Matthew Macnabb

Status: Eliminated
Started: Episode 25
Finished: Episode 39
Twitter: @MatthewMacnabb
Instagram: @matthew_macnabb
Matthew survived the public vote. He potentially had a great chance of winning #LoveIsland
Matt leaving actually made me cry. I think he's one of my favourite islanders ever. I hope he finds love soon! #LoveIsland #matt #TrueGent
A lot of brotherly love for Matt. Great to see! #LoveIsland
Matthew is laying down the law - new guy asking calculated questions without either backing down on what they want, love it #loveisland
no i love matt he deserved better #loveisland
feel like I'm being anti-irish towards Matt in expecting him to have a better personality loool #LoveIsland
Even me I'm crying bc Matthew is the best guy man #loveisland
I love Matt he's so sweet, but I just want to shake him up a bit. He needs to loosen up #LoveIsland
Don't worry Matthew, I'm on my way to Stansted for you sexy #LoveIsland
This brudda Matt don't get no bitches. He holds onto the smallest things like he hasn't seen woman before #LoveIsland
Matthew, you have caused enough mayhem, karma got u good, all the best #LoveIsland
no i love matt for how he's acting this is quality. yes make the tory RUN #LoveIsland
Matthew running to the guys like she kissed him with the passion of a thousand French men when it was basically a peck #LoveIsland
POV: you're the new bombshell and you've just heard matt and toryota prius had an intimate moment #LoveIsland
Lol @ Matt hugging everyone goodbye #LoveIsland
Matthew now seems more content to be in a love triangle & 'compete' for a girl .. didnt seem as interested before. #LoveIsland
Matt is significantly better looking though?? His body?? His accent?? His humour?? #loveisland
bruh matt was confident he was gonna be picked LOOOOOOOOOOL #LoveIsland
In truth, Matt peaked when he said 'yeah we're done'. Iconic. #LoveIsland
Where is Matt seeing this affection? He place his hand on her thigh and she barely touched him with her finger tips A peck was a kiss for him #LoveIsland
Matt said good bye, god bless #LoveIsland
matt kind of made me tear up i can't even lie #LoveIsland
Matt it was nice knowing you see you in terminal 4 buddy #LoveIsland
Matt's defo going home loool he's too confident that he has it in the bag #LoveIsland
King Matt, deserved and deserves better. Bullet dodged pal. #LoveIsland
You know what, let me know if this is mean but Matt doesn't fight hard enough for the girls he likes coz he gives up too easy #loveisland
I had such high hopes for Matt but not even his gorgeous Irish accent can stop him from being dry #LoveIsland
Only thing that would save this ep is if Matt got dumped lol he's so sure it's gunna be him #LoveIsland
you brits never want the irish to succeed i'm telling ya. Matt i'm rooting 4 u #LoveIsland
Matt had to beg for a small kiss and he's talking to the boys about "intimate moment"??? Matthew...... #LoveIsland
Matt is so cute I hope he doesn't go home #LoveIsland
Matt Thought he was winning 50K #LoveIsland
No offence to Matt bc he's Irish I'm Irish love u babes but i really do not care for this love triangle at all #LoveIsland
If its not Matt I will laugh looooool #LoveIsland
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