Mary Bedford

Status: Eliminated
Started: Episode 25
Finished: Episode 45
Instagram: @mary_bedford
Loooool Mary and what's his face are tryna win but good thing we don't care #LoveIsland
i love mary so much... she's SO FUNNY #LoveIsland
Mary's body is nice tho she looks stunning!! #LoveIsland
Nah Mary is too beautifullllll. Get your bag sis, secure the dealssss #LoveIsland
That's all you'll be winning Mary and Aaron so enjoy your 5 mins #LoveIsland
Mary's body is phenomenal #LoveIsland
Loool Mary took her sweet time to get all dolled up #LoveIsland
I'm sorry but Mary's face is really incredible #LoveIsland
Mary and Aaron should enjoy this win because them and CC are leaving the villa #LoveIsland
Mary looks incredible man. #LoveIsland
'i quite literally am right now virgin mary' naaahhh mary is low key funny u know #LoveIsland
Mary your good food man safe flight x #Loveisland
Mary is just a thing of beauty isn't she #LoveIsland
Mary has the most fab selection of pjs #LoveIsland
Trust Mary's baby to be called Sienna lol #LoveIsland
Suppose Mary needed to win something before going home xx #LoveIsland
Lol Mary is going to start a telenovela like Jane the Virgin #LoveIsland
mary and aaron seem like thr best parents though #loveisland
mary is acc quite funny uno icl #LoveIsland
#LoveIsland I quote like actually am now nice Mary
Mary's so peng #LoveIsland
Mary's figure Love #LoveIsland
Mary and these half up pig tails #LoveIsland Shes still peng though
Mary's outfits are always such a vibe Love #LoveIsland
Mary's outfit is so nice thou #LoveIsland
Sienna? Lol Mary is one of those girls to date a black man and think she's a lighty #LoveIsland
Mary little love #LoveIsland
Big up Mary tho, only casa Amor person that survived and got this far #LoveIsland
Mary has the best hair in the villa #LoveIsland
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