Dale Mehmet

Status: Eliminated
Started: Episode 25
Finished: Episode 37
Twitter: @dale_mehmet
Instagram: @dalehuncho
Mentions ... To Win Sentiment 3-Day Avg Sentiment
Episode 25 102 0 84 84
Episode 26 189 0 204 144
Episode 27 141 0 120 136
Episode 28 177 0 103 142
Episode 29 2 0 1 75
Episode 30 35 1 2 35
Episode 31 130 2 88 30
Episode 32 402 6 399 163
Episode 33 401 0 3 163
Episode 34 88 1 79 160
Episode 35 172 4 -20 21
Episode 36 196 2 93 51
Episode 37 549 0 238 104
Aaron needs Dale in that villa for a shape up #loveisland
Aaron must be gutted that Dale left, could of got a trim of him #loveIsland
Was Mary not crying over Dale when Abi coupled up with him but now she's saying something was missing...... Yeah your true feelings maybe Mary #LoveIsland
Mary was doing up titanic with Dale a few days ago now she's grinning teeth over Aaron. Make it make sense #LoveIsland
Dale is even gone so he can't help fox Aaron's trim #LoveIsland
Okay so Mary clearly has a type no wonder she didn't like Dale, just saying. #loveisland
No because what's happening with that new boys Aaron hair his barber don't rate him he deffo set him up just as the girls booted resident barber Dale off too nahh I can't who went fruit ninja on this Niggas trim absolutely atrocious #LoveIsland
Shame Dale's gone he could have done Aaron's hair for him #LoveIsland
How they gonna send dale the barber home before Aaron could get a proper trim bless him #LoveIsland
'Something not there with Dale' Mary, did you not have a fucking tantrum when abi picked to couple up with Dale? She should've gone instead kmt #LoveIsland
Dale should've stayed an extra night to help Aaron's fade #LoveIsland
There was something not there with dale I don't think dale knew that #LoveIsland
Good bye dale #loveIsland
Mary was crying about not being coupled up with Dale, yet doesn't give a shit he's gone now? It's been 20 mins and she's excited about a date #LoveIsland
Abi deserved more dale's fashion sense is mad #LoveIsland
i hate the producers why do they let us vote and then let the islanders have the final choice?? obviously they were gonna chose dale and abi #LoveIsland @itv2 @LoveIsland stop.
Yeah I don't know why I'm tweeting like a drunk. I'm literally drinking herbal tea. Let's try this again shall we: Dale and Abi suit. Don't know why he pie'd her! #LoveIsland
mary jumping for joy?? did we miss something?? i thought she liked dale #LoveIsland
Lool mary is a joker ,forgot dale someone I were cryingover #LoveIsland
Abi and Dale actually suit. It's a shame they didn't give it a try #LoveIsland
Dale and abi look cute together #loveisland
If Mary really likes dale she should have gone too #LoveIsland
Dale and Abi are so adorable!!! Get married already #LoveIsland
Wait but Abi and Dale are so cute together #LoveIsland
Dale ugh I wanna cry bless him #LoveIsland
Abi and Dale need to make a YouTube channel together. They are to cool for #LoveIsland
why is mary still there if herself and dale liked each other?? #loveisland
dale was really the best guy this season #LoveIsland
Abi and Dale #LoveIsland
mary isn't even arsed, I hope dale and abi get it on on the outside now #loveisland
Dale was a good additional the villa aswell #LoveIsland
Why couldn't they do the maths and send Mary home with Dale, they like each other in the villa they could continue that on the outside #LoveIsland
They would have sent Mary and Dale home #LoveIsland
Fucking gutted Dales gone #LoveIsland
Omg Shock of the series so far. They vote off Dale and Abi #LoveIsland
Abi and Dale was kinna obvious. #LoveIsland
Literally what is the point keeping Mary there when Dale is gone. Get rid of both of them and call it a day! #loveisland
Abi going home?! Send home dale and mary together???? #LoveIsland
They can dump Dale and Mary so that they can carry on outside tbf #Loveisland
You may now discuss sending Mary and Dale home. #LoveIsland
It'll be Abi/Mary and Dale to go #LoveIsland predictable
Iwel It was nice Mary and Dale #loveisland
Common sense should tell them Mary and Dale should go home together but semi want Jake to go home to see what Liberty would do. #LoveIsland
Dale's gone then lmao? #LoveIsland
Abigail and Dale are leaving #LoveIsland
Pls send Mary and Dale #LoveIsland
who's ready for the islanders picking mary and dale. always so predictable, would love to be wrong for once tho #LoveIsland
My prediction for tonight is Mary and Dale are going. You heard it here first #LoveIsland @AmberRoseGill
Who you placing your bets on to leave tonight? Mines Abigail and Dale, though I don't think they deserve it. #LoveIsland
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