Millie Court

Status: Winner
Started: Episode 8
Finished: Final
Instagram: @milliegracecourt
How good do the guys look in their suits? Four very handsome boys, sometimes covered up is so sexier. The girls look beautiful, it's a shame their dresses are spoiled by the mic pack belt things. Only Millie's doesn't look odd. They all look gorgeous though. #LoveIsland
Millie really is just absolutely beautiful isn't she. Like heavenly Love #loveisland
Tbh, I always knew Chloby and Milliam would be the top two because.... we live in Britain. Chloby will win because they were given the best story, Millie will be the most successful of the lot But I honestly thought Kyler would get third. That is wild to me #LoveIsland
Yayyyyy. Love millie he better not fuck up #LoveIsland
I've watched this whole series and yet I cba to watch the final. Don't even care who wins tbh (I do love Millie tho) #LoveIsland
i hope millie got a good luck at those clips so she remembers what a tit she was in taking that man back #LoveIsland
Millie is incredible Love #LoveIsland
Wow Millie!! Gorgeous Love Love #LoveIsland
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