Aaron Francis

Status: Eliminated
Started: Episode 1
Finished: Episode 24
Twitter: @Aaronfranciis
Instagram: @aaronfranciis
I don't think we realise how entertaining Aaron was lol he's actually funny #loveisland
Aaron if you're had a beautiful black woman by your side you wouldn't have left, there's a lesson to be learnt thank you #loveIsland
Aaron is such a sweetheart pls my favourite man in there, I love him sm #LoveIsland
I'm happy Aaron got a redemption arc #LoveIsland
i loved aaron though so imma miss that absolute gorg boy #LoveIsland
Remember at the start of Love Island how many people disliked Aaron? I hope that's changed because he's brilliant #LoveIsland
sawry aaron has fully redeemed himself, i want him to stay he's jokes #loveisland
Aaron: 'You have to be brave, you have to be bold' ok sing it Des'ree! #LoveIsland
If Aaron was in the villa he'd have seen this kiss by now and started cheering #LoveIsland
I knew once I saw a lot of Aaron today he was going home man he's actually quite funny #LoveIsland
aaron is so funny i can't #loveisland
Aaron really likes Lucindathat kiss was meant to shut you up Aaronbut #loveisland
What is this Aaron a fan of please? #loveIsland
aaron is so unintentionally funny #LoveIsland
L O L Aarons funny #LoveIsland
aaron and lucsinda are perfect for each other tbh. does that mean i like them? no #loveisland
Aaron was LOVED in this villa mate #LoveIsland
Aaron is funnyyy #loveisland
'running?!' Nah, Aaron is funny sometimes #loveisland
Aaron is funny #LoveIsland
aaron kind of redeemed himself in the end as well awww #LoveIsland
Aaron is too funny ! #LoveIsland
Aaron deserved better #LoveIsland
You can tell the all really loved Aaron! #LoveIsland
You can tell most ppl like Aaron. Everyone's helping him #loveisland
I'm gonna need Aaron to lick his bottom lip one good time #LoveIsland
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