San Marino

Status: Eliminated
Artist: Piqued Jacks
Song: Like An Animal
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Semi-Final 2
Twitter: @PiquedJacks
Instagram: @piquedjacks_
Good luck to @PiquedJacks Saw them in the Eurovision Village on Monday and they were great. Love hearing you both Rylan & Scott 😘 From all the lovedays x @bbceurovision #Eurovision #Eurovision2023
Finally we couldn't make it. Thank you for all the support you all showed for @PiquedJacks and for San Marino during all this #Eurovision2023 season we really appreciate it, be proud boys ❤️ San Marino is a tiny country but the Eurovision family always make it BIG San Marino
Best of luck. Love me hot men. A good song too. #SanMarino #Eurovision
Well it looks like they have fun but yea better luck next year San Marino 🙃 #Eurovision
such a catchy band, piqued jacks really had the best time of their life on that stage and im so proud of them San Marino ❤️ #Eurovision #Eurovision2023
San Marino doing a good song with great teeth, but, goodness me, that singer is intense. #Eurovision2023
hoping for a San Marino miracle lol #Eurovision
I'll take that jacket thanks 😍 song's pretty good too #sanmarino #Eurovision
I'm in Liverpool? Land of the Beatles? That's a positively positive yes for me! But first, i'm doing my positive best to make room for my microstate in the #Eurovision final.- San Marino Lil Eurofriend
Following Flo-Rida I was hoping San Marino would just keep getting increasingly better stars until they win it but sadly not. #Eurovision
Come on #SanMarino you little jewel of #Eurovision2023 brilliance #Eurovision    #eurowizja2023
Really did not expect to enjoy San Marino's performance but I loved it 👏🏼 #Eurovision
Back in the day when we only had juries, we would occasionally get the most surprising winners. But if San Marino would win in Liverpool I think that would break some sort of record. #eurovision
Aye, San Marino are next on stage. This one did fairly well in the preview show and I think it will squeeze through. It's got lyrics which are fun to bounce along to and feels vibrant. #Eurovision2023 #Eurovision #bbcEurovision
Grazzi Piqued Jacks. Good luck San Marino! #Eurovision
Loving San Marino from the literal first few seconds! So much fun #Eurovision2023 #Eurovision @bbceurovision
I'm truly wishing @PiquedJacks nothing but the best. They're giving it their all, including fantaesc points for the people ❤️❤️❤️ #Eurovision
SAN MARINO San Marino DOUZE POINTS #Eurovision such a good love performance in Liverpool! #sanmarino
Nice stuff from San Marino.. that a guy has great pipes !! #Eurovision2023
Friendly reminder de que podriamos haber tenido esta MASTERPIECE en #Eurovision por San Marino...
San Marino in their camp District 12 Tribute costumes. Very catchy. Also, another gorgeous bass player #eurovision
I'd find it so funny if San Marino would qualify with this this year #eurovision
Oh boy, San Marino are fun and weird melodically! Thumbs up! #Eurovision2023
I currently have a thought for San Marino who would have had a better chance of qualifying with Le Deva than with this group.. #Eurovision #Eurovision2023
No way is San Marino qualifying but I still love my icons 🤍 #Eurovision
I always vote for #SanMarino and this year is no different. Partly because I've been there and it's a lovely place and partly because the fellas aren't bad looking at all. #Eurovision #drgrandprix
y'all are not going to agree with me on this one but san marino's song is actually so catchy. the live version didn't do it justice at all. #Eurovision2023 #Eurovision
San Marino Yaaaas, @PiquedJacks! They gave a really passionate performance!! 👏#Eurovision
The only nice thing about San Marino's entry is that the singer really feels this song, good for him #Eurovision
San Marino were my favourites anyway but those Rocky lips won me over even more #Eurovision2023
Please people who can vote: vote for San Marino! This is GOOD!!! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻🎉🎉🎉💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 #SanMarino #Eurovision #Esf23 #Songfestival
Wow, @PiquedJacks , those end vocal are belting!! Impressive #Eurovision
I want them to win to see how they'd host / stage it! #SanMarino #Eurovision
i mean san marino isn't bad at all but idk if i love it exactly #Eurovision2023
#Eurovision2023    #SanMarino Like the bassists' pants. Song is alright better than most so far. So #Qualify
San Marino … .like an animal… perhaps a kitten that swallowed all your viagra… but it's interesting to watch 🤣 #eurovision
Great to see San Marino do #Eurovision  as well...they don't exist as a country purely to lose football matches 😂👌
Bless San Marino. Can you imagine if they won? Their population would triple for a week next year. #Eurovision #Eurovision2023
The guys rocked it out last night. Was very impressed. Moustache game was extremely strong. 👨🏻👨🏻👨🏻👨🏻 #SanMarino San Marino #Eurovision #UnitedByMusic
These guys @PiquedJacks have had a tough lead up. Everyone thoughtlessly telling them they're the least favourites. We loved their energy at London Eurovision Party - pretty good tonight too, but this field is just too strong #Eurovision2023 #SanMarino San Marino
San Marino: good, ale nie fave #Eurovision2023
San Marino. They all have superb dentistry #Eurovision
#Eurovision   #Eurovision2023  I'm not quite sure about San Marino, kinda flat in the start, but it ended up quite good, May be the luck is on their side tonight, not my kinda song tho.
Just for @PiquedJacks from San Marino to make the #Eurovision2023 final. This is their thank you message - give them a vote too and help get them through! #eurovisionsemifinal
I see some good wide trousers. I like those trousers #sanmarino #eurovision
If you're going to sing about snake eyes, you could at least give us cobra pose, San Marino. Also you could add some bagpipes to this and belt it from the top of a Scottish castle like a Deacon Blue support act. #Eurovision2023
I would be happy if San Marino qualified #Eurovision
By some incredibly fortunate accident I fastforward and missed the entire act of San Marino. 🤣 Judging by the clips, I'm fricking delighted. #Eurovision2023
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