Andrea-Jane Bunker

Status: Eliminated
Started: Episode 15
Finished: Episode 21
Instagram: @andreajanebunker
AJ was super sweet and deserved better #loveIsland
Justice for AJ man, she deserved better. #loveIsland
i feel so bad for AJ she seemed like such a sweet girl she just didn't get enough time tbh #LoveIsland
AJ did not deserve that dumping. I'm genuinely gutted. What a sweet, beautiful, kind person. #LoveIsland
#loveisland i feel so bad for aj she barely got a chance ??
Awww AJ never got a fair chance but right two left in my opinion #LoveIsland
lol it is kinda peak of them to vote out aj bc she's the only one without the opportunity to meet someone..... #LoveIsland
Feel like it's so unfair for AJ to be sent home, seems like such a nice genuine person #loveIsland
I feel so bad for AJ she didn't even get a chance #LoveIsland
when you let them decide they keep the ones that have been in longest, how is it fair? AJ didn't really get a chance #loveisland
Don't think AJ got a fair chance tho #loveisland
it's a nice feeling being wanted AJ wanted you and look how that went? #loveisland
Lol it's too obvious isn't it. I feel for AJ tbh she did everything right #LoveIsland
Aj deserved another chance tbh #loveIsland
LOOOOOOL Bye AJ #loveIsland
Looooool AJ Gone #LoveIsland
Omg good poxy riddance AJ #LoveIsland
Now i wish they didn't kick aj out just to see her react to the new girl cus they literally look like clones #LoveIsland
If we're being honest, AJ was too good for them lot anyways #loveIsland
i feel bad for AJ man she was there for like four days #loveisland
She's got the same energy as AJ soooo he better not lie #LoveIsland
Aj deserved better man #Loveisland
Jesus Aj 2.0 calm it down girl #LoveIsland
Wait no because I swear I was the only one who actually liked AJ, she seemed sweet! I don't get where all the dislike is coming from? #LoveIsland
that outift on aj is gorg #LoveIsland
I don't understand how they came to the decision to sent AJ home.. like she's not had a chance in there at all #loveisland
"it's a nice feelimg being wanted" mf ??? aj??? #LoveIsland
Didn't even give AJ a chance #LoveIsland
AJ didn't even get a chance skskskksks #loveIsland
Aj 2.0 seems??? I dunno let's give her a chance #LoveIsland
These islanders aren't budgingwhat's the point, even casa amor is gonna be pointless. Throw them all off and start again. I wanna see grafting, flirting and fun (AJ knew the assignment and she's gone ) #loveIsland
Well AJ was the obvious girl. Now let's hope for the obvious boy #LoveIsland
Yay. #LoveIsland o clock! My money on AJ and Danneh to walk
#loveisland i'm late but i really liked aj it's a shame she's fine so soon
Nice try AJ hun we're seeing through the disguise #LoveIsland
i feel so bad for aj #LoveIsland
They haven't even given Aj a chance. #loveIsland
Eyes on the prize AJ #loveisland
As much as I wanted chlorine to leave, AJ was a good choice coz she is drryyyyy #loveisland
guarantee AJ will have security by Aftersun #loveIsland
We all predicted the who was going home tonight . I'm glad that racist is gone but Aj should have being given a chance #loveisland
AJ don't like him loool #loveisland
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