Status: Eliminated
Artist: Sudden Lights
Song: Aija
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Semi-Final 1
Latvia, please qualify!!! 🥹😭 Such a beautiful song... brilliant performance from Sudden Lights!! God!!! 🔥 Latvia #Eurovision
Latvia the lights work beautifully but as a big fan of the song I wish they had done something even more impactful. Still it makes sense w the band and the song. It'd be a huge surprise if it qualified but I'd love it #Eurovision2023
Latvia the best of the first performances! He has improved a lot since the preselection and his vocals are brilliant! Deserves to be in the final! #Eurovision2023 #ESC2023 #Eurovision #eurosemi1
#Latvia I don't think that we can get in the finale and even less that we can win but this year we at least have some chance to be memorable in a good way #Eurovision2023 #eirovizija
Latvia was amazing!! Latvia Probably my favourite song this year and thankfully the live was great as well. Don't sleep on this lullaby, Europe. #Eurovision #Eurovision2023 #ESC2023
Outstanding performance by Sudden Lights! 🤩 This must be a finalist so vote vote vote for #Latvia! Latvia 🫶🏻#Eurovision #Eurovision2023
Latvia! They are soooo cute 🤩 this song is great #Eurovision  I loved watching them live 😍
Thank you guys for your support! Latvia 🖤 We feel blessed! #Eurovision
The best thing about being an immigrant in Europe: you can vote for your own country during the Eurovision. My vote goes to #04 Latvia ♥️ #Eurovision2023 #ESC2023
latvia will qualify wait and see, this is amazing💙 #Eurovision2023
Praying Latvia is the dark horse I think it is when it comes to voting because that was special 🥹❤️ #Eurovision #Eurovision2023
My boys were good Loved it Latvia 🥰 #eurovision #Eurovision2023
MANIFESTING LATVIA QUALIFYING PLEASEEEEEEE this is one of the most quality entries of the whole year, the televote can't rob them 🙏🙏🙏 #eurovision
I am so proud, I am in tears, Latvia was perfection! #Eurovision
I'm crying again 😭😭🥹 AIJa IS SO BEAUTIFUL #Eurovision
#Eurovision2023 guuuuuuurl, let me tell you something, Latvia deserves to qualify. I loved the staging. They sound amazing!
I will literally cry if Latvia doesn't make it to the grand final 😭 This was absolutely amazing and emotional. Please, they deserve it SO MUCH! #Eurovision #ESC2023
Honestly the best vocal so far, I love what they did with this staging. I do honestly hope there is a universe where Latvia qualifies. #Eurovision2023
Still time to vote for Latvia and get fantastic indie rock/alternative rock song into the final of the #Eurovision2023 ❤️
I LOVED latvia live, that backing beat is so great in the arena #Eurovision
They did great! I'm proud!! Whatever happens, thank you #Latvia Latvia #Eurovision2023
#latvia is such a great song! Too bad it takes a few listenings to find out! Good luck #lat #Eurovision2023
Juegan con los sentimientos y eso es ganar @SuddenLightsLV MUY BUENO #Eurovision2023
Latvia's staging looks so good. The coloring of the big lights is gorgeous #Eurovision
Also Latvia was flawless 💜💜💜 #Eurovision2023 #Eurovision
#Latvia my fave so far of the night! Loved that! Hope it Qualifies! #Eurovision
I feel kinda sorry for the guys from Latvia.From the Baltic countries they have the best song and act know...they are competing in the strongest semi, what makes the job so much harder for them! #Eurovision #Latvia
Latvia just won me over. Wow. Tingles all over my body 🥹 #Eurovision
This is my first #Eurovision2023 and I swear Latvia better qualify their song is so good🔥
Latvia get 100 bonus points for doing part of their song in 5/4 time (and doing it brilliantly). #Eurovision
Please please if you can, vote for Latvia. You can't risk me crying for days on end over it. #Eurovision
Que bien Latvia 😭❤️❤️❤️ no los dejen fuera por favor 😭❤️❤️❤️ #Eurovision2023 #Eurovision
Ladies and gentlemen I present to you, The winner of the #Eurovision2023 🫶🔥👏#aija
Latvia. One of my personal favourites and they sound almost exactly as the studio version 🙌 I hope they qualify… #Eurovision
Latvia made me cry at the end, this is simply a masterpiece #Eurovision
That was beautiful Latvia ❤️#Eurovision
THAT WAS SO FUCKING GOOD SHFHSHF they have so much chemistry together love you sudden lights #Eurovision
Aija is so good live. That was stunning #eurovision
ITS SO BEAUTIFUL 😭😭😭😭😭 Latvia ❤️ #Eurovision2023
#Eurovision2023 Latvia - love, love, love ❤️😍
Vote for Latvia ❤️😚✨ #Eurovision2023 #Latvia
Latvia: beautiful, please vote for it! #Eurovision #Eurovision2023
What a beautiful performance 🥹 #Latvia #Eurovision
I love Latvia's song 💘 #EUROVISION2023 #eurowizja2023
Oh Latvia, with your beautiful lullaby song which isn't going to qualify. :( #Eurovision
Don't forget to vote for Latvia those of you who can. It's too beautiful not to go to the final! #Eurovision
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