Chuggs Wallis

Status: Eliminated
Started: Episode 3
Finished: Episode 7
Twitter: @chuggswallis
Instagram: @chuggswallis
Mentions ... To Win Sentiment 3-Day Avg Sentiment
Episode 3 150 1 -3 -3
Episode 4 722 0 223 110
Episode 5 1,093 2 475 232
Episode 6 1,116 5 338 345
Episode 7 410 0 -29 261
I must be delusional because I thought Brad was doing a poor attempt at being chivalrous by telling Rachel to explore since she's only gotten to know him and Chuggs. I don't think that's a bad thing #LoveIsland
I'm sorry that makes total sense to me form Brad!!! He literally said I know I don't like anyone else - you go confirm that because you were only allowed to get to know me or chugs then come back to me if you really like me!!!! That's solid stuff #loveisland
It's a lose lose situation for Rachel, if she picked chuggs, shii would have went down the same way #loveisland
While I'm thinking Faye needs rescuing, this one wants to unburden herself after she made a shit decision!!! You should have picked Chuggs!!! #LoveIsland
hugo ovie #LoveIslandchuggs love island faye brad jake toby chloe yaz sharon liberty kaz #loveisland2021 crocs liam aaron Libby rachel tobi
Jake just casually announcing he's off for a shit. Wouldn't get this from Chuggs. #LoveIsland #loveisland2021
Rachel going to bed later regretting it picking Chugggy chuggs #LoveIsland
Ok I'm 28 minutes late but wth is Rachel crying???? #LoveIsland she should've chosen Chuggs the nice guy is always the best option these bad boys ain't shit !! Purr
rachel's getting some action, had she chosen chuggs she'd be sleeping on the edge of the bed, sis chose right #Loveisland
Chuggs arriving back in the UK #LoveIsland
Deep how Chuggs is probably already at Gatwick #LoveIsland
Sorry but chuggs should of stayed , Brad will be like a dog on heat on the next girl that comes in #LoveIsland
Chuggs hive rise up, we're going wavy garms Oxford Brookes summer #LoveIsland
#LoveIsland Rachel wishing she pick Chuggs after what Brad said
Man said chuggs do u wanna come back LMAAAAAAOOOO #LoveIsland
this man called her "room for improvement"..... naw maybe she should have picked chuggs #LoveIsland
Why does everyone think chuggs is a Tory #LoveIsland
im cringing get them off bring chuggs back #loveisland
chuggs beating shannon for shortest screentime #LoveIsland
Ngl I kinda feel bad for chuggs, he was there for less than 24hrs I think he should've been given some sort of chance lmao #loveisland
Come to the conclusion that there isn't a thing in those love island suitcases when they leave. Chuggs picked that up easy!! #loveisland
just when i was beginning to like chuggs #LoveIsland
Chuggs hugging Rachel #LoveIsland
chuggs really came in, showed his bare arse, and then left i have to scream x #LoveIsland
the turnover rate for this year is insane, Shannon and Chuggs didn't even unpack #LoveIsland
I'm actually gutted I quite liked Chuggs #LoveIsland
I think Brad is gonna mess her about massively I kinda wish she picked chuggs #LoveIsland
Chuggs joins the 48 hour club #LoveIsland
at least chugs is getting lots of cuddles and hugs #loveisland
chuggs goodbye enjoy your petite and blonde #LoveIsland
Rachel crying on the promo seems like chuggs did it #loveisland
Bye Chuggs #LoveIsland
rachel crying? the chuggs effect i fear. #loveisland
She's picking chuggs. She's a fool #LoveIsland
I feel like I'd have a crush on Chuggs. And this is why I'm single at 35. #LoveIsland
Chuggs or Brad? #LoveIsland
I bet Rachel picked chuggs omds #LoveIsland
Please don't pick Chuggs Please don't pick Chuggs Please don't pick Chuggs #LoveIsland
right ta ra chuggs #loveisland
I'm sorry if Rachel chooses Chuggs she's choosing violence and pain #LoveIsland
Don't pick Chuggs, don't pick Chuggs, don't pick Chuggs #LoveIsland
Here we go!!!!!!! Chuggs or Brad but what's it to be???????? #LoveIsland
If Rachel picks Chuggs I'm going to be flipping tables. #LoveIsland
Me forcing myself to vote out Rachel if she picks Chuggs. #LoveIsland
Nahhh I hope Rachel chooses Brad, Chuggs is scared of Rachel Kmt #LoveIsland
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