Matthew Macnabb

Status: Eliminated
Started: Episode 25
Finished: Episode 39
Twitter: @MatthewMacnabb
Instagram: @matthew_macnabb
Mentions ... To Win Sentiment 3-Day Avg Sentiment
Episode 25 78 1 89 89
Episode 26 59 2 69 79
Episode 27 327 4 419 192
Episode 28 118 3 146 211
Episode 29 79 1 26 197
Episode 30 116 0 89 87
Episode 31 856 1 10 42
Episode 32 173 6 69 56
Episode 33 756 1 -178 -33
Episode 34 1,390 21 914 268
Episode 35 544 6 482 406
Episode 36 191 0 139 512
Episode 37 301 3 26 216
Episode 38 656 5 16 60
Episode 39 1,601 3 467 170
Matt was shocked?! HOW?! #LoveIsland
BYE MATT!!! #loveisland
Priya and Brett when Matt left the villa #LoveIsland
Miss you already Matt Love #LoveIsland
King Matt, deserved and deserves better. Bullet dodged pal. #LoveIsland
MATTHEW has been DUMPED from the island! #LoveIsland
NOT MATT #LoveIsland #LoveIslandUK
bye bye matthew #LoveIsland
looks like we're throwing Matt on the pile of islanders who deserved more. #loveisland
If Matthew leaves can I take him on a date ??? #LoveIsland
Why is Matt standinglike he needs a shit #LoveIsland
Gutted if Matt goes #LoveIsland
Matt is basically good vibes, but Brett is GOOOOODDDD VIBESSSSS #LoveIsland
Matthew you're doing beg Gyal go back to being pretty and quiet #LoveIsland
can we just say bye to priya and brett , idm matt but hes giving us nothing rlly is he. so him too #LoveIsland
This Priya, Matthew, Brett triangle is drier than the Sahara desert! #LoveIsland
Tonight's episode is titled "Matt's exit" #LoveIsland
Matt really interrupted the convo. He's actually childish. #LoveIsland
Matt was slick with it #LoveIsland
Matt made no effort for Kaz like this ... which confirms he never liked her. #loveisland
Matthew how much honey you putting in that coffee the whole bottle by the looks of it...#LoveIsland
Matt is slightly passive aggressive #loveIsland
Matt is sooooo much more attractive than this new guy #LoveIsland
yes he has the personality of a cardboard box but if priya chooses brett over matt i'm giving up on her #LoveIsland
Let Priya go off with Brett. Boring. Matt can do better #LoveIsland
Is Matt ok #LoveIsland
Priya, how can you be confused between Matthew and Brett? #loveisland
Matt listening to brett talking about the date: #LoveIsland
Matthew's going #LoveIsland
Priya should just pick this new one and Matt needs to go home. I'm tired of seeing him, he adds NO substance to the show whatsoever? Hugo 2.0. He's overstayed his welcome. #loveisland
Intimate moment? Matt hun that was barely even a moment #loveisland
A lot of racist people attacking Priya and Matthew #LoveIsland
I feel like Brett will bring more in the the villa than Matt I duno what it is but Matt is so boring #LoveIsland
So did Matt do too well in the public vote, and make the producers send in Lord Farquad so that Pretty Patel will pick him and Matt will go home? #LoveIsland
lmao it's so embarrassing watchin matt try cap in front of brett like me n priya kissed uwu like babe did u not see her body language she is not feeling u baby! #LoveIsland
Priya going to have to chose between Matt or Brett #LoveIsland
Matt showed more interest in Priya than he ever did Kaz may I add #loveisland
Nahhh even I'm glad Kaz released herself from the shackles of dead Matthew #LoveIsland
Matthew: I kissed Priya. Brett: #LoveIsland
can matt and brett just have a dance battle and be done w this ffs #LoveIsland
Bless Matt is hyping himself up #LoveIsland
Priya was screaming inside when Matt hugged her. Screaming with disgust, you could tell #LoveIsland
Why is he playing this up??? Matt is a weirdo! #LoveIsland
Not Matt overselling selling that dead moment. #LoveIsland
Matt is incredibly boring. Get him off. #LoveIsland
Why is matt selling priya to brett #loveisland
Why is Matt telling another guy all the good qualities in Priya if he likes her so much#LoveIsland
Why is Matt selling Pryia to this new guy #LoveIsland
Am i supposed to care about Brett Priya and Matthew? #LoveIsland
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