Dale Mehmet

Status: Eliminated
Started: Episode 25
Finished: Episode 37
Twitter: @dale_mehmet
Instagram: @dalehuncho
Dale is so handsome and he got so much charisma! Sad to see a great guy leave, his personality is awesome ! #LoveIsland
all i know is that #Dale has secured all his boohooMan deals so i'm happy for him #LoveIsland
DALE IS RIGHT UP MY ALLEY IM ACC SO UPSET I want to continue seeing how soft and funny and bright he is #loveisland
I wish Dale and Abu liked each other, they're so sweet man #loveisland
Dale is fiiiiiinnnnnneeee #LoveIsland Love
I actually liked Dale, he deserved better #LoveIsland
Dale seemed like good vibes #LoveIsland
dale was the sexiest one there anyways so ig it was everyone point and laugh at the pretty girl #LoveIsland
Don't worry Dale you gonna secure the bag regardless. I see him doing some BoohooMAN etc #loveIsland
Dale gonna be fine please. He looks like an Asos model already #LoveIsland
dale was really the best guy this season #LoveIsland
So we know from the clip that Dale is going. Good editing job #LoveIsland
I see Dale doing a great Collab with couture club #LoveIsland
Gotta love Dale though, rocked in gave a few haircuts and dipped #loveisland
Good bye dale #loveIsland
Dale gone lol #LoveIsland
Lol Dale gone home then that preview made it bait #LoveIsland
Dale was a good additional the villa aswell #LoveIsland
Dale deserved so much better #LoveIsland
I hope Dale gets a brand deal #LoveIsland
Dale should've stayed an extra night to help Aaron's fade #LoveIsland
Aaron skipped the trim thinking it would be fiiiiiiine because Dale the resident barber was there! But ooooop #LoveIsland
Can they please stop letting the islanders choose who is going!? Abbi and Dale were such genuine people. #LoveIsland
I liked Dale. #LoveIsland
Better not be Dale I swear to God #LoveIsland
I like Dale and he defo deserved to be there #LoveIsland
i like dale tho #Loveisland
If only dale was their to cut his hair bless him #LoveIsland
We all knew who was going home . So sad for Dale he deserved his chance #loveisland
noooo dale was so fit #loveIsland
This is why she told dale to cool off because he wasn't her type #LoveIsland
Dales tattoo looks like a bra?! #LoveIsland
Dale was a nice addition to the villa, what a shame #LoveIsland
Dale getting ready for his free tattoos now he's out #LoveIsland
Dale deserves all the top tier deals #LoveIsland
Dale's gone then lmao? #LoveIsland
Dale deserved to be about! #LoveIsland
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