing on the lips before #LoveIsland
Me trying to understand how priya describes herself as fun but her ideal dates a run #LoveIsland
yes priya because you are so fun and flirty yourself. #LoveIsland
Priya is very cute, though. I love her brown eyes #LoveIsland
Priya doesn't even love cheese. A person that truly loved cheese would be chuffed to find someone that doesn't like cheese... More cheese for you! #loveIsland
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