Faye Winter

Status: Eliminated
Started: Episode 1
Finished: Final
Twitter: @Faye_Winterx
Instagram: @faye__winter
Would prefer Chloe and Toby to win. But honestly, I don't care who wins as long as Faye and Teddy don't! As I've said before, love Teddy, but I can't understand why anyone would vote for an emotional abuser #LoveIsland
i'm so glad to be free from the chains of this television show but also who on earth been voting for faye and teddy. u can't trust the british public, if millie and liam win this then i will know the uk has no hope #loveisland
#fayeandteddy for the win @LoveIsland just because I love Faye and think she's been a fantastic islander #LoveIsland
Delighted for Faye and teddy, through the hardship they've become a beautiful couple. all the best #loveisland #fayeandteddy #feddy @Faye_Winterx Love Love Love Love
Bless Faye, I hope shes falls in love with Teddy. They are growing together. Teddy is Hottest guy in the house. Lucky couple #LoveIsland #LoveIslandfinal
If Faye & Teddy win, I hope Teddy takes the entire 50k and doesn't split it, that will be funny! #LoveIsland
These people love a good power couple story, Faye's gonna end up with the win.. #LoveIsland
So glad they didn't win aka Teddy and Faye. #LoveIsland Happy with either of these winners now
I'd love to see Kaz and Tyler win tonight, they have my votes. A long as Faye ad Teddy don't win i'm happy #LoveIsland
Okay faye that dress is the great, I'm so glad you didn't slick the hair babe, looking great #loveIsland #loveisland2021 #LoveIslandUK #loveIslandfinal
As long as Faye & Teddy don't win, I won't care who the winner is #LoveIsland
faye and teddy forth, millie and liam third and honestly i don't care who wins out of chloe and toby or kaz or tyler because i love all four of them Love #LoveIsland
Not Faye's neck covered in love bites. I love my Faves Faye +Teddy for the win #FeddyToWin #LoveIsland #loveIslandfinal #loveisland2021 #justiceforFeddy
Faye is lucky to have Teddy, he's actually so lovely. Calm and correct. #LoveIsland
Glad Kaz didn't win.. fake. Even happier that Faye and Chloe didn't win.. whoppers. Liam is a drip but millie seems sound goodnight #LoveIsland
Glad Faye and Teddy finished 3rd and therefore not win #LoveIsland but they should finish last and not Kyler but once again fiat 500 is too strong.
aweeeeeee faye no i wasn't a fan but this is so sweet :( literally just got goosebumps awe #LoveIsland
im just glad the deserving couples are top 2 #LoveIsland faye and teddy wont last a month looool
If Faye and Teddy couldn't win then these two better win, both have been so hilarious to watch over this past series. #loveisland
I think it's going to be between Chole&Toby and Millie&Liam. Faye&Teddy have less chance to win because of Faye's outbursts. Kaz&Tyler are not really a couple, no genuine spark between them. #LoveIsland
Best possible out come... teddy and Faye win. Faye chooses to share the money... teddy decides to take it all. Not funny???? Who laughing now HUN. #allthewaytothebank #LoveIsland
voting for faye and teddy as a 'joke' and for attention isn't even funny. not when it's the final vote #loveisland
i love teddy but if you want faye and teddy to win you defo pour milk before cereal #LoveIsland
I'm becomeing reconciled to the fact that Teddy and Faye are going to win this because: Brexit, because: anti-vaxer, because: Boris, because: they're still in. The British public are funny like that #LoveIsland Strap in
I don't need Kaz and Tyler to win but it should definitely be in the top 3. 4th place is reserved for Faye and Teddy, thank you #loveisland
What did love island NOT do to keep their beloved Faye. I hope they're happy now #LoveIsland
Can't lie, as long as Faye and Teddy don't win, I'm happy. But me and my household voted Kaz and Tyler! #LoveIsland
This cannot be real. The love island producers didn't want the blacks to win. Faye the abuser over black love? Goodnight #blm #LoveIsland
LOL imagine Faye and Teddy win God forbid #LoveIsland
Faye better not win shxt anyone else is fine ANYONE BUT FAYE#LoveIsland
you know what? as long as millie and liam and faye and teddy don't win i will accept it. but a win by kaz and tyler would be the best tbh but i will accept toby and chloe as my winners too #LoveIsland
Faye and Teddy have no chance of winning YAYYY #LoveIsland
I genuinely believe in Faye and Teddy, to me they are the best couple by far, the growth and journey we've seen in them is so real, they deserve to win this! So much hate for them it's unbelievable so everyone out there who supports Feddy get voting! They need it #LoveIsland
If Faye & Teddy do win, I hope Faye uses the money to invest in better lipsticks! #LoveIsland
#loveisland @Faye_Winterx that declaration Love I'm glad you let your guard down. Teddy is a true gentleman
i'll be happy for who ever wins as long as it's not faye and teddy #LoveIsland
Kaz looked stunning! I didn't like Faye and Chloe's outfits. Would have been nice to see Faye in a nice flowy black number #LoveIsland
Honestly As long as Faye and teddy don't win I'll be happy with the outcome #LoveIsland
If faye and Teddy somehow win and Teddy steals the money this will be the best szn ever. #LoveIsland
Faye and Teddy, wow just wow. Love u guys #loveisland
Liberty seems such a gorgeous girl, Faye is a loyal friend. #LoveIsland
Suddenly faye is more calm and controlling her emotions i wonder why lol #loveisland
Voted testerday for Choe and Toby and voted just now for Kaz and Tyler. Dont really care who wins so long as it isnt Faye #loveisland
i'm literally so happy with anybody winning apart from faye and teddy!! #LoveIsland
im happy as long as fay doesn't win and shes in 4th place #LoveIsland
You lot want a picture perfect relationship to play out; nah guys Faye and Teddy are how a lot of REAL relationships go. Patience and forgiveness is what's successful argue amongst yourselves #loveisland
Tbh as long as Faye and Teddy come 4th I'll be happy with anyone winning #LoveIsland
I love Faye and Teddy I honestly hope for nothing but the best for them on the outside #LoveIsland
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