Lucinda Strafford

Status: Eliminated
Started: Episode 8
Finished: Episode 24
Twitter: @lucindastraf
Instagram: @lucindastrafford
Mentions ... To Win Sentiment 3-Day Avg Sentiment
Episode 8 408 1 433 433
Episode 9 1,156 8 1,065 749
Episode 10 417 2 345 614
Episode 11 673 1 321 577
Episode 12 173 0 31 232
Episode 13 455 0 183 178
Episode 14 1,466 3 232 149
Episode 15 2,273 2 -55 120
Episode 16 1,344 2 329 169
Episode 17 884 0 -66 69
Episode 18 2,197 1 103 122
Episode 19 1,978 10 -130 -31
Episode 20 432 3 198 57
Episode 21 781 3 -59 3
Episode 22 303 1 157 99
Episode 23 349 1 -92 2
Episode 24 1,084 3 44 36
Bro Aaron was the best I'm so sad and Lucinda was the best thing to look at in the villa. Double whammy #loveisland
Scenes of Lucinda's PLT deal slip away from her #LoveIsland
Lucinda when Aaron tried contacting her after they part ways #LoveIsland
Thaaank godddd Lucinda is gone #LoveIsland
Can't believe y'all voted Hugo and chloe over Aaron and lucinda who are clearly the lesser evil at this point. #LoveIsland
aaron lucinda's going back to her boyfriend back home so idk what you're expecting darling #loveisland
Looool Lucinda has Brad, her boyfriend and a dog waiting for her outside!! No wonder she dropped like someone just died #LoveIsland
I've noticed that when we find out something about someone in the villa they end up going straight home, Danny said the word nigga? home, Lucinda has a boyfriend outside the villa and even spoke to Aaron outside the show, home. #LoveIsland
BREAKING Aaron and Lucinda dumped from #LoveIsland after brutal public vote
LOOOOL the way Lucinda dramatically sat down after she found she's going home, you can tell the PLT deals flashed in front of her eyes #loveisland
Aaron only going cuz he with Lucinda man kmt #Loveisland
If Lucinda even TRIES to slide into Brad's DM's now she's been booted out, I swearrrrrrr #LoveIsland
The naughty trio helping lucinda, everyone else is by Aaron #loveIsland
lucinda forgot about brad #loveisland
Guys don't hate me but I'm okay with the decision, I'd obviously want Chloe and Hugo to go but as the British public clearly likes trash we're stuck with them, so Aaron and Lucinda was the next best option #LoveIsland
Lucinda just seeing her PLT deals slip through her fingers #LoveIsland
Brad.....lucinda boyfriend and Aaron will all be at the airport lol #LoveIsland
Lucinda #LoveIsland
Lucinda crying because she's going only going to get a Miss Pap deal and not a PLT deal #LoveIsland
Goodbye Lucinda #LoveIsland
Please, Lucinda is only crying cause she didn't get the 50k but she'll still get the PLT brand deal #loveisland
Atleast we know it wasn't Aaron, they wanted Lucinda gone. Trash bag man #LoveIsland
I'm reeaalllllly sad to see Lucinda go #LoveIsland
If this is how Lucinda and Aaron leave, then I'll take it. But Faye CANNOT leave like this. She's 50% of the production team ffs! And who is going to take the stress off Ian? #LoveIsland #loveisland
Lucinda has a fear of leaving, she's going to meet Brad her boyfriend and no PLT deal #LoveIsland
Nahhh man lucinda caused Aaron's downfall if they leave #LoveIsland
lucinda really thought she had us fooled that she liked aaron #loveisland
Lucinda about to drag Aaron down with her. Hate this for the lad. #LoveIsland
Everybody stay calm stay calm it's Lucinda and Aaron leaving #LoveIsland
lucindas either drunk, playing dumb or just dumb cause #LoveIsland
Wouldn't ever think it would be Lucinda and Aaron #LoveIsland
aw Aaron's kind of growing on me but he needs to let lucinda go she's so dumb #LoveIsland
Lucinda deserves a BAFTA for her performance with Aaron #LoveIsland
Lucinda is kissing him to Shut him up #LoveIsland
lucinda does not like you aaron;( #loveisland
Nah Lucinda cannot be a real person I'm not convinced #loveisland
Lucinda and Aaron have no chemistry at all #Loveisland
lucinda is playing the game so well #loveisland
lucinda he's opening up to you about his feelings why are you giggling #loveisland
Lucinda would say Reallllyyyyy? If Aaron asks her to be his gf #LoveIsland
Lucinda how can you say this when Brad is watching you at home #loveIsland
Lucinda does not give a fuck about Aaron #LoveIsland
Lucinda already has a boyfriend #LoveIsland
Lucinda love its not the firepit, its the public #LoveIsland
Lucinda bugs my happiness, grow up #loveisland
Lucinda really needs to let go of that doopey girl act it's not cute at her big age #LoveIsland
Lucinda defo sat on the bench chatting shit during PE lessons #loveIsland
Lucinda definitely skipped PE in school #LoveIsland
We all knew Lucinda would drop the egg #loveisland
i want lucinda gone tho #LoveIsland
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