Aaron Simpson

Status: Eliminated
Started: Episode 37
Finished: Episode 45
Instagram: @aaronsimpsonn
Enjoy the win, I hope it makes you very happy. Dear lord, what a sad little life Aaron, #loveisland
This reaction is why Aaron won folks!!! He's a natural Dad! Love #LoveIsland
Loool Aaron you've only been there few days love #LoveIsland
Aaron will be a really good dad, you can see the happiness in his face #LoveIsland
Ok but I love how Aaron is taking care of the baby sha #LoveIsland
Aaron deserved that win #LoveIsland
Anyway that was nice but we're about 2 days behind the live action in the villa, so hopefully Aaron is on that Easy Jet flight as we speak #LoveIsland
AAron is sexy #LoveIsland
Aaron using a wine glass to support the baby's head. Someone send help???!!!! #LoveIsland
good for aaron, he was getting too big for his boots anyways #LoveIsland
Okay but Aaron really loves the doll #LoveIsland
I love how Aaron laughs #LoveIsland
Glad Aaron is gone thoughdon't like him either #LoveIsland
Aaron playing the protective father we love to see it #LoveIsland
aaron looks like a good dad #LoveIsland
the way aaron loves their fake baby is actually so cute #LoveIsland
Aaron would have deffo taken it personally they didn't win #LoveIsland
aaron was thriving with that baby bless him #LoveIsland
How can someone just tweet the baby has a better trim than Aaron I'm screaming #LoveIsland
Rah how did aaron remember the kids names looool #loveisland
aaron i love you rn. #LoveIsland
For a sec I thought Aaron was drinking dragon stout Lmaooooooooo #LoveIsland
Aaron really loved that doll didn't he? #LoveIsland
Aaron is a great actor, you'd think he was in the house from day dot. #LoveIsland
Aaron can finally get a proper trim lol #LoveIsland
Aaron is the best daddy. #LoveIsland
Aaron better go straight to the barber #LoveIsland
Aaron is too happy #LoveIsland
Not meet thinking there was a good behind Aaron ear #LoveIsland
Aaron is getting too comfortable. Like why are you sitting there go and back your bags #LoveIsland
I don't actually think I care okay aaron #LoveIsland
that shirt that Aaron wore to golf was Love !! he is such a pretty looking man #LoveIsland
Aaron is acc a good dad who'dve thought #LoveIsland
did aaron just say best looking??? #LoveIsland
Look how excited Aaron is! #LoveIsland
Aaron with the I honestly don't think I care das a girl boss moment cmon ARON #loveisland
Hate to say it but Aaron's actually gonna be a good dad He's gonna be the dad that remembers all his kids' friends names and treats them as his own #LoveIsland
aaron's baby had a better trim than him #LoveIsland
Aaron better go buck his barber as soon as he lands home #LoveIsland
LOOOOOL Aaron don't care bc he thinks he's going to be a big influencer when he leaves #LoveIsland
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