Georgia Townend

Status: Eliminated
Started: Episode 21
Finished: Episode 22
Instagram: @georgiatownend_
i feel so sorry for Georgia my heart she deserved a chance #LoveIsland
Georgia deserves better anyway, what a lovely soul #LoveIsland
GEORGIA MY BELOVED youll be fine poppet #LoveIsland
georgia seems so genuine and lovely if she leaves i swear #loveisland
also i'm obsessed with georgia and her modesty it's so random and i love it #loveisland
sorry Georgia, you deserved better Love #LoveIsland
WE ALLLLLLL KNEW THAT WAS GOING TO! But I still loved every single moment of it. I just feel sorry for Georgia. #LoveIsland
Georgia didn't deserve to go she was actually cute bless her #loveisland
Georgia deserves so much better, she seems so sweet omfg #LoveIsland
georgia it was short but sweet. hope to see you in casa amor x #loveisland
Georgia is a skinny legend #LoveIsland
Did they even say Bye to Georgia? Lol #LoveIsland
Please say Georgia doesn't go, she's an angel #LoveIsland
Well good by Georgia she wasn't even in the screen for more than 15mins #loveIsland
Georgia is going home lol #LoveIsland
I love how Georgia hops into bed with the girls every morning #LoveIsland
Whelp, it was nice knowing you Georgia. #LoveIsland
Georgia looks like all of us on our Hollybops, where is the GLAMOURRR! #LoveIsland
i feel so bad for georgia :( #loveIsland
Georgia is the only person I have sympathy for rn #loveisland
I feel sorry for Georgia, didn't even give her exit interview #LoveIsland
i'm sorry but someone help georgia with her fashion sense #LoveIsland
Georgia doesn't deserve any of this she's so sweet #loveisland
Bye Gina, so nice to mee you See you soon Glenda Oh I'm so sorry you're leaving, Grace #Georgia #LoveIsland
georgia is so cute #loveisland
I feel bad for Georgia man she seems like the loveliest but we all know she's gonna be dumped #LoveIsland
I really want Georgia to stay I really like her #loveIsland
georgia was way too mature for all the guys in there anyway #LoveIsland
Someone said Georgia can secure a deal at Dorothy Perkins #LoveIsland
Georgia had SO much potential#LoveIsland
Georgia head of PTA confirmed. Used the phrase 'You'll be fine, poppet' if that's not peak school receptionist I don't know what is #LoveIsland
Was the quarantine and covid tests worth it for the few hours Georgia is clearly going to be spending in the villa? #LoveIsland
Georgia's face when she knows what's gnna happen.. sorry love.. #loveIsland
Did anybody even hug Georgia goodbye? #LoveIsland
I liked Georgia you know #LoveIsland
no georgia seems so sweet she can't go #loveisland
georgia just straight up been left lmao #LoveIsland
Georgia deserves better #LoveIsland
aww i feel bad for georgia #LoveIsland
Poor Georgia, she a nice girl. Might be sticky for her going forward now #loveIsland
The respect I have for Georgia #Loveisland
where is georgia lmao #LoveIsland
georgia is such a sweetheart she doesn't deserve this #LoveIsland
Poor Georgia. She didn't even get a proper chance to find love. So unfair!!! #LoveIsland
i'm sorry but georgia is it actually everyday dress like a primary school teacher??? #LoveIsland
aww i feel like georgia might be the one to go which is annoying because she seemed so nice #loveIsland
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