Status: Eliminated
Artist: Theodor Andrei
Song: D.G.T. (Off And On)
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Semi-Final 2
Que gane Rumania por pena que la TV rumana lo han dejado to tirao ahi el haciendose todo y por pena se puede ganar 🙏💖 Vamos Elsa Ruiz ganadora #Eurovision
An insane talent with so much potential. Whatever the result, Theodor has done himself proud. For how much he's done himself with so little backing, he's so impressive! Romania #Eurovision2023 #Eurovision
I didn't hate romania's song as much as i thought i would, he did a good job #Eurovision2023 moldova was still better though
theodor did so good with what he had, so happy for him🥹 #Eurovision2023
Aww the Romanian delegation cheering him on was a nice touch. Woulda been nice for them to cheer him on with money too. #Eurovision
OK THE KING IS HERE GOOD LUCKY THEODOR #Eurovision #Eurovision2023
Oh man, Romania. Bless Theodor for performing to the best of his ability, but you can tell TVR really just left him to fend for himself #Eurovision
Well done, Romenia. Really good #Eurovision2023
my top, happy for up to Romania to qualify tbh #Eurovision #Eurovision2023
Well look. I don't want to hear the Romanian entry again, thank you. But I'm glad this poor fella got a chance to get this off his chest, whatever it is. #Eurovision
Rumania debio mandar a Sebastian Stan como representante. Si, ya se que no canta; pero los fanaticos de Marvel hubiesemos votado por el. #Eurovision2023.
Theodor,whatever the result,I hope your country is proud of you ❤️ #Eurovision
#Eurovision2023 Romania - performance - interesting; song - probably won't win.
Didn't think much of Romania. Good enough voice but that song isn't going to be successful #Eurovision
Woow was not expecting this from romania 👏🏻👏🏻 #eurovision
Y'all be nice to this Romanian boy. It's not his fault the national broadcaster has done him so dirty with the staging. He has a great voice. #Eurovision
#Eurovision Romania has a knee moment like the MET gala recently! Love that. But no one can top the MET Pedro Pascal Knee Moment
I Have A Good Feeling About This One I Like This One And Oh No Acoustic Guitar... #ROM #Eurovision2023
Romania sounds good. Favorite sofar #eurovision
#Eurovision NOOO ROMANIA YOU DESERVED BETTER justice for romania :(
Theodor is really good singer, from a personal aspect I am rooting for him. #Eurovision
Theodor sounds so good but this staging....Moldova, pick him. Let him redeem himself. #Eurovision
These are the sort of songs that should do better than they actually end up doing. By a decent margin, the best so far. It won't qualify tho #Romania #Eurovision2023
#Romania Vocals for days, this is nice & authentic start... Me likey #Eurovision2023 #Eurovision #ESC2023
Romania has strong theatre kid energy. This staging is better than the national final at least... #Eurovision
Oh Romania… Theodor is incredibly talented, and deserves better than that song/staging #Eurovision
A blazer & shorts from Romania a bold outfit, looks good tho #Eurovision
time for my 3rd fav song! plz do a great performance #Romania #Eurovision2023
Am liking #Romania in #Eurovision 😍
I hope Theodor has lots of success bless him #eurovision2023
#Eurovision2023 #EurovisionRTVE #ROM Una cancion que empieza muy bien y que manera de cagarla por todos lados. Es que no se salva nada, salvo que el chaval tiene una voz genial. No lo entiendo... Rumania tu molabas. ¿Que te ha pasado? ¿Quien te ha hecho tanto dano?
Looks like Brian Cox is a Romania supporter 🤣 #Eurovision
Supongo que Rumania tenia ganar de quedar los ultimos en su semifinal. #EurovisionRTVE #Eurovision
Bravo Romania #Eurovision2023
Dat hoge dat hoeft eigenlijk niet want eigenlijk zingt hij best prima. Maar dat hoge maakt het een beetje stuk. Verder een rare keuze van roze kortebroekpak en lava op de achtergrond. #Keuzes #Roemenia #Roemenie #Eurovision2023 #ESF
Rumania se ha presentado con una cancion de Jesucristo Superstar. Entre esto y la rodilla de la presentadora esta mu religioso todo. #Eurovision2023
I'm laughing at Romania lol. What was that?! #Eurovision2023
Yeah babyy Romania ♥️ #Eurovision2023
Romania sei nella mia fantasquadra quindi fai il bravo #Eurovision2023 #Eurovision
So much passion and pink barbie-core suit shorts and jacket, which is v much my summer work look sorted. Song is ... grand. Sorry Romania. #Eurovision2023
Romania: i like the voice. and I LOVE the suit #Eurovision2023
Please vote for Romania y'all. Theodor has improved so much since the preparties! #Eurovision
oh i quite like romania's entry good for him! #Eurovision
Romania - wow, what cool imagery! But the song is meh. I am a fan of the pink though, will probably qualify, but definitely not a favourite #Eurovision
Romania. A mi me gusto mucho la actuacion de la NF, pero me esta decepcionando demasiado. Es un cambio que no le ha quedado del todo bien y le va a perjudicar demasiado. Si pasa es de milagro y me entristece mucho. #Eurovision #Euribor
Particolare la Romania. Ma non mi fa impazzire... Lui molto bravo #Eurovision2023 #ESCita
If Romania has 1 fan, its me. If Romania has 0 fans, you miscounted. #DGT #Eurovision2023
Hi. It's me. The person who loves Romania's song. I want it in the final. C'mon, Europe! #Eurovision
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