Status: Winner
Artist: Loreen
Song: Tattoo
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Grand Final
Congratulations #Sweden winning #Eurovision2023β€―β€―β€― Well done #Liverpool you were magnificent hosting this years contest πŸ‘ πŸ‘ πŸ‘Œ πŸ™Œ
Look I love Loreen as much as the next #Eurovision fan but it wasn't nearly as good as Euphoria so can we all agree that Sweden is only allowed to win if they agree than Mans and Petra will be the hosts right now?
Loreen is spectacular wooow wooow woow absolutely brilliant that is a performance the best by a mile #Eurovision #Eurovision2023
I didn't know Loreen was back. I don't think it's as strong as Euphoria which is purely an exceptional song, but it's really good, her voice is strong, the Staging is bonkers and I love it. She looks like a sci-fi heroine. #Sweden #Eurovision
#Eurovision2023 has grown into such a massive event, a platform for young artists, a celebration of music, peace and love. I absolutely adore it and I can't wait for #Eurovision2024 See you next year and good luck #Sweden !
CONGRATULATIONS, SWEDEN! wow, strong Scandinavian showing across the board! That was so much fun. Excellent first #Eurovision viewing experience. I cha'd, I poe'd, I sc'd! I met #votebae😍Martin Osterdahl😍
If Loreen hadn't won the Eurovision previously and with a powerful song like Euphoria would people like this song so much? I mean the song is good but I don't think is winner good. Just some food for thought. #Eurovision
Sweden win the old #Eurovision rules with 340 Then won again in #Eurovision2023 with the public phone vote. I'm glad the phone vote didn't overturn the winner this year.
VOTE NUMBER 9 for MOTHER LOREEN! If she wins tonight like first ever woman to win twice, first poc to win twice, sweden getting to share irelands record with 7 wins! When the stars align babes πŸ’› Sweden #Sweden #Eurovision
say what you want, but I was not a fan of Euphoria winning back then and even less so of Tattoo this year... but it looks like just like last time, there's no way it won't win #SWE Sweden #Eurovision
So much fun!πŸ«°πŸ’• Excellent show & performances. Congrats to #Sweden! Thanks #Eurovision
I'm crying. Loreen won when I first started watching the contest in 2012 and now she won in 2023, 11 years later. I'm so damn proud of her and what she has achieved Sweden achieves a new record 7 wins, tying them with Ireland. Loreen the first woman to win TWICE! #Eurovision
What a beautiful person @LOREEN_TALHAOUI is, and what an incredible singer 🀍🀍 congratulations dear 🀍 #Eurovision2023
I'm so proud of Loreen 😭😭😭😭😭😭 this means so much 😭😭😭 like idk something about seeing a poc woman similar skin colour to me be able to achieve so much and be such an amazing artist inspires me so much you guys have no clue 😭😭😭 congrats sweden ❀️❀️❀️ #Eurovision
Worthy winner. Well done Sweden! Well I guessed 9 of the top ten, so not bad. Great night! #Eurovision
Congratulations Sweden! A fully well deserved win! Without doubt, Tattoo was the best song this year sung by a European icon! I love you Loreen! πŸ’› Sweden #Eurovision
I think it's obvious that wasn't Loreen's best performance but I've got everything crossed that she bags the victory tonight - she feels deserving of a double win in a way no-one else has in the modern #Eurovision era. Tattoo is a flawless song
Sweden was good but I think the song sounds too like her last winning one and I font want Sweden to tie with Ireland for 7 wins πŸ˜… #Eurovision2023β€―β€―β€― #Eurovision
Loreen only won because she was already a Eurovision winner and everyone knew her and therefore streamed the song beforehand. Euphoria was amazing, this was fine. Not deserved. #Eurovision2023
So excited for tonight! Wishing you much luck my Queen! Love you so much! Sweden For The Win! @LOREEN_TALHAOUI #Loreen #Eurovision2023β€―β€―β€― #Eurovisionβ€―β€―β€― #EurovisionSongContest
Listening to Loreen's 2023 Eurovision song 'Tattoo' on repeat! She's already proven her incredible talent by winning in 2012. This song is pure art - it's a masterpiece that deserves the crown! #Eurovision2023 #Sweden
