Chuggs Wallis

Status: Eliminated
Started: Episode 3
Finished: Episode 7
Twitter: @chuggswallis
Instagram: @chuggswallis
At least we don't have to read chuggs on our nightly TL anymore that's a win for us, let's celebrate that #loveisland
hope Chugs gets loads of cuddles and hugs on his way out #loveisland
glad chuggs has gone purely so i don't have to listen to ian try and make a joke about his bucket hat company every 5 minutes #LoveIsland
Ngl I kinda feel bad for chuggs, he was there for less than 24hrs I think he should've been given some sort of chance lmao #loveisland
Ok I think even Ian isn't feeling this season with all jokes, he was enjoying chuggs bucket hat jokes, only material he had #LoveIsland
at least chugs is getting lots of cuddles and hugs #loveisland
chuggs is gonna need some cuddles and hugs after that one #LoveIsland
Chuggs trying to be a real gentleman and get on with everyone and show what a decent bloke he is: ITV producers: #loveisland
Chuggs finally said something funny in his last 5 minutes in the villa I - #LoveIsland
I think chuggs really liked her joke know #LoveIsland
Chuggs needs to find some hugs and cuddles somewhere else #LoveIsland
Chuggs deserved better. #LoveIsland
Consider cracking on with other people? She definitely picked Chuggs kmt #LoveIsland
#LoveIsland well chuggs it was nice knowing you
Chuggs had more charm than that #LoveIsland
Chuggs' best Love Island moments #LoveIsland
Chuggs was the Richie Partridge of this seasons #LoveIsland Will never know how good he could have been
i'm crying chuggs just came in #LoveIsland
How is that bright and logical. If she picks chuggs I'm voting them both out #LoveIsland
Rip Chuggs, you would have loved being in the #loveisland villa for more than two days
I feel like Chuggs had so much potential but I always feel like I wanted him to go #LoveIsland
Anyway is Chuggs into black girls because I come from good money too and I'll make that Bucket Hat business blow up. Someone pass me his forwarding info. #LoveIsland
looooooool chuggs proper thought he was staying too lamahshshsuanahahahahaahgah #LoveIsland
Aww Chuggs, good bant #LoveIsland
Chuggs doesn't need that influencer bag anyway. Generational wealth > a Boohooman deal #LoveIsland
Anyway sha... I'm glad we don't have to hear those dead jokes from Ian about Chuggs' bucket hat business #loveIsland
I like Chuggs tho, I wish we could've got to see more of him #loveIsland
nah justice for chuggs i'm sorry but he joined two days ago #LoveIsland
Room for improvement? Where's chuggs #LoveIsland
this man called her "room for improvement"..... naw maybe she should have picked chuggs #LoveIsland
Does Chuggs even need the prize money #LoveIsland
Chuggs was that BLM behaviour worth it? #LoveIsland
Who deserves better #LoveIsland #chuggs
chuggs goodbye enjoy your petite and blonde #LoveIsland
ah chuggs bless him #LoveIsland
In fairness, Chuggs could never bring himself to actually say she was attractive which is a BIG old red flag #loveisland
Aw I just wanna hug chuggs #LoveIsland
Really backing Chuggs here #loveisland
Call me a Tory lover but i really liked Chuggs don't want to see him go #LoveIsland
every man following chuggs in their matching white tops vibes are completely off #loveisland
Can you believe how hyped we all were? Can you believe how quickly the Chuggs era came to and end?! #LoveIsland
I liked Chuggs but I don't think they would have gelled #LoveIsland
Bless him, Chuggs literally unpacked his suitcase, just to pack it again #loveisland
Poor chugs could could with a cuddle and hug #LoveIsland
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