Mary Bedford

Status: Eliminated
Started: Episode 25
Finished: Episode 45
Instagram: @mary_bedford
Mentions ... To Win Sentiment 3-Day Avg Sentiment
Episode 25 113 1 140 140
Episode 26 48 1 81 111
Episode 27 114 0 122 114
Episode 28 149 0 44 82
Episode 29 93 1 -45 40
Episode 30 178 0 125 41
Episode 31 354 0 357 146
Episode 32 655 3 315 266
Episode 33 772 0 -415 86
Episode 34 367 2 382 94
Episode 35 50 1 58 8
Episode 36 387 2 358 266
Episode 37 1,224 3 1,134 517
Episode 38 671 25 927 806
Episode 39 176 2 270 777
Episode 40 972 1 -55 381
Episode 41 161 1 149 121
Episode 42 497 27 297 130
Episode 43 356 10 488 311
Episode 44 874 38 87 291
Episode 45 539 6 418 331
Mary and Aaron deserved sooooo much better! #LoveIsland
YESS!!!!!!!! Kaz and Ty are safe and I don't have to see Aaron and Mary anymore! #LoveIsland
Mary & Aaron. It's a shame I'm ngl should of been Faye and Teddy #LoveIsland
Mary's so peng #LoveIsland
Nah I'm actually angry about that dumping HOW is Faye still in I give up !!! I love Mary #LoveIsland
Virgin Mary pack your little lambs and leave #LoveIsland
We didn't want Aaron and Mary to leave yet but who is saving Faye and teddy like wtf #LoveIsland
Really sad to see Mary and Aaron go. Their chemistry is very nice, I hope they stay together #LoveIsland
Really wanted Faye and Teddy to go. I was vibing with Aaron and Mary #LoveIsland
Aw, been nice knowing you Mary and Aaron #LoveIsland
#LoveIsland mary and aaron didn't deserve that ngl
It's gonna be Mary and Aaron but it should be Faye and teddy. #LoveIsland
Mary && Aaron garnnn #LoveIsland
it's either mary & aaron or teddy & faye #LoveIsland
I'm gonny be low key mad if Mary & Aaron go I want it to be an explosive exit #LoveIsland
Okay Mary #LoveIsland
Is it gonna be Faye & Teddy or Mary & Aaron leaving tonight..? #LoveIsland #dumping
Mary can look so basic and is still a 100/10 #LoveIsland
Mary wants to be different sooo bad. She's pretty but that's it. #LoveIsland
Mary and Aaron are going home tonight. Calling it #LoveIsland
Mary looks incredible man. #LoveIsland
Aaron and Mary getting loads of air time. I suspect they are going home. #LoveIsland
aaron and mary are so dead #LoveIsland
Mary is just a thing of beauty isn't she #LoveIsland
mary and aaron can go out on a high at least #loveIsland
If Mary and Aaron don't get voted out tonight it's fixed #LoveIsland
Aaron and Mary are doing entirely too much with this baby challenge. #LoveIsland
My opinions on the Islanders: Liberty: Adorable Kaz: Bad bitch Chloe: Neutral Millie: An instigator Mary: Faye: Hypocrite Jake: Aight Tyler: Neutral Toby: Unserious but funny Liam: pathological liar Aaron: #BeKind Teddy: Protector of the sunken place #LoveIsland
Mary & Aaron were the best??? She threw herself over a bean bag when the baby cried #loveisland
Mary and Aaron starting kissing in less than 24 hours but when it was dale there were rushing, she wants baby jaden badd #LoveIsland
Chloe and Faye with their lack of Jayden bondage. Mary has done better tho #LoveIsland
Who in the hell believes the rubbish that Aaron is saying? You've barely know Mary #loveisland
I'd cry if Mary was singing to me so off key too. #LoveIsland
mary's a virgin ?? #loveisland
pls isnt Mary tired of doing the same hairstyle everyday #loveisland
Ya know Mary and Aaron are v compatible there both fucking dry #LoveIsland
Aaron is gonna get Mary pregnant in under a year! #LoveIsland
This alliance that Faye/Teddy now have with Mary/Aaron is v funny #loveisland
So Faye and Teddy have become besties with Mary and Aaron?! Okay #LoveIsland
Get Mary and Aaron off my screen broooooooo #LoveIsland
Sienna? Lol Mary is one of those girls to date a black man and think she's a lighty #LoveIsland
Aaron said we would be blind if we couldn't see he and Mary were compatiblebaby don't enter#LoveIsland
Let's vote faye and teddy & aaron and mary out please #LoveIsland
I want Faye or Aaron & Mary gone tonight. I love Teddy but he really needs to open his eyes #LoveIsland
What is Mary doing chilling with Kaz and Lib? Wasn't she grinning when Aaron lost his mind last night? #LoveIsland
Mary said in a weeks time they're going home. Girl you are going home tonight. #LoveIsland
Mary & Aaron are leaving. Not really hard to guess #LoveIsland
Faye and Teddy and Mary and Aaron gonna be in the bottom 2 with the islanders keeping Faye and Teddy. #LoveIsland
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