Status: Eliminated
Artist: The Busker
Song: Dance (Our Own Party)
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Semi-Final 1
Twitter: @TheBuskerMt
Instagram: @the_busker
Malta's staging is hilarious and fun I LOVE IIIIIIT ITS SO GOOD #Eurovision
Malta is an underdog I'm rooting for. It's a very fun and underrated song. I love their energy #Eurovision
#Eurovision2023 Malta is fucking awesome omg I love their vibe 🎉🥳❤️
I actually do really like this song of #malta 😊 It's nice and catchy and really love the saxophone #Eurovision2023
I want some fun in the grand finale I want great vibes I wanna DANCE so vote for Malta number 02 #Eurovision
Good vocals, great song and the best show of the year, VOTE FOR MALTAAAAA #Eurovision #Eurovision2023
How can he not make the final after that performance!?! Y'all better vote because that performance was entertaining af! 😍 Malta #Eurovision #Eurovision2023
Malta has to qualify, they are absolute fun & joy! #Eurovision #MALTA
How can Malta not make the final after that performance!?! Y'all better vote Malta because that performance was entertaining af! 😍 Malta #Eurovision  #Eurovision2023
Getting propper Jonas Brothers vibes from Malta. I love the song really fun and so colourful. They could do well tonight. I enjoyed that performance #Eurovision
Malta are so endearing and sweet i love them sm #Eurovision2023
Again I like this one from Malta v catchy & jazzy. The instrumental is great 💃 #Eurovision
AN INCREDIBLE SWEATER GAME and an anthem to what appears to be just loving jumpers? Stick #Malta straight to my veins #Eurovision
First few songs have been completely unremarkable, I don't remember much except for Malta's sparkly jumpers. Tell you what though, Alesha Dixon is absolutely smashing it. She's superb. #Eurovision
#Malta bringing in the brilliant sweater vibes #Eurovision2023 Love it.
Malta to the grand finale pleaaase 🙏🏻 🪩🕺🥳🥳 #Eurovision  | #Eurovision2023
We sat by the green room last night and Malta were right in front of us, they were vibing to every act and just loving life, love them 🥹 #Eurovision2023
To all my foreign friend vote for our top and retro trio @TheBuskerMt #Eurovision2023 #Malta #02 . We need this kind of fun in the Eurovision!!
Enjoyed the funky, sparkly sax and cheesy lyrics. Good effort #malta #Eurovision
Malta - that's fun! 😄 I really like it! #Eurovision2023
Malta - Catchy sax. Liked it last night, liking it even more now. 8/10 #Eurovision2023 #Eurovision #EurovisionSemiFinal
I love seeing performers just having a really good time on stage, and this Malta entry is exactly that! I hope it goes through. #Eurovision2023
“I feel better, in my sweater” I'm hooked Malta, great lyrics! 😁😊#Eurovision2023
malta tried going for the epic sax guy move, but no one can match this legend #Eurovision2023
#Eurovision Malta has crazy good visuals and a cheezy rhythm! Love it! ❤️‍🔥🤘
Malta Malte in grand finale pleaaase 🙏🏻 🪩🕺🥳🥳🥳 #Eurovision  | #Eurovision2023
Nice to see epic sax guy is back with Malta #Eurovision
Devastad for Malta but an excellent batch from semi final 1. Well done to everyone #Eurovision2023
Okay malta they are such iconic I love them #Eurovision2023
Love over, Epic Sax Guy! Malta is here! #Eurovision
Malta is bringing what we all want from #Eurovision : good beat, sequins, strobe lights. Love it.
I feel better in my sweater 👍 top tekst! #malta #Eurovision DIT GAAT WINNEN WEDDEN? 😉
Malta luce videoclip de Love me de The 1975 juntado con wannabe epic sax guy #Eurovision2023
"I feel better in my sweater?" Sounds like one of those it's so bad, it's good kind of songs. You've gotta love #Eurovision Put them in the final! #Malta
Malta knows how to party. Man that was such a great performance. 😍 #malta #eurovision
Kayaknya Malta Bakalan easy qualified lagi neh semenjak kirimin Lagu2 upbeat #Eurovision2023
Wow #Malta #Eurovision2023 'feeling better in their sweaters' @TheQuill can only dream about #jazzy
The glow up of Malta since the national finale is incredible ! Malta #Eurovision #Eurovision2023
Such a gay song from Malta. And I love it. ♥️♥️♥️ #Eurovision2023    #EurovisionRTVE .
malta is v cute but epic sax guy has not been dethroned by this performance #Eurovision2023
Great celebration of knitwear. #Malta #Eurovision2023
In a perfect world they should be a sure qualifier PLEASE VOTE #02 FOR MALTAAAA #Eurovision
'I feel better in my sweater.' The country's best songwriters ladies and gentlemen… #Malta #Eurovision2023
I do indeed feel better in my sweater Malta, thanks for asking 😊#Eurovision2023
Okay the cardboard cut outs are hilarious. Not sure why Malta have been so underrated this year. Do people hate fun? #MLT #Eurovision
02 - Malta Second act for tonight's #Eurovision semi final. This is an interesting and somewhat catchy track. Oooo and a “stomping” dance move… Act 1… Act 2… Love it!
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