Status: Eliminated
Artist: Tvorchi
Song: Heart Of Steel
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Grand Final
How incredible was that performance, so emotional #YNWA #Eurovision2023 #EUROVISION well done Liverpool for hosting a fantastic Eurovision done the #uk and #Ukraine proud ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
#Eurovision #Eurovision2023 Liverpool, UK, THANK YOU SO MUCH for organising an amazing Eurovision this year and helping Ukraine in so many ways, including hosting of the contest representation, as well as accepting the refugees 🥺🙏✨ ALL THE BEST TO YOU ❤️ Love you ❤️
#Eurovision Thank you for an amazing night. You look so beautiful. I would like to wish everyone in Liverpool and Ukraine lots of love from our nation, but let's not waste any more time. I will get straight on with the results. Here are the results of the oh dear I've run out of
Absolutely LOVING all this Liverpool love, so good! Lovely end with You'll Never Walk Alone. Beautiful tribute and such a poignancy with Ukrainian solidarity. We should be proud of putting on such a show as runner up hosts! #Eurovision #Eurovision2023
#Eurovision2023 #EUROVISION #Liverpool #Ukraine #ESC2023 @BBCOne @bbceurovision I am proud to call Liverpool my home City. They've opened up to Ukraine and the world and put on an absolutely spectacular show! Well done Liverpool 👏👏 The best Eurovision in years 🙌🥳
Brilliant show this year, so many great artists!! Well done Liverpool/Ukraine 🙌👏💙💛 #Eurovision
This, to me, was one of the best #EUROVISION song contests I've ever seen. And I should know, I've seen a few (most years since 1980). I've laughed, I've cried, I've fist pumped the air. Big love and emotions to Ukraine! Amazing x
Half hour in and it's already one of the best competitions I can remember. Everything seems to have come together perfectly for Liverpool and Ukraine. Wonderful staging, top presenting team, and a really strong line up of songs. Enjoying this so much! #Eurovision2023
So proud of #Liverpool - the beloved home of my darling Auntie Gladys - Mel Giedroyc, your Auntie Gladys ref made me smile - Liverpool, you've done #ukraine so proud - love you, love is all 💙💛🩷 xxx #eurovision #Eurovision2023
Everyone love a good emotional song for a final ! Look at them !!! Incredible!! #Eurovision2023 #Ukraine
This is beautiful! Ukraine was a worthy winner last year and I'm so happy they get to perform on this stage and sing again. #Eurovision
Kalush win was monumental in showing off traditional ukrainian culture with music that is popular in Ukraine and underrepresented in the contest. Very proud💙💛 #eurovision
Wow Ukraine very cyber punk — the staging is incredible. The song isn't bad either. To be honest, even if they win because of political voting again, I wouldn't be disappointed — this is just as much art as it is musical. #EUROVISION #Eurovision2023
Ukraine keeps thanking us for holding #Eurovision2023. Please, it is your celebration, we're so honoured that you allowed us to hold it for you. Huge congratulations to Ukraine we stand in solidarity with you 💙💛
Love that intro honoring last year's winners Ukraine. ❤️ #Eurovision
Wow 🥹 well done Liverpool, love from Belfast 💚 UKRAINE. YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE Ukraine 🌻 #Eurovision2023
.@thetalentguru SUSSEX SQUAD 🎹🇪🇺 Ukraine United Kingdom 👀😳😂😂😂 #Eurovision gained popularity for its kitsch appeal, its musical span of ethnic & international styles, as well as emergence as part of LGBT culture, resulting in an influence on popular culture. #EuovisionSongContest #ESC2023
The show has opened in spectacular fashion with last years winner Kalush Orchestra from Ukraine singing their winning song from last year! Ukraine #Eurovision
Liverpool smashed it!!! Well done UK on being so amazing! You definitely done Ukraine proud #Eurovision2023
Shout out to the UK and Ukraine. All of the shows have been SPECTACULAR. Absolutely wonderful. Thank you so much ❤️❤️ #Eurovision #Eurovision2023
Thank you again to @Ukraine for your kindness and hospitality in 2018. We hope we have done you proud. Friends across borders. Terror will never win. #SlavaUkraini #Eurovision2023
Great to see people enjoying #Eurovision2023  and sending a strong message of solidarity with our Ukrainian friends, at home and abroad. Ukraine
Let's not forget that apart from last year's winners, Ukraine has always been good for some great weirdness, such as this bird lady. #Eurovision2023
Deserved winner. Ukraine Looking back at it now, I'm so happy it won. #Eurovision #Eurovision2023
19. Ukraine Good words from Ukraine Not sure it will win but a fab song #Eurovision2023
I know the vote was very emotional last year but Ukraine's entry was also SO GOOD. Well deserved winner, imo #eurovision #eurovision2023
Good start to #Eurovision2023 with last years winners from Ukraine opening the show! Should be a cracker and lots of fun!
