Status: Eliminated
Artist: Alika
Song: Bridges
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Grand Final
#Eurovision #Estonia 🥹🎶 Magical piano! What a stunning voice too 👏👏👏 that was like an excerpt from a Musical I really enjoyed this ❤️
12. Estonia Excellent song. Her voice gives you goosebumps. Very cool. Good luck from Belarus. #Eurovision #EST
Estonia's song just hits differently. It's so lovely and wonderful. I would love if it won. #Eurovision
Estonia a rather beautiful female vocal, accompanied by lovely instrumentation, with a haunting driving song that builds to a satisfying finish. A fine song that deserves to do well #Eurovision
Estonia, what a lovely voice. I love piano when it's perfectly matched with a voice & strings to build it up Sometimes simple is great when done well. #Eurovision2023
12. Estonia. A self playing piano, excellent. Loving Eleka's voice and confidence. Nice to see someone finally fully commit to 90s/00s fashion and wear skirt-trousers. #Eurovision2023
Well, she's just phenomenal. 👏💜 #Estonia #Eurovision2023
Voted #Estonia It won't win but it is the best song 👍 ##Eurovision
Alika has incredible hair and as a bangs girlie i feel obliged to appreciate other girlies with great bangs #Eurovision
So cute, wonderful voice, loved the scenography #Eurovision2023  #Eurovision  #Estonia Estonia
Alika my beloved, love her and the piano ♥️ #Eurovision2023
Estonia Can't explain why but really liked this. Top effort from both artist and piano. Great voice. This is how you deliver a ballad at #Eurovision
Estonia is my fav country in Europe and their entries are always actually good songs that would do well in the charts but they never get the love they deserve #Estonia #Eurovision
#Eurovision2023 amazing #Estonia . I could hear the words they made sense and she has a stunning voice.
Actually liked Estonia. Good job there. She's got a great voice. #Eurovision2023
#Eurovision Estonia - beautiful voice, simple staging, lush 👍
Estonia 🥳🥳 love it 😍 #UnitedByMusic #Eurovision2023
Estonia in top 10 again after Elina and Stig's result of 8 years that's so wonderful 💙🖤🤍 #Eurovision2023
#Eurovision2023 Wow pretty voice Estonia ! Love the outfit too ! I ended up liking the song more that i expected ! The piano playing itself is cool too haha
Estonia won't win with this song but she won with her outfit 💅🏼 #eurovision
I like Estonia, best so far ♥️ #Eurovision
#Eurovision #Estonia this is so beautiful🥺💖
Je gunt alleen al Wouter Hardy een mooi succes met Estland. Zeker na zijn interview over Ilse de Lange en Duncan Lawrence, die hem slecht behandelden toen Lawrence #esf23 #Eurovision2023 won.
#Eurovision2023 Estonia looking like favorites to win this. 🤔
Estonia - she's the moment, she's an icon, she's a legend. I love her #Eurovision #ESC2023
Ooooh at that piano for the Estonia song. Really classy staging. Love it. Always have a soft spot for Estonia. @?#Eurovision2023
Really like Estonia's entry. It's a really pretty song… bit of a grower. I imagine it's going to do quite well. Can we all take a moment to recognise how amazing the stage work has been. Just masterful design at #Eurovision
I'm hoping this turns into a banger, come on gimmie the drop... Nope. Didn't happen. Was fine I guess, didn't do what it needed to. #Estonia #Eurovision
#Eurovision Estonia. Why pretend to play the self-playing piano for a few bars? 🤣🤦🏼