Clarisse Juliette

Status: Eliminated
Started: Episode 25
Finished: Episode 34
Instagram: @clarissejuliette
Clarisse don't worry babe enjoyment is waiting for you in London air hugs #loveisland
Clarisse knows she's a babe, she good #LoveIsland
I get the feeling Clarisse wasn't very liked or personable in the villa hence why we saw coldness towards her from both the boys and girls ..the fact that no one went to see if she was okay yesterday speaks volumes #LoveIsland
Clarisse is a whole mood LOL #LoveIsland
Clarisse was already winning pre #LoveIsland this cast are gonna regret how they treated her.
Clarisse just walked past everyone out the door LOOOOOOL #LoveIsland
Clarisse was too good for any of them anyway #LoveIsland
You hear how Clarisse said she won't be single forever? Her DMs will be FULL of blue ticks loooool #LoveIsland
Clarisse will be cuffed ASAP yesterday she was too peng for this show #LoveIsland
clarisse is so unbothered bc she KNOWS she can do so much better on the outside. sis is dating celebs before she was even famous #LoveIsland
Clarisse is glad to go home #LoveIsland
Clarisse knows what to come.....she's good #LoveIsland
Na Clarisse deserved better. I wanted to see more of her personality #loveisland
Clarisse looks kind of like Naya Rivera and Shay mitchell #loveisland
Clarisse just remembered her bride price . I love that girl. #LoveIsland
Clarisse a real city girl FR I Stan #LoveIsland
Personally putting myself in Clarisse's shoes, l would not be happy if that was done to me she was not treated well. Personal opinion tho #LoveIsland
LOOOOL clarisse said i've got 100 man waiting for me at home as she should #LoveIsland
Clarisse said I've got DM's to shift through when I get back, I'll be fineeeeee #LoveIsland
Clarisse coming back in the villa to say she likes jazz #loveisland
Anyways, Clarisse will be fine though. Her reputation might take a lil hit initially , but she'll be fine again soon. #loveIsland
Clarisse gonna be in Dubai next week she ain't fussed #LoveIsland
currently waiting for clarisse at heathrow with eagerness. #loveisland #loveisland2021
I wish they keep Clarisse I know she has more to offer and hasn't had her time to shine #LoveIsland
clarisse definitely has celebrities in her dms. she's coming out of love island 100x better off #LoveIsland
Clarisse is onto bigger and better things #LoveIsland
clarisse knows her worth #LoveIsland
Clarisse said you think I care about you amateurs? #loveisland
Clarisse is gone I'm no longer interested. She holds the crown of baddest too enter that villa #LoveIsland
Did clarisse even hug anyone #LoveIsland
I knew they weren't gonna save Clarisse. Wanted her in there. #Loveisland
Energy!!! Yassss Clarisse #LoveIsland
Going to miss seeing Clarisse Love Love #loveisland
Clarisse was better than this whole show and she knows it #LoveIsland
Clarisse is too boujie for this villa, she deserves better #LoveIsland
Clarisse's face at she's a bubbly character round the villa not me boyyyyyyy #LoveIsland
Clarisse is my inspiration! She said she not gonna stay single forever I KNOW THATS RIGHT #Loveisland
We all know clarisse isn't bother if she goes #LoveIsland
anyone notice ovie liking clarisse's bikini pic from 2018 #LoveIsland #LoveIslandUK
I just know Clarisse is booking her own flight home, she aint chilling with the normies #LoveIsland
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