Amy Day

Status: Eliminated
Started: Episode 25
Finished: Episode 34
Instagram: @amydayloveisland
Mentions ... To Win Sentiment 3-Day Avg Sentiment
Episode 25 25 0 12 12
Episode 26 86 0 1 7
Episode 27 625 1 227 80
Episode 28 265 0 121 116
Episode 29 146 0 -65 94
Episode 30 76 0 46 34
Episode 31 64 0 4 -5
Episode 32 262 1 92 47
Episode 33 375 1 47 48
Episode 34 301 0 61 67
Chloe walking up the stairs like amy then #loveisland
I'm actually so pissed that the villa chose Tyler and Mary to stay I personally think Amy and Hugo deserved to stay there the most #LoveIsland
Hugo really said BYE AMY #LoveIsland
Amy's face when Hugo said his search for love in the villa was 'tragic' #loveisland
Me figuring out why Jake and Toby are talking about what type of girl should get with Hugo knowing me left with with Amy #LoveIsLand
I actually feel so bad for Amy? Imagine grafting your 3rd choice just to get into the villa, putting up with him saying job done after kissing you only to leave a wet week into the villa with him saying his time there was TRAGIC!!! Justice for #loveIsland
amy's face expression just knows for a fact hugo's experience was TRASH #LoveIsland
You know Amy is praying her seat on the plane is next to anyone but Hugo #LoveIsland
Amy's face with Hugo's leaving speech #awkward #pie #LoveIsland
i feel so bad for amy now ): #LoveIsland
Amy listening to Hugo saying his journey was tragic #LoveIsland
The bare disrespect Hugo had for Amy I can't like wtf #LoveIsland
Wow..!!! Way to go Hugo... Insulting Amy calling his search for love "Tragic" Swear to God... that man is a twat! #LoveIsland
I just know hugo and amy wont last #loveisland
Amy blink three times if you need help #loveisland #LoveIsland
Amy needs to RUN as soon as she lands in Heathrow #LoveIsland
They should've saved Sam and amy #loveisland
Amy was RIGHT THERE and Hugo said WHAT?! TRAGIC?! Goodness gracious Mr Hammond #LoveIsland
I feel so bad for Amy she was saying how happy she was and Hugo calling it tragic #LoveIsland
Nah Hugo completely violated Amy then.. TRAGIC????? I'd smack him #loveisland
"my time in the villa was tragic" - Hugo Amy: #LoveIsland
Amy is wayyy out of Hugo's league and he'll see that when he gets home. tragic WHERE?!?!? #loveisland
amy when hugo called his search for love tragic #loveIsland
What gives Hugo the right to say that? He was punching with Amy anyway. Run a mile lass #loveisland
bro whyyyy did hugo say that amy's face was priceless #loveisland
So Hugo didn't like Amy then? Literally ditched her at the door?! Wow! #tragic #LoveIsland
Gutted, Sam deserved a chance he's bloody gorgeous!! And Amy can Dow ay better than Hugo, what a leaving speech, poor girl #LoveIsland
MAN Amy can't wait to block Hugo on EVERYTHING the second they land back home. #LoveIsland
Hugo is so rude poor amy #LoveIsland
Announcent torrow - Hugo and Amy have broken up #loveisland
How did Hugo not even mention Amy ?? Hello she is standing next to you #LoveIsland
Please tell me someone caught Amy's expression there #LoveIsland
can guarantee amy has dropped hugo on the way to the airport #LoveIsland
Wowwwwwwwww Hugo had the balls to say that nezt to Amy . This guy has zero game fackkk #LoveIsland
Hugo said the word 'tragic' in front of Amy lol, she's gonna cut ties with him immediately now that they're out, I'm sure of it #loveisland
I hope Amy slapped Hugo after his exit speech. Tragic!? Jeeez! Lucky escape girl! #LoveIsland
Hugo wtf was that, saying his love journey has been tragic and didn't even say anything about amy and she's stood right there!! #loveIsland
Hugo talking to the camera like Amy isn't even there ##LoveIsland
HAHAHAHA Amy's face when Hugo said he's not found love and it's been tragic #LoveIsland
hugo calling his search for love tragic while amy is stood right next to him....#loveisland
The way Hugo didn't even mention Amy she was his safety net just as much as he was hers #LoveIsland
How can he say tragic right next to amy???? Lord have mercy this man is sick #loveisland
sam and amy should've stayed !!!!! they've both had such an unfair time . mary, tyler and clarisse deserve to go so much ! #loveisland
No chance has he just made it so obvious he was playing the game making that comment to Toby just proves he never liked amy #LoveIsland
Amy and Hugo thought they was gonna save them when they were talking bye #LoveIsland #FBOYISLAND
Hugo and Amy came last then #LoveIsland
Hugo and Amy are definitely going #LoveIsland
I think I know who is going out in loveisland tonight. Amy Clarice Hugo Sam In this picture I pointed out them people weren't there in the sneak peak o the loveisland app. #LoveIsland #LoveIslandUK
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