Brett Staniland

Status: Eliminated
Started: Episode 39
Finished: Episode 43
Twitter: @twinbrett_
Instagram: @twinbrett
Wow Brett thats such a great plan for the day, such fun and full of spontaneous activities #LoveIsland
Brett wears these clothes for a reason lol he's supporting businesses that help Black women forgot exactly what it is but it's for a good cause #LoveIsland
Wonderful Brett, wonderful lol #loveisland
Glad Brett stood up for himself and didn't take no shit from her #loveIsland
Bretts fun side is definitely laughing at the daily joke in the telegram #loveisland
Brett actually seems like a nice considerate guy. And sure of himself and mot wrapped up in what others think about him. #LoveIsland
Brett : would you like me to be more sexy and flirty #loveisland
Brett deserved better than this. Justice for Brett #LoveIsland
Oh Brett give up hun, her face is like she's talking to a brick wall. This show honestly makes me realise what guys mean now when they say women blow hot and cold, the woman was banging on about how amazing he was yesterday? Make your mind up #loveisland
#LoveIsland Brett thinks there are two more couples more interesting than them. You think running together on a date is good
I feel brett's confidence is on the floor. Because the boys are saying he's a fun lad. Confusing #loveisland
Wait what a date??? But we will definitely be friends LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL Brett stay at home #loveisland
Okay but why do I kinda feel bad for Brett he deserves better #loveIsland
Brett, there's no way you can convince us you know what fun is! #LoveIsland
Naa don't piss me off, is Bret wearing Jesus sandals with socks? #loveisland
I think Brett is a really nice guy. Deserves better #loveIsland
Brett trying to be fun #Loveisland
Brett saying he has a fun side #LoveIsland
Omds what is Brett wearing on his feet looooooool. Nah you can't be on national TV dressed like that #LoveIsland
Brett needs some styling help bless him #loveisland
na why do I feel sorry for brett !!! brett deserves better #loveisland
The boys are so sweet because Brett deserves better. #loveisland
nah i feel so bad for brett i just wanna hug him #loveisland
brett is talking like he's part of an arranged marriage who dates someone for a good social circle #loveisland
Brett doing his best Jesus impression #LoveIsland
I love that Brett's family have used their platform to share information about Afghanistan #loveisland
Poor Brett man, hope he finds someone interesting who likes Brie cheese x #LoveIsland
God can't wait for fun Brett to come out #LoveIsland
Brett you're going home we not gonna see your fun side bro #LoveIsland
Well done, Brett. Not letting her away with anything #loveIsland
It's funny that Brett thinks everything is going well #loveisland
Bret never looked fun to begin with. #loveisland
Brett is so sweet bless him #loveIsland
Loooooool Brett sounds like me! The next one is the one IM NOT DOING THIS AGAIN. #loveIsland
Yes Brett! Stick it on her loooool #LoveIsland
Why has Brett waited until now to say the funniest thing he's ever said before? #loveIsland
brett experimenting with his fun side #loveisland
She literally went from one end of the tube to another guys see Brett this is how fun people move #LoveIsland
Brett, please stop telling her how fun you are. It's literally the opposite of fun. Just walk away #loveisland
Lol Bret you don't have anything in appropriate to say boy pleasseeeee #loveisland
I feel so sorry for Brett he seems quite sweet #loveIsland
sorry i feel so bad for brett he was so happy abt the date #LoveIsland
Hope Brett realises how much better he can do when he gets home #loveisland
brett with the "i'm not angry i'm just disappointed" #loveisland
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