Honestly after watching some interviews with Loreen she genuinely seems to be an amazing person. There's no doubt Tattoo was an incredible song… but… she already won once? Give someone else a chance? #Eurovision
Here comes the first real big favorite of the night. Sweden is the overwhelming favorite with the bookmakers to win and should dominate the jury vote. However, it needs to connect in order to win the fan vote, otherwise, it might get jumped. #Eurovision
Ooohh Sweden!!! They're always great!! This is an amazing song and she's so good!! If they don't win, which will surprise me, they'll get very high for sure! Sweden #Eurovision2023 #Eurovision #SWE
So glad they didn't win! And yes to Sweden! Sweden Great song, and next year #Eurovision 50th anniversary win for Abba! Who won in Brighton #bringbackdisco
congrats to #Sweden for winning #Eurovision2023 great song! πŸ₯°πŸ‘
Loreen. Sweden. Wow. Goosebumps. βœ¨πŸ‘πŸ»β€οΈ LET'S GO FOR THE WIN! #Eurovision
What a great #Eurovision - love that Loreen won and it was such a great party. And nice to see the U.K. back in our usual spot. 🀣
Well done Liverpool well done U.K. And congratulations Sweden. An amazing voice! #Eurovision
She was AMAZING πŸ₯³ I got teary eyed, I'm not gonna lie lol. I really really want us to win this #Loreen #Eurovision2023
so Sweden finally looks like they've cracked how to win when you can't just rely on your friends to vote for you. Bring back one of the greatest winners of the last 20 years #Eurovision
Love Loreen song is great and amazing performance Sweden winning again I don't mind ! #Eurovision
What a glorious moment this is. Loreen's returned to the contest and has received the most warm welcome, as she deserves! Owning the stage, returning after 11 years, it's the timeless Loreen with 'Tattoo'. I am SO excited! ❀️ #Eurovision
Well done Sweden. It must be terrifying performing again as a winner. 🀘 Great song, well deserved ❀️ #Eurovision2023 #Eurovision
ironically, loreen probably feels more euphoria winning it a second time, bringing sweden level with ireland for most ever wins, and taking the esc back to sweden for the 50th anniversary of abba, than she did when she won it with euphoria #Eurovision
Whatever happens, this year we had the pleasure of seeing Loreen perform again at #Eurovision and as usual, #Sweden blessed us with a fantastic national selection. Watching #Tattoo for the first time at #Melodifestivalen was something else. πŸ’™
not really sure how sweden is the favourite to win? it's good but i don't think it's a winner. #Eurovision
I love how I called the winner at like 9ish hahah. Well done Sweden you guys deserve this! #ESC2023 #EUROVISION2023 #EUROVISION
Congratulations to #Sweden on their #Eurovision win. Well done to #Liverpool and @bbceurovision on an amazing show and my thoughts are with the people of #Ternopil tonight after the attack on their city.
I called it. Well done Loreen! Second act to win twice and now puts Sweden on equal no. of wins with Ireland at 7 #Eurovision
Feeling pretty optimistic about having picked Sweden out first of the lucky dip sweepstake biscuit tin. Not that there is a prize beyond pride! #Eurovision #Eurovision2023 Feels almost mean to the other performers though. πŸ˜‚
If Sweden win, they tie with Ireland to have thee most wins. As an Irish lass, I'm ok with that, cos Loreen is class πŸ™ˆπŸ’ž #Eurovision2023
'How's she going to sing now bless her' *laughing* after Loreen winning And 'hurry up love' regarding Catherine Tate voting Someone needs to turn their mic off Jesus Christ #Eurovision2023
at least we know if sweden wins we will have another iconic show next year we need love love peace peace part 2 #EUROVISION
Loreen is just a Eurovision queen honestly, she performs with such passion and emotion, she puts her whole heart into it. Truly a deserving winner, there was no stopping a pro like her! #Eurovision2023
After the hype for the past month or 2 from bbc radio on our UK entry, I was expecting extraordinary!! We got 'bleh'. Massive disappointment. Well done Sweden πŸ‘ outstanding πŸ‘ #Eurovision2023
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