Chloe Burrows

Status: Eliminated
Started: Episode 1
Finished: Final
Twitter: @Chloe___Burrows
Instagram: @chloe__burrows
Let's be real: we won't have a winner based on their beautiful love story. So it would only be fair to give it to the couple who made us dislike them, love them and laughing out loud, not to mention the epic getting back together twist. Chloe and Toby, thank you. #LoveIsland
Let's be real: we won't have a winner based on their beautiful love story. So it would only be fair to give it to the couple who made us dislike them, love them and laughing out loud, not to mention the epic getting back together twist. Chloe and Toby! #LoveIsland
Would prefer Chloe and Toby to win. But honestly, I don't care who wins as long as Faye and Teddy don't! As I've said before, love Teddy, but I can't understand why anyone would vote for an emotional abuser #LoveIsland
Chloe wins for most iconic quotes said in the villa, kaz & Lib win for the best friendship, Faye wins for being the most toxic and Millie winsfor taking back a man when she shouldn't have:/ But KAZ wins over& over again for slaying every day & bringing that energy #LoveIsland
I want Toby and Chloe to win. Kinda love the innocent craziness of them and they seem to have so much fun. I think Liam and Millie might edge them though. #LoveIsland #loveislandfinal
Toby and Chloe really deserve to win. I really like Millie and Liam but come on. Chloe and Toby are just cute, fun, hilarious. #LoveIsland
High chance of Milliam winning purely because of Millie. That girl is a gem Love but I still want Chloe & Toby to win sighhh #LoveIsland
I want Toby and Chloe to win but I think Liam and Millie might edge them. I kinda love their innocent craziness now. They seem like they have so much fun. Who's everyone else going for?? #LoveIsland #LoveIslandFinal
Chloe and Toby better win they're the absolute best Love #loveisland
Tbh i actually want toby and chloe to win but if Liam and Millie wins.. They deserve it as well... Both had ups and down journey and came out the happiest in the end! #LoveIsland
No matter who wins(Toby and Chloe should win tho) Toby is the real winner here #LoveIsland
i love millie so i'm happy they won but i'd have preferred chloe and toby lol #LoveIsland
Chloe deserves to win Love Island just for her banter & vibes.. I said it before when she first walked in & said 'eyes on the prize' she had won! She's mint & hilarious #LoveIsland
Overall whoever wins tonight have truly deserved it. Chloe and Toby, Millie and Liam are both amazing couples Love #LoveIsland
Can we please appreciate how beautiful chloe is for a second wow #LoveIsland
Chloe and Toby aka Chloby to win!!! Most real and fun. Love them #LoveIsland #loveislandfinal #chloby
Rooting for Chloe and Toby to win now. Don't want Liam winning #LoveIsland
I think Toby and Chloe should win so atleast one OG wins. He also kept us very entertained #LoveIsland
I love Millie so I don't mind if she wins but I also like Chloe & Toby. But Liam does not deserve to win tbh! #loveisland
I hope Chloe and Toby win but I'm happy either way as both couples left are so sweet #LoveIsland
i manifested greg and amber winning in 2019 and i'll do it again chloe and toby better win #loveisland
Toby's brought us some of this season's best moments AND had the best 'journey' (if we must call it that). Chloe is, as we know, iconic. Chloby for the win #LoveIsland
Anyway. I hope every black person in this finale is blessed with so many deals and opportunities that the 50k will look like chicken change to them Love oh & Chloe #LoveIsland
#LoveIsland no but how can Toby and Chloe not win there perfect for each other and are HILARIOUS no one is like them
would be happy for either chloe and toby or millie and liam to win, both couples deserve it Love 3 #LoveIsland
i love chloe and toby and i also wanted them to win but i'm so happy for millie and liam #LoveIsland
Im happy now whoever wins, think id edge towards chloe and toby now but i also love milliam! #LoveIsland
Chloe and Toby to win and then celebrate with happy meals #LoveIsland
vote chloe and toby for good luck for the rest of the year Love 333 #LoveIsland
Glad Millie and Liam won for my bet but honestly love Toby and Chloe so much they equally deserved it #LoveIsland
Goes without saying but Toby to win, don't care who his partner is but Chloe will do fine. Comedy king #LoveIsland
SO STINKIN CUTE OMG Toby n Chloe for the win (amy from 8? weeks ago would never believe this tweet lmfao) #loveisland
YAAAAAYYYY!!!! Ok ok, so I would LOVE Liam & Millie to win but I have a feeling it'll be Chloe & Toby #LoveIsland
I'll be happy if Chloe and Toby win or Millie and Liam, both of them couples deserve to be there Love Love #LoveIsland
actually happy with either chloe & toby or millie & liam winning, love them both tbh #loveisland
faye and teddy forth, millie and liam third and honestly i don't care who wins out of chloe and toby or kaz or tyler because i love all four of them Love #LoveIsland
Please Toby and Chloe to win. I've never seen a love so pure #LoveIsland
Toby and Chloe have collectively created the most iconic memes for twitter and had the biggest character developments so if they don't win love island is a joke #LoveIsland
#loveisland pls let chloe and toby win it would be great thanks
Kaz and Tyler weren't personally my winners but than fourth!? I've been team Chloby since the very beginning of them and team Chloe since her second episode. I love Millie but don't think Liam should be rewarded for his casa amor behaviour. #TEAM CHLOBY for the win #LoveIsland
Chloe and Toby should win just for their villains to heroes arc. Best developed couple I ever saw #LoveIsland
I hope Millie and Liam win I'll be happy with Chloe and Toby too #LoveIsland
Chloe and tony better win but at the same time Millie and liam are good enough #LoveIsland
It's SO FUNNY that Hugo being a simp kept Chloe in the villa & now she's back with Toby and might win 50 grand. Bet he's livid. #LoveIsland
I'd love to see Chloe & Tobi win bc they were hated at the start then became fan favourites #LoveIsland
Chloe and Toby are just living their best lives. Never thought 6 weeks ago I'd be saying this but hope they win! #loveisland
why is everything got to be about race? my twitter feed is full of people kicking off about kaz&tyler not winning because they are blackhas anyone thought they haven't won because they're quite a boring couple? not a toby&chloe fan but atleast they're entertaining #LoveIsland
I love Toby and Chloe so much with there teenage hype vibes but this is love island kaz and Ty to win Love #LoveIsland
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