Status: Eliminated
Artist: Alessandra
Song: Queen Of Kings
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Grand Final
#Norway : This is what I call the "Perfect Eurovision song". Very catchy, superb vibe & it's going to score some healthy points tonight. The beat of the music is absolutely brilliant! The chorus is very upbeat and exciting. #Eurovision2023 #Eurovision @bbceurovision
#Eurovision2023 Norway's is another viral song and lives up to the hype. Fun, upbeat and strong performance. Loved the Great execution of the theme through the costumes, the staging and the lighting. Loved it!
Not only is she amaaaazing, she's just so precious🥹 Norway with Alessandra Mele for the win🥳❤️ #Eurovision2023 #ESC2023
Norway: Love it. Very catchy, perfect to be a winning song. But I feel I've heard the tune before #Eurovision2023    #Eurovision
Shoutout to Alessandra & Norway. They may not have won the competition but certainly won the hearts of many people watching, including myself. I personally thought they were the best act of the whole night 👏👏💙 Norway 💙 #Eurovision2023    #EUROVISION
Hmm, Norway throwing a spanner in the works! Absolute banger and the singer is awesome! Norse goddess FTW ❤️ #Eurovision2023
Alessandra beloved <3 good luck tonight!! #Eurovision
Wow Norway, absolutely amazing. Potential winner here #EUROVISION
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Hope you win Norway good luck from uk #Eurovision2023
#Eurovision2023 Norway rocked it for me, great track. Unlikely to win as Euro voting is just silly lol
I actually love Norway. I'd be surprised if it won, but it has won my heart ❤️ #Eurovision
I just want Norway to come on 🤣 they're my fave this year haha 😍😍 #Eurovision
She's really Queen of the Kings. Wow, amazing! 🙌 #Eurovision #Norway
I honestly don't know what to think about #Eurovision2023 Like I enjoy it, but some acts this year are just....🙂 (But Norway is amazing 😌)
finally after years of being an avid #Eurovision2023 fan I could vote ❤️ let's go #EurovisionNorway #QueenofKings Alessandra 👑
Norway has won #Eurovision2023 in my eyes!!! Love a ballad! ♥️
Norway is just amazing! Her name is She, queen of the kings ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥 #Eurovision
Norway's entry has a fun chorus. #Eurovision #Norway Feels like that song from Fantastic Mr Fox - Boggis, Bunce and Bean.
Norway. James T Kirk would find a reason to make first contact. Love the outfits catchy tune. This is good. #Eurovision
👸of🤴 Norway - Europe, start voting NOW! #Eurovision Good luck to all the contestants 🙌🙌🙌
Good luck Norway! ❤️ Norway #EUROVISION
Come on Norway! This is my current song to keep me motivated when I need the inspiration 😀💙 "Nothing in this world can stop the spread of her wings!" #Eurovision
Norway : Velvet. Opera. Dark ages. Serious thighs. Superb minge. Terrific. Top 3. #EUROVISION
Yet again I don't see the appeal in a song, but she's doing a good job, well done Norway #Eurovision2023
We love to see a strong Queen, thank you, Norway 🔥 #Eurovision2023
DYK I've never watched GoT. Nevermind that, enjoying Norway - definitely one of the best voices tonight and a catchy tune. #Eurovision2023
Scandinavia always has good entries at Eurovision.. Norway great... why was she dressed as Rita from the Power Rangers though? 🤣 #Eurovision    #Norway
So happy to see the performance went better than the semi-final one. 💖 #Norway #Eurovision2023
I've never watched #Eurovision before, it's so fun! My favorite is #Norway - what a powerful song 🎵 #Eurovision2023
That was the best performance Alessandra has ever done. She deserves the win after that (but don't split the vote) :p #Eurovision2023
I liked Norway, glad they got some good audience points #Eurovision
I love Norway's energy. Awesome! #Eurovision2023
Alessandra 😍😍 my winner Norway waited 6 months for that performance, you did not disappoint #EUROVISION
#Eurovision2023 i kinda want norway to win it's SO CATCHY
Norway gets the vote here after much debate. Incredible show tonight. 👏👏#Eurovision2023
I think Graham oversold this one. #Norway #Eurovision2023 Sounds like it should be in Brave the Musical. PS: Brave the Musical would be ace. I want 10% of the takings thanks @Disney
I hope Norway wins 💕 #EUROVISION
Yay Norway 🥰🥰🥰 so happy for you #Eurovision
Ooh I loved Norway's song definitely Top 5 if they don't win. #EUROVISION
Love the Song- favorite ❤️ #ESC2023 #norway
Norway is my Top 3 I think. Don't think it will win but I really love the song. #Eurovision
#Eurovision NORWAY! Queen of the Kings! What a perfect performance! My favourite so far!
Alessandra!!! 🤩 Her song is wonderful #Eurovision2023
Norway Best so far! Brilliant. #EUROVISION
That's it for tonight guys, the winners are Norway. See you there next year, get home safe 👏🏼 #EUROVISION #Eurovision2023
Love Norways viking energy, good song #Eurovision2023
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