Clarisse Juliette

Status: Eliminated
Started: Episode 25
Finished: Episode 34
Instagram: @clarissejuliette
Mentions ... To Win Sentiment 3-Day Avg Sentiment
Episode 25 191 0 130 130
Episode 26 251 2 191 161
Episode 27 367 1 305 209
Episode 28 335 2 283 260
Episode 29 175 0 117 235
Episode 30 133 0 -9 130
Episode 31 688 0 143 84
Episode 32 473 2 -154 -7
Episode 33 770 0 56 15
Episode 34 270 0 19 -26
Faye's a punk go bring back Clarisse for Teddy coz who is this girl thinking she shouting at for the 2nd damn time! I'm telling u if Teddy don't f*ck this girl off... #LoveIsland
She's even laughing you have to collect Clarisse at the airport #LoveIsland
Teddy you coulda been with Clarisse #loveisland
Teddy wished he picked Clarisse now #LoveIsland
If Clarisse sees this just know I won't ever treat u like how Tyler did I'm here for you baby #LoveIsland
Clarisse was best suited for Teddy #Loveisland
Not Mary working her way up to the terrace now Clarisse left.. #LoveIsland
anyone notice ovie liking clarisse's bikini pic from 2018 #LoveIsland #LoveIslandUK
#LoveIsland #LoveIslandUK jake love island kaz liberty jake hugo chloe faye millie liam casa amor toby mary abi teddy lillie clarisse amy matthew dale sam has hugo mabel stream my fc for clear skin
This Clarisse is a mean girl narrative is nasty. She's not done anything & she had every right be mad #LoveIsland
Clarisse should have been an OG girl. She would have f*cked shit up. She was done dirty there. #LoveIsland
Clarisse was already winning pre #LoveIsland this cast are gonna regret how they treated her.
Na Clarisse deserved better. I wanted to see more of her personality #loveisland
All now nobody ever told me when people didn't like Clarisse #LoveIsland
Everyone Feeling Nad For Clarisse But Forgot Sam Got Done Dirty By Faye In 0.5 Secs #LoveIsland
The mandem at Heathrow waiting for Clarisse #LoveIsland
You hear how Clarisse said she won't be single forever? Her DMs will be FULL of blue ticks loooool #LoveIsland
Clarisse already had a blue tick, why did she go in there only to be pied and leave in flip flops #LoveIsland
Clarisse girl , you won't be single forever , hv you seen your self in the mirror? #LoveIsland
i feel sad for clarisse.. it seems like she had a horrible experience #LoveIsland
I kinda feel bad for Clarisse because Tyler really played her and wasted her time #LoveIsland
clarisse was done dirty in the villa, clock how mary was the only person that said goodbye to her? #LoveIsland
You can tell clarisse was bad vibes sorry. Everyone loved Amy but had nothing good to say about her. yikes #LoveIsland
Personally putting myself in Clarisse's shoes, l would not be happy if that was done to me she was not treated well. Personal opinion tho #LoveIsland
Clarisse didn't deserve to be embarrassed like that #LoveIsland
It's not like I'm gonna be single forever Clarisse already knows about the calibre of guys waiting for her on the outside sksksksk #LoveIsland
Lmao Clarisse get over it, Tyler was with Kaz before you #LoveIsland
I do feel like if the boys kept Clarisse and dumped Tyler she would be such a valuable member of the villa and have a better journey in there #LoveIsland
Clarisse is my inspiration! She said she not gonna stay single forever I KNOW THATS RIGHT #Loveisland
Clarisse calling Tyler fake #LoveIsland
Clarisse said im a hot gyal, i dont need this #LoveIsland
It's not like I'm going to be single forever. Clarisse confirming all the tweets that she has footballers in my DMs #loveisland
Look at Tyler's face. He is gutted. Be prefers Clarisse but his bag is with Kaz and she is too blinded to see it #LoveIsland
Clarisse is fuming #LoveIsland
Clarisse you wanted to go home? Why you crying #LoveIsland
clarisse is crying #LoveIsland
Why is Clarisse crying? She was ready to leave when the shoes came off #LoveIsland
Wait. Is Clarisse in slippers? this girl is a Londoner through and through #LoveIsland
Clarisse attitude ewww #LoveIsland
Teddy don't want clarisse because he keeps dreaming about her lol #LoveIsland
Spare Clarisse the headache she wants out #LoveIsland
Saving Tyler AND Clarisse would've had more impact. Mary offers nothing. #LoveIsland
Tyler and Clarisse are social distancing #LoveIsland
It's Clarisse in slipper for me #LoveIsland
Not Clarisse still being in her flip flops #LoveIsland
Tyler and Clarisse not standing close enough to even be in the same shot #LoveIsland
Bye bye Hugo, Clarisse and the other two x #loveIsland
clarisse looks like she wants to clip that man's tongue with that hair clipper #LoveIsland
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