Brad McClelland

Status: Eliminated
Started: Episode 1
Finished: Episode 16
Twitter: @brad_mcclell
Instagram: @brad_mcclell
Hi everyone hope you're all ok I'm new to Twitter so please feel free to say hi here's about me My name's Brad I'm 23 And I would like to spread positivity to people's timeline I think we could all do with cheering up and I would like to do that #LoveIsland
This better be the truth, Brad who? Love Love Love #LoveIsland
Low-key feeling good for Brad. Imagine living with her 24/7 saying reaaaaaallllyyyyy #LoveIsland
Brad hasn't even put his big toe on his easyJet flight home and the love of his life has moved on #LoveIsland
Loool has Brad even gone through duty free #LoveIsland
she's gone form nobody compares to Brad to I need to focus on the present in less that 24 hours loooool #LoveIsland
Look at this gurl , Brad is still alive and he isn't dead like why u acting like a widow #LoveIsland
Brad eating his special K at home watching his bird crack on with his mate #LoveIsland
Brad's not gonna be happy watching this #loveisland
I wonder how Brad is feeling rn #LoveIsland
Yeah Brad just kiss her goodbye. It's DUN #loveisland
No way is that still Brads hoody looool #LoveIsland
LOOOL brads probably still in the cab to the hotel #LoveIsland
Brads sat crying at his nans #LoveIsland
Dwelling on the past?? Brad left 24 hours ago, love. The girl moves on quick #LoveIsland
I need to see brads reaction when he watches tonight's show looooool #LoveIsland
How I go to sleep knowing I'm Brads type since he likes dark features #LoveIsland
The amount of Special K sponsored posts I've seen on the TL today Brad's impact #LoveIsland
justice for Brad #LoveIsland
brads been gone 48 hours they're about to kiss #loveisland
All this when Brad is probs in quarantine still waiting to actually leave the island lol #loveisland
cant believe im saying this but... JUSTICE FOR BRAD #LoveIsland
#LoveIsland what is this sorcery? Why do I feel bad for Brad?
someone find where brad is staying and go give him a hug im begging #loveisland
i feel so sorry for brad if he's watching this :( #LoveIsland @brad_mcclell
Brad is watching his tv like #LoveIsland
Brad somewhere in the villa like #LoveIsland
Even Brad did not stroke her like that. A A RONNNN #LoveIsland
"ill never find a guy like brad again" #LoveIsland
Brad was her dream man so why is she giving arson the time of day #LoveIsland
You know what, Brad's cool #LoveIsland
Brad watching from home like... #BeautyWorks #LoveIsland
Brad watching like... #loveisland
How's it going Brad? You ok mate? #LoveIsland
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