Lucinda Strafford

Status: Eliminated
Started: Episode 8
Finished: Episode 24
Twitter: @lucindastraf
Instagram: @lucindastrafford
i think im starting to love lucinda shes acc funny #LoveIsland
I hope Lucinda doesn't leave, she's funny #LoveIsland
Well, Aaron served his purpose, so good for him. And lol at Lucinda. #LoveIsland
lucinda is an incredible actress I am in awe! #loveisland
did lucinda really just say that? loool lord av mercy pls #loveisland
Lucinda has an amazing ability I make anything look hard, even breathing #LoveIsland
Aaron said he's happy he's leaving with Lucinda, Lucinda said it's early days LMAO WOW #LoveIsland
Lucinda is like an automated customer service bot that keeps glitching.. because what is funny? #loveIsland
Unfortunately Lucinda doesn't know how to act like she's actually looking for love lol. Sorry for her but I'm sure she'll do well when she leaves #LoveIsland
Blessed and highly favored not to have to listen to Lucinda's voice anymore #LoveIsland
Lucinda is upset because he probably thought she was would be popular and win the show #loveisland
Lucinda wanted more time to get her followers up and secure the bag LOOOOOL #LoveIsland
Lucinda is the playing the game well. She will win #LoveIsland
nah but i really thought lucinda's beauty would carry her through but the personality deficit was too strong #LoveIsland
To be fair at least Lucinda has gone, this makes things better #LoveIsland
Looooooool Lucinda really doesn't want to have the 'feelings' chat, shutting him up with them kisses #loveisland
Aaron saying how he is excited to see where there relationship goes and Lucinda saying 'its still early days so yeahhhh' pls i can't #LoveIsland
I mean I'm glad they're gone lucinda wouldn't survive a day in casa amour without her head being turned lmao #LoveIsland
Lol Lucinda is genuinely leng we just be hating #LoveIsland
Lucinda's real man is jumpin for joy, he will collect her from arrivals #loveisland
Looool Lucinda is pretending like a pretending woman #LoveIsland
Lucinda wants to stayyyyyy bless her lmao #LoveIsland
I really want to be friends with Lucinda #loveIsland
Can we just all take a moment to celebrate we got Lucinda out of the villa #LoveIsland
Lucinda looks lengggg tonight #LoveIsland
rah people rly did not rate Lucinda idk why, she's just peng loud n constantly baffed allow her #LoveIsland
The way Lucinda's head is gonna spin at Casa Amor LOOOL #loveisland
lucinda is only crying because she didn't win 50k, it's okay you're boyfriend and dog are at home waiting x #LoveIsland
I'm sorry, but Lucinda is so dumb. It's incredible. #loveisland
Lucinda is not invested at all looooool #loveIsland
It's the fact that Lucinda thinks she will survive the new bombshells #LoveIsland
Lucinda should be happy she's going home to her man and her dog. #LoveIsland
Lucinda saw the plt deal flash before her eyes LOOOOL #LoveIsland
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