Danny Bibby

Status: Eliminated
Started: Episode 16
Finished: Episode 21
Instagram: @dannybibby_
Mentions ... To Win Sentiment 3-Day Avg Sentiment
Episode 16 446 0 369 369
Episode 17 2,195 1 83 226
Episode 18 2,661 1 -1,117 -222
Episode 19 2,978 20 -1,515 -850
Episode 20 953 7 40 -864
Episode 21 757 1 -26 -500
So missing Danny (of course not) ...JOKE! #LoveIsland
Danny meeting his mates at the airport #loveIsland
ok the new people are actually lush, thanku love island producers for not giving us another psychopath Danny x #loveisland
Lucinda why you crying you said you don't like Danny #LoveIsland
us watching Danny walk out the Villa #LoveIsland
Omg when Danny and AJ open social media and see what everyone has been saying #LoveIsland
Danny going back to his ex girlfriends house to take out his anger #LoveIsland
danny on the way back home when he sees a black person on the plane #loveIsland
Danny on his way out #loveIsland
Danny outstayed his welcome the day we found out he says the N-word #loveisland
Look on the bright side Danny and aj gets to leave together #loveIsland
Danny when he's landed in heathrow and realises the public have found out he's a racist #Loveisland
Danny's Love Island Highlights #LoveIsland #LoveIslandUK
Danny's 15 mins in the villa consisted of everyone finding out he's racist and misogynistic. Glad to see him gone. #LoveIsland
i'm glad danny is gone but aj she actually out in effort to find someone then you get LUCINDA who thought she found the one that's still in the villa #loveisland
danny is not ready for whats waiting for him on the outside lmaaaooo #loveisland
It is stupid how Hugo has had loads of chances but AJ/Danny didn't get one #LoveIsland
#Loveisland #loveisland2021 Islanders: Go #Danny, Go Danny, Go Dannyplease Danny just go
Bye Danny, lets see what he has to say about his racist ass #loveisland
AJ and Danny spent longer in quarantine than they did in the villa #loveIsland
Danny hugging everyone but the blacks Mans fuminggggg #loveIsland
In the past the new people have always been immune to the first vote. This was 100% the producers way of getting rid of Danny #loveisland
I knew AJ and Danny would get yeeted #loveIsland
In the nicest way possible, good riddance Danny #loveisland2021
Bye danny, nasty little racist twat xx #LoveIsland
Yess Danny out #LoveIsland
very indifferent towards danny & aj leaving #loveIsland
bet you danny will go home and punch a few walls #loveisland
Please dump Danny #LoveIsland
Exoecting them to choose who to send him without informing them of Danny's sKKKandal is shiesty #LoveIsland
if they keep danny i will acc jump out the window #LoveIsland
We all know its Danny and Aj leaving #loveisland
The girls are DUMB if they don't dump Danny #loveisland
I just want Danny out of there, I don't care for the rest. #LoveIsland
Please kick Danny out #LoveIsland
The entire of the UK praying that Danny leaves tonight #LoveIsland
danny ur outta here m8 #LoveIsland
get danny OFF #loveisland
first time catching #loveIsland live in a hot minute. GET DANNY OUT
Danny needs to go home for the sake of being a nazi #loveisland
Get Danny & AJ out of here please #LoveIsland
Wtf is Danny wearing #LoveIsland
Danny needs to go! #LoveIsland
My love island prediction: the girls are going to dump Chloe thinking Toby would run off with her then he refuses to leave and says he wants to stay for the experience and the boys are going to kick Danny off #LoveIsland
I want Danny to go tonight but I feel like the Islanders are going to get rid of Toby and Chloe because they've found their match and AJ and Danny haven't had the chance yet #LoveIsland
so excited to see danny crawl back into the hole he emerged from #loveisland
Please send Danny home guys thanks #LoveIsland
Love island time people ! And it's time to have a laugh at Danny when he's told to leave the villa #loveIsland
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