Status: Eliminated
Artist: Remo Forrer
Song: Watergun
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Grand Final
Twitter: @ForrerRemo
Instagram: @remoforrer
Over the years, Ireland have had some incredible performances, Johnny Logan's wins, Celine Dion triumphing for Switzerland in Dublin, a Fair City star that melted our hearts - and Jedward's high score #Eurovision2023 #Eurovision
Absolutely love Switzerland , this song is amazing ! ❤️💕 and what a voice !!! Woah one of my fav definitively ❤️ #Eurovision2023
wow switzerland. an amazing song. amazkng performance. amazing voice. perfect 10/10 #Eurovision
Thought #Switzerland were the best tonight - great vocals, brilliant song and also their flag is a big plus #Eurovision #Eurovision2023
My Swiss twink still has such a gorgeous voice I love him 💜 🙃🥰 #Eurovision2023
Switzerland is my favorite 😍 Amazing song and voice “Nothing hurts when you bulletproof” #Eurovision #Eurovision2023
Switzerland is definitely my favourite this year. Just powerful! And that voice… just amazing 🤩 #Eurovision
Switzerland's choreography is undeniably creative! The song is enjoyable, but the vocals didn't quite hit the mark for me. Nonetheless, it's impressive to see their unique approach. Kudos to them! #Eurovision #Switzerland #Eurovision2023
I also love Switzerland. His voice is so pure and rich. They are bringing amazing things to #Eurovision
🎤 #Eurovision #Eurovision2023 03 #Switzerland Remo Forrer - "Watergun" Exceptionally powerful & emotional performance. Is this a #Winning act?
#Eurovision2023 #Switzerland He has amazing vocals, best so far! The song is good, but it feels dated for Eurovision in my opinion. I also think he has good stage presence, but I'm not bowled away. 6/10
Switzerland The first ballad from this year's line-up, Water Gun is a stunning track - Remo always delivers a stunning vocal and he sounds particularly great tonight. Love the message behind this one too #Eurovision2023
Jokes and quippy remarks aside it is a good song and his vocal are spectacular Switzerland  #Switzerland #Eurovision #Eurovision2023
Another great song, well done Switzerland Score: 1️⃣0️⃣ 👏👏 #Eurovision
This Swiss song is an absolute corker, would love to see it win but not sure it'll even come close :( #Eurovision
goosebumps, so proud of Remo ♥️ Switzerland #eurovision
Who remembered Celine Dion won #Eurovision ? See her in the original unofficial Colouring Book. Color all the greats, inc winners, losers & favourites. Get it anywhere on Amazon:   Or signed copies on Etsy:   #Switzerland
Absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE Switzerland's Eurovision entry. That voice 😍👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 #Eurovision #Switzerland #Eurovision2023
Still think Switzerland's poignant and relevant message best so far. I have 3 sons - great message #Eurovision
I really live Switzerland too 🥹💕 So many good artists this year! #Eurovision2023
I've got Switzerland in our sweep. Decent enough. Not sure I'm winning it with that one, to be fair. #Eurovision
loved switzerland so much the vocals and stage are amazing #Eurovision2023
So Far... Switzerland is Winning Good Singer that Dude. #Eurovision
Yes Switzerland #swi #Eurovision This is on my iPod and my favourite of the lot. Switzerland for the win 🥇
RemoForrer won my heart and Soul with his performance, easily one of the best things to ever come out of Switzerland this year😭 Switzerland 🫶🏽 #Eurovision2023 #remoforrer
Great voice, but he ain't gonna win. #Switzerland #Eurovision2023
I hope Switzerland wins this!😊 #ESC2023
Switzerland's entry is so delightfully tone-deaf. Don't worry little Swiss Bubi if you don't want to be a soldier you are in the right country. 🤣 #Eurovision2023
Loved that. Switzerland to win for me George @Melonhead999 #Eurovision
This Swiss guy does have a lovely tone. Beautiful singing. #Eurovision. Lovely voice indeed.
Switzerland also really Good and Emotional. Liked it. So far 3 Good Ones. #Eurovision2023 #Eurovision
#Eurovision2023 Switzerland. Graham bigging him up. Loving the choreography instantly! Really rich voice, wasn't expecting that quality. Haunting lyrics. 38/50.
Switzerland Ma BRAVO!!! 🥰 #Eurovision2023
Switzerland deliver a flawlessly sung and well chorographed performance of a lyric that oversteps the boundaries of good taste in terms. Aesthetic combat. #Eurovision #SBSEurovision
Love that Switzerland were inspired the “tie their dicks together” episode of Ted Lasso #Eurovision2023
Suiza, el chiquillo es muy mono, canta muy bien, la puesta en escena ha sido genial. Un fav para mi. #eurovision #Eurovision2023 #eurovisionrtve
That was a really powerful performance from #Switzerland … really like the song and the staging was brilliant #Eurovision
Switzerland - good voice, to be fair. Not really my thing but decent, kind of thing Lewis Capaldi would get a number one with. #Eurovision2023
Switzerland beautiful cute boy w a nice song!!! jury might eat this up but not cracking top 5 me thinks😭 #Eurovision
How BEAUTIFUL is Switzerlands performance this year!? What a nice voice! #Eurovision2023
Like this one. Great voice 👌 #Switzerland #Eurovision2023
Unpopular Opinion (?): I love Switzerland ❤️ #Eurovision #ESC2023 #escorf
Pues me ha gustado la cancion de Remo bravo bonico 👏👏👏 #Eurovision2023
Este tipo de canciones pop tranquilas y cargadas de mensaje suelen llegar lejos en el festival. No sere su mayor fan pero es muy probable que Suiza tenga una buena posicion en #Eurovision2023! Y mas si anadimos un poco de fuego, que siempre ayuda.
Che bello essere fan di Mengoni e vivere in Svizzera ❤️ #escita #Eurovision #Eurovision2023
Switzerland deserved better than that. They were good! #Eurovision2023
Well done Liverpool i liked Switzerland #Eurovision2023
#Eurovision oh Switzerland! Loved the Sky/Ocean/Raging fire staging, interesting choreography and a wonderful deep and soulful voice
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