Status: Eliminated
Artist: Luke Black
Song: Samo mi se spava
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Grand Final
GOOD LUCK @lukeblackmusic 🖤 VOTE 5 #eurovision #lukeblack #samomisespava
voting serbia because it's a banger and he's the most stunningly beautiful man i've ever seen #eurovision
....when will my country actually send a good song??! it's been like a decade (i liked serbia's 2018 entry but serbia hasn't deserved to win since then) #Eurovision2023
Serbia has some wierd dance track vibes, I like the almost "undead dancers". Track isn't awful, oddly appeals to me, has a cyberpunk feel to it. Can't see it winning but I actually quite like it despite it starting slowly. #Eurovision2023
#Eurovision2023 better than in semi final, good luck Luke!
Srbija. Staging, dark mysterious club vibes, sexy. Komad ni my cup of tea, a to zna pridet visoko. Vendarle navezava na besedilo: Srbiji zelim, da vise ne bi spavala. U know what I mean.❤️ #ESC2023
bravo lutkooo Serbia ❤️❤️❤️ #Eurovision
Vocally far from perfect. Very futuristic but I don't get the concept of this song. Reminds me of Hatari. The staging looks great though! #Serbia #EUROVISION #Eurovision2023
#YES‼️❣️ Serbia #05 0️⃣5️⃣ Excellent 5!!! #LukeBlack 💖💙💟 #Eurovision #Eurovision2023 👉👉➡️ @lukeblackmusic ⬅️👈👈
Serbia's got a vegan Edward Scissorhands, But for shopping, don't lose your hands! TEMU app saves the day, Click here for cash rewards and never pay!" 💰🛍️ #Eurovision #TEMUapp
Dal je realno da nam je @lukeblackmusic mocan i uverljiv taman koliko i Konstrakta prosle godine ili je to sto sam tek cula i videla 🤷‍♀️ Bravo 🤩 #Eurovision
Okay but this is like the weird fortnite tracks and I'm HERE for it lol #eurovision #serbia
Serbia continuing to bring something interesting & awesome to #Eurovision
I was here for #Serbia when I 1st heard it. 🫶🏾🫶🏾🫶🏾 THE SET DAHLING the absolute @DitaVonTeese of it all was was worked and happily shaded emotionally❣️ 😃 #Eurovision2023 🧘🏾‍♀️🌮🧋🎈🎈🎈
I actually really liked the Serbia entry. Really fun and likely to rewatch. #Eurovision
I want Servia (💅🏻) in top 5 you better vote 05 right now please #Eurovision
Serbia not so good the begining but nice the rest of the song #Eurovision
Wow que buena instrumental de Serbia pero esto no era de gente cantando? #Eurovision2023
just wanted to pop in to say I am SO happy to have a more niche genre like industrial finally represented in Eurovision… no matter the result I am SO proud of Luke and hope Serbia continues this in the future #Eurovision
Luke, wish we could all join the party with you! Beautiful Anglo-Ukrainian #Eurovision tonight
#Serbia surprisingly good! 👏 #Eurovision2023
Not sure it's in the best taste to have backing dancers dressed as the Wagner Hroup, #Serbia #Eurovision2023
Muy bien la cancion a Edward Allan Poe en #Eurovision, pero cuando mi cancioncita a Oscar Wilde????! ( Aunque bueno, su reencarnacion Serbia actua)
Pozivam sve svoje internacionalne fanove da glasaju za Srbiju, hvala unapred 😘❤️ Serbia #Eurovision
Polonya'nin sarkisi aklimda sovyap sovyap diye kalacak Guzel sarki ❤️🤣😂 #esc #Eurovision2023 Sira Sirbistan 'da
Bueno vamos con el pequeno emo. Me cae bien el de Serbia y me mola su cancion la verdad #Eurovision2023
Luke this was so good. So proud. 🦞🦞🦞🦞🦞🦞😭😭😭😭😭😭 #Eurovision2023 #Eurovision
According to Jan Boeherman Serbia is an advert for Dyson. 😂 So, glad we're watching the Radio FM4 Eurovision 2023 Finale commentary of Jan Boehmermann und Olli Schulz. #JanBoehmermann #OlliSchulz #RadioFM4 #Eurovision2023
Magnificent #Serbia with electronic dance music bass and a message too #Eurovision
Luke Evans 🥹♥️ #Eurovision2023
justice for Serbia, their song was the best! #Eurovision2023 #Eurovision
Thank you Serbia 💜 #EUROVISION
Serbia's song is bonkers in a great way. One of those where oddly experimental is actually good. #Eurovision
In this house we support @lukeblackmusic🦞 3 votes for Serbia #Eurovision
#Eurovision favourite Country… #Serbia is on the stage with @lukeblackmusic 😍😍😍
Votate Luke Black Serbia. Andiamo tutti voi che non potete votare vostro paese votate questo straordinario ragazzo. Auguri Luke ❤️ Serbia ❤️ Serbia ❤️SAMO MI SE SPAVA , SMS CODICE 05 Idemoooooo #Eurovision2023 idemo #Nolefam 🙏🙏🙏
The Cure de Serbia 😂. Serbia lleva dos anos con proyectos alternativos 👌 #Eurovision    #Eurovision2023
I like that Serbia has four dancing Banes. That was fun! #Eurovision2023
Serbia entry is the quintessential 'Backing track to trailer for breakout indie game at E3' and I absolutely love it. SHIP IT BAYBEE #Eurovision
COME ON SERBIA 💗 #eurovision
#Eurovision I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. go serbia!! 😃
#Eurovision #Serbia its also kinda cool, slow yes but nice touches.
Serbia please for the love of god don't do a ballad I loved you guys last year #Eurovision2023
My dad about Serbia “I actually thought this lad was going to be good. He looked cool” #Eurovision #Eurovision2023
Serbia - lying on top of a fungus, groaning horsely, surrounded by dancing alien robots over a original Human League type electro backing. Genuine bonkerooni, why we watch #Eurovision
I can only imagine how good Serbia must be for those watching in person. Really like this one #Eurovision
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