Ukraine Reigning champs Ukraine and Tvorchi bring a superb performance of their track Heart of Steel, which we think will do very well in the scoring this year. Excellent staging and a good vocal that stands out from everything else on offer #Eurovision2023
#Eurovision #RussiaUkraineWar Fantastic that Eurovision has started. In the UK we are soooo proud to host for Ukraine. What a brave country against the evil Russian invasion. Russia look and learn. This is about love, kindness, freedom and music. Slava Ukraini Ukraine Ukraine Russia boo!
Great to see #Manchester enjoying #Eurovision2023 and sending a strong message of solidarity with our Ukrainian friends, at home and abroad. Ukraine
- commented ESC for 18 yrs - experienced ukraine win several times - ukraine wins again, can't host UK: “must be so exciting for you to be commenting this year!” ummmmm #Eurovision
To be fair, the UK effort was very catchy and could win it , then maybe Ukraine can host it for us next year #Eurovision2023
189 points to Ukraine YES LEGENDS WE LOVE YOU WELL DONE #Eurovision
Yeah, Ukraine won. And I truly liked their song. Oh, they made a remix. Interesting. Doesn't sound bad. #Eurovision2023
Wow that Ukrainian commentator is hilarious. 😂😂💕 #Eurovision #Eurovision2023
We were visited at work by @UAParlEducation and they brought these amazing pictures by Ukrainian children on the theme of the UK and Ukraine. So happy about the friendship between our countries which is shining tonight #Eurovision
#KalushOrchestra 'RE-MIX!' ☺️ Opening of #Eurovision2023 This was pretty cool to see.. our Royal Princess playing a part in support of #Ukraine's winner of #Eurovision 2022 Ukraine United Kingdom 👸🎹
What a wonderful show! 😍 good job, UK & Ukraine!! #Eurovision2023
Liverpool you have done the UK and Ukraine proud. Such a privilege to be part of the experience earlier in the week. The love the city has shown to everyone is overwhelming. Thank you so much. #EUROVISION
Ukraine is really furking good! Absolutely love. Another win for Ukraine maybe? #Eurovision2023
Best place to watch #Eurovision2023 after #Liverpool? With #Southampton's Ukrainian community at Edmund Kell Church. Great event organised by the fabulous folks @Soton_Ukrainian
No. 19 #Eurovision2023 #Ukraine #Tvorchi @carolscott63 says “Great staging, catchy. Could see Ukraine with another win”
Well #Ukraine is very good. They could win again. #Eurovision2023 I predict a strong public vote. Ukraine Ukraine
Do jaja..zvali su ljude koje ljudi vole i koji su se istakli a ne pobednike, LOVE IT ♥️ Bravo @bbceurovision ipak su carevi za ovo...ofc i Ukrajina ali..#bbc je keva nema sta #ESC2023
I am loving the Nigeria Ukraine United Kingdom links at #Eurovision in #Liverpool this year, and the amazing songs and stage performances #Talent #Solidarity
Love that in this extra emotional rendition of Ukraine's winning song from last year, they still kept the pink hat. Give the people what they want. #Eurovision
A real honour that my first speech as leader elect was at tonight's amazing night at @MidKentCollege for Medway Help For Ukrainians #Eurovision Party. Congratulations to all those who organised - Medway stands shoulder to shoulder with Ukraine #SlavaUkraine #ProudToBeMedway 1/2
Loving Eurovision 2023 in Liverpool, the City doing us and Eukraine proud and as Bonkers as ever. I've laughed I've cried and the votes aren't even fully in yet 😜 loving Mel Giedroyc commentary @MelGiedroycShow 😹😹😹 #Eurovision2023 #bonkers #Liverpool2023 #Liverpool #Ukraine…
Such amazing work tonight by Eira (on the left) 👏👏 Eira has spent the whole evening gathering signatures for @uareuk from the audience at our #Eurovision2023 watch party. The flag will be sent to the front line in #Ukraine on behalf of #Wrexham ❤️ Ukraine
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