Status: Eliminated
Artist: Lord Of The Lost
Song: Blood And Glitter
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Grand Final
Lord of the Lost will be called Lord of the Win for the rest of the night. That was sooo good. Als Deutscher bin ich sehr gluecklich #eurovision . BRAVO GERMANY
This night I allow my fan heart to beat only for our lovely boys from @LordOfTheLost 🖤 Germany 🖤 #Eurovision
You can tell who is new to watching Eurovision from the way they are reacting coz songs like Germany are so normal and end up winning lol😂 #EUROVISION
blood & glitter may not be among my favourite songs this year but i can't remember the last time i was rooting for a german entry so much - great performance, bin so stolz auf euch 🫶❤️ @LordOfTheLost #esc2023 #eurovision
Love Germany! Best staging, great song! Energy! #Eurovision2023
And we're onto Germany. Last year Holiday venue so hopeful. Yes! At last! A Rocky one! His costume is tight! Hope he doesn't get excited! Defo a winner for me as he does some screaming and audience interaction. I'll go 8. #Eurovision2023
#Eurovision time!!!! Hoping that Germany win this year cuz Lord of the Lost 🖤
Really, who amongst us has not a morning best described by "blood and glitter" and looked back at it with the wriest of smiles. Good times dont come for free. #Eurovision2023
Yay for the UK! Great finish. But Germany for the win! #Eurovision
#Germany well done, that's a lot of fun! #Eurovision2023
😎 Agree with Mr #Norton @bbceurovision It's a strong field. #Germany looking good also. #Eurovision2023 #liverpool #music
I love when #Eurovision2023        has a random metal act. I want Germany to win now
Muy buena la cancion de Alemania, haciendo honor a sus raices ❤️✨ #Eurovision2023 #EUROVISION
A classic German love ballad. Beautiful. 🚮 #Eurovision
LOTL during the flag parade 🥹 I'm already crying 😭❤️ #Eurovision2023
Sis: "Dad says you'll love Germany" Germany comes on. My Dad still sees me as a 17 year old Lordi and Nightwish ultra fan, clearly 😄 #Eurovision2023
No matter how it ends, you already won my heart and I'm so so so proud of you ❤️ #Eurovision   #Eurovision2023    #lordofthelost #bloodandglitter #ESC
#Eurovision Germany being bottom is a crime. @LordOfTheLost did an amazing performance! Chins up, we loved you! 🤘❤️ #Eurovision2023
Germany is the best combination of outrageous costume and camp metal which works for Eurovision. Award winning combo. No notes. #Eurovision2023
I bloody lovely Germany for referencing Rebecca's biscuits in Ted Lasso ❤️🙏🏻 #Eurovision2023 #TedLasso #EUROVISION
Germany bringing it lord of the lost, an epic song. loving it. i think they may be my favourites. #Eurovision2023📷 #Eurovision📷
My boyfriend has never watched Eurovision before and his comments are the best 😭 He's confused, but also amused. He also prefers crotia over the UK and didn't understand why Germany could finally do well this year 🥹 #Eurovision2023
#Eurovision2023 #Germany 😜#LordOfTheLost #BloodAndGlitter❤️ Germany 🩸🎤🎸🎵 Loved 🥰 it… .
Could anyone please enlighten me after which criterias the juries are voting? I know metal / glam rock is not everyones cup of tea, but Lord of the Lost weren't so bad. Their performance was brilliant for a metal / glam rock act. #ESC2023 #germany #Eurovision2023
24 points... That is Fucking hilarious. Lol at the UK Just Germany being last is an absolute JOKE #Eurovision2023
Really don't have favorites in this year's #Eurovision but I guess #Germany can win cos they are closest to my kind of music 😂
So this is my favourite song so far. Right in my wheelhouse of my personal tastes. This won't win sadly but it is the best one #Eurovision #DEU
#Eurovision2023 #ESC2023 Und jetzt plankel es dahin bis endlich das Voting los geht. GOOD LUCK FOR GERMANY
Wow, I love seeing all the positive reception #Germany is getting! Hopefully this means we'll finally not end up in last or second-to-last place, after all these years... #Eurovision2023
Big love for Wholesome German Dad #Eurovision #Eurovision2023
Wow #samryder wow sooo good and oh look!! Graham Norton,Sam plays rock music and does solos 🎸. And had the Queen drummer too. But you like them. but not Germany 🤔🤨 #GrahamNorton #Eurovision
Blood & glitter Sweet & bitter We're so happy we could die. 😂 Wow #Germany #Eurovision2023 German Metal meets Scooter Lyrics
Lord of the Lost, camping it up like pros. Already a fan, glad to see them in this competition. #Eurovision2023 #EUROVISION
Right. If you're looking for something to keep you interested, if Germany finish in the top ten, I win £32. 50. #Eurovision2023
I love how Germany's drummer looked like he just wandered in in jeans and a check shirt and did his best. #EUROVISION #Eurovision2023
Okay Germany to win, already 💪😅 #Eurovision2023
Germany is also nice, Rock songs are strong this year, it's like a Maneskin homage #EUROVISION
Come on - somebody give Germany some points. Hoping the public vote is more sympathetic. #Eurovision2023
I think it's clear Germany aren't going to score well in #Eurovision even with a good song like LOTL, so they should just lean into the heavy stuff next year and send Heaven Shall Burn @officialhsb #Eurovision2023
Germany is my winner obvs🖤 #Eurovision
Lord of The Lost ftw! Goths to the top! 🖤 #Eurovision2023
I want lord of the lost to know that even if they get few points today because Germanytm, I love them very dearly #Eurovision #Eurovision2023
Feeling so sorry for LOTL 😭 They didn't deserve this 🤗 Still, so proud ❤️ #Eurovision #ESC2023 #lordofthelost #proud
Best #Eurovision2023 performance for me : GERMANY. FUCKING. GERMANY. You heard it ? I want them to won this year.
Alemania Germany no es mi tipo de musica, pero se les notan las tablas, se comen el escenario, la puesta en escena es un pasote y al frontman le veo de un sexy tremendo. No me les dejeis bottom5 otra vez 🙏🏼 #Eurovision2023
I don't want to be chauvinistic but UK has made a spectacular production this year… the best since Germany 2011 #Eurovision2023
I really don't have a clue who will win tonight 🤔 I'll keep my fingers crossed for #lordofthelost though 🤞🏻🤘🏻 #Eurovision #Eurovision2023 #esc2023 #germany
Terrific stuff from Germany. Be proud @ChiquitaCandy #Eurovision
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