Brad McClelland

Status: Eliminated
Started: Episode 1
Finished: Episode 16
Twitter: @brad_mcclell
Instagram: @brad_mcclell
Mentions ... To Win Sentiment 3-Day Avg Sentiment
Episode 1 657 5 410 410
Episode 2 252 0 109 260
Episode 3 346 0 -36 161
Episode 4 672 1 -166 -31
Episode 5 700 0 178 -8
Episode 6 1,899 8 424 145
Episode 7 1,357 1 -192 137
Episode 8 1,371 1 -441 -70
Episode 9 1,339 0 -364 -332
Episode 10 912 0 -224 -343
Episode 11 871 1 255 -111
Episode 12 233 0 14 15
Episode 13 508 3 48 106
Episode 14 1,895 5 -22 13
Episode 15 1,603 1 296 107
Episode 16 586 0 83 119
Brad when he gets spotted in the UK #LoveIsland
cant believe im saying this but... JUSTICE FOR BRAD #LoveIsland
Aaron she told Brad the same thing!#LoveIsland
lucinda looks so uninterested, same with how she was with brad #LoveIsland
Lucinda babe, Brad hasn't even had his PCR test results back yet x #LoveIsland
Brad is shakinggggggg #LoveIsland
Brad waiting outside the villa for Aaron #LoveIsland
brad is screaming rn #LoveIsland
Brad who? #LoveIsland
Brad who? #LoveIsland
Seeing how quickly Jake's moved on from Brad to Liam I can in wish Liberty luck when it comes to Casa Amor #LoveIsland
jake and brad wouldve used tongue though #LoveIsland
Jake has shown more sexual chemistry with Liam and Brad in the past two days than he has with Liberty in three weeks. #LoveIsland
Brads mates didn't take long getting Lucinda to move on did they. Crying last night stealing his bird tonight #loveisland
Bring Brad backkkkk in casa amor!!! #LoveIsland
Lucinda doesn't want Brad or Aaron she wants 50K lots of followers and brand deals she is just moving and using whoever can secure her place in the villa #LoveIsland
How's it going Brad? You ok mate? #LoveIsland
Brad whooo #LoveIsland
I need to see brads reaction when he watches tonight's show looooool #LoveIsland
Brad right now #LoveIsland
Brad rn #LoveIsland
Not Lucinda crying about Brad and now moving in on Aaron less than 24 hours later #LoveIsland
iwel Brad and Lucinda were better cause what is this #LoveIsland
Brad watching Lucinda and Aaron crack on #LoveIsland
Brad and Liberty have won. Everyone else is so mismatched it's painful to watch #LoveIsland
aaron watching brad leave #LoveIsland
not jake sitting there whilst lucinda and liam talk about her moving on to aaron. thought he was brad's boy #LoveIsland
Brad watching Aaron and Lucinda #LoveIsland
Why are people hating on Lucinda so much? She knew Brad like 5 days in the outside world it would be seen as odd to throw everything at someone you've known for that short amount of time.. #LoveIsland
Brad right now #LoveIsland
Loool has Brad even gone through duty free #LoveIsland
lucinda has had better chat with aaron in 2 mins than she did with brad in a week #LoveIsland
REEEEEEAAALLLYYYY?!???!!? Lucinda. Less than 24 hours ago, you called a Brad your dream man. This is the toxicity I'm after. Now be as tarty and inconsiderate as possible! #LoveIsland
Brad is literally yesterday's news now. Go on Luci #LoveIsland
I don't think Brad has entered the plane home yet as he's still hoping she will leave and has moved on with Aaron #LoveIsland
Brads flight hasn't even taking off #LoveIsland
Brad hasn't been dead for 1 hour and Lucinda is moving on #LoveIsland
lucinda went from sobbing in brad's jumper to cracking on with aaron within the space of 24 hours LOOOOOL she wants that plt deal #LoveIsland
Lol Brad has been gone for ten seconds Lucinda #LoveIsland
Wasn't Lucinda having a heart attack yesterday over Brad? Or did I miss something. #LoveIsland
Brad's side of the bed is barely cold #LoveIsland
lucinda got over brad real quick #LoveIsland
Lucinda couldn't give a fuck about Brad #LoveIsland
brad entering the villa to explain how the new girl is his type #LoveIsland
Lucinda is over Brad then #LoveIsland
Wtf is luncida problem she just been crying about brad #LoveIsland
Brad's ashes haven't even rested and Lucindas already onto Aaron #LoveIsland
she's gone form nobody compares to Brad to I need to focus on the present in less that 24 hours loooool #LoveIsland
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