Status: Eliminated
Artist: Mia Nicolai & Dion Cooper
Song: Burning Daylight
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Semi-Final 1
Twitter: @mianicolaii
Instagram: @mianicolai
The Netherlands: part 4 of my top 5 (Italy is the 5th one fyi), so just as well I'm missing Semifinal 2 lol. Very powerful message. The guy looks like Klaus from Umbrella Academy which is always a bonus ;) can see the passion in the performance too 10/10 #Eurovision2023
netherlands! i don't know why everything's so high pitched but i love it, and it's not just because i wanna move there such a strong stage presence, smartly using the second stage, and the costumes are great i really want this one to qualify, it's no de diepte but #eurovision
Mia and Dion were PERFECT. What a beautiful song, what beautiful chemistry, so proud of them and of @dunclaurence 💙 They deserve to make it through #Eurovision2023 #Netherlands
Netherlands blowing me away and I expect nothing less, especially as they were put together by Duncan Lawrence. Incredible ballad. Makeup and outfits are great and I'm a big fan of this staging and no backup dancers. Definite yes from me! #Eurovision
Netherlands always produce some of my favourite #EUROVISION songs. The Common Linnets' Calm After the Storm in 2014 was perfection. LOVE this #Eurovision2023
#Netherlands @MiaDion well done. One love ♥️ #Eurovision2023
Netherlands love a dark, soft/ emotional number. Duncan, S10, Anouk and this. I'm a big fan of this #Eurovision
Brilliant song from the #Netherlands #Eurovision2023 and thanks @rylan and @scott_mills for the fab commentary as ever! @bbceurovision
After all those special effects, the #Netherlands act was just beautiful and serene.👌👌👌#Eurovision2023
the Netherlands have such a beautiful romantic song I really love it #Eurovision2023 #ESC2023 #Eurovision
YAYYY THEY WERE SO GOOD🥹🥹 Proud Dutchieee The Netherlands The Netherlands #Eurovision  #Eurovision2023 #TheNetherlands
#Netherlands did not want to sent Duncan Lawrence so they send this song which sounds like his winning song. 😂It's fine... but teflon. #Eurovision2023    #euroviisut #12stig
Nice chill out song when you are high , well done netherlands #Eurovision #bbcEurovision
Can we discuss how beautiful The Netherlands was tonight. Wasn't even on my radar before the Semis. Stunning staging as well. #Eurovision2023 #Eurovision
Nou... kom op.. zenuwen gierden waarschijnlijk door hun lichaam.. ze pakten het in ieder geval goed op, niet perfect in het begin, maar zeker geen verkeerde uitvoering, well done #Nederland! #Eurovision2023
Netherlands In love with the voices. Stunning. #Eurovision2023
#Eurovision2023 Netherlands should win this, lovely song
Amazing Brazil ❤️ The Netherlands #Eurovision2023 #Netherlands
im sorry mia & dion i love you guys sm but i don't see any chances of qualifying:(( maybe if you were in semi 2 #Eurovision2023
Good to see the Netherlands representing the emo teens 🖤 #Eurovision #Eurovision2023
I feel sorry for The Netherlands, they can sing and have a good song but no props like someone in a gorilla suit dancing with them. They'll probably get zero as a result. #Eurovision2023 #eurovision
I love Mia & Dion 😍 #Eurovision2023 #ESC2023 #Netherlands
Netherlands my beloved <3 #Eurovision2023
Well done Netherlands 👌🏼 #Eurovision #Eurovision2023 #Netherlands
this was actually way better live then i thought it would be! they definitely have a chance to qualify The Netherlands #Eurovision2023
I will be suprised if the netherlands qualify because its pretty basic and needed amazing stage presence to stand out! #Eurovision2023
So I remember the Dutch hosts in 2021 were like "no cringy acts, we're better than this" - This is why #eurovision #eurovision2023
Wow netherlands vocals are on point, it sounds beautiful #Eurovision2023
Love this one too!! 💜 #Netherlands #Eurovision2023
Netherlands on my top 3 for now, they sound really good 👌🏼 #Eurovision2023
Surprisingly not hating the entry from dad's country this year lol #NED #Eurovision #Eurovision2023
Onto song 14, it's the wonderful Mia and Dion with their powerful song 'Burning Daylight'! ✨ #Eurovision
Netherlands v. Good. Doing a lot with a little. An-dheas. Classy. #Eurovision2023
Netherlands it's no Elina Born and Stig Rasta , the greatest #EUROVISION duo of all time, a forgotten masterpiece
Netherlands that was incredible! #Eurovision2023
I really want to like the Dutch entry too, it's a lovely song. But even if they are hitting the notes correctly now, they sound very insecure. It's hard to sit back and relax and enjoy. #eurovision
yess mia and dion The Netherlands 🥳😍 #Eurovision
They said Netherlands remade this into a duett to not sound too much like Duncan's song who won a few years ago. It didn't help, it's still very similar lol #Eurovision2023
Mia & Dion devoured. The vocals, the staging, the harmony, the voices, the atmosphere, the complicity between them. Everything was on point! The Netherlands deserve to qualify! One of my faves this night. #Eurovision2023
Paises Bajos The Netherlands #Eurovision Para mi que no pasa porq no es mi gran gusto xd, pero bueno
welcome to dutch nq era 2.0! 🤩 #eurovision
Yeah this song ain't cutting it. I second thinking Netherlands is a toilet break song. The man is beautiful though #EUROVISION
hi guys! Please vote for the netherlands even if we were not that good :D! Just wanna see us in the finals xx #Eurovision2023 #Eurovision #ESC2023 #ESC
por favor la de Paises Bajos ha sido PRECIOSA ME HA ENCANTADO. Ha sido super intima super bonita y han cantado genial los dos, de mis favoritas esta noche #Eurovision2023
Los de Holanda podrian haber cantado “Peace peace love love” #Eurovision
We didn't make it, but damn they did good! Proud of Mia and Dion!!! The Netherlands The Netherlands #Eurovision2023 #songfestival2023
I love the studio version of Burning Daylight… but they're really not doing it justice? #Eurovision #The Netherlands
The Dutch bringing all the ebullient energy and excitement for which they are so famous to #Eurovision2023
The Netherlands improved a lot! I love the song now! #Eurovision2023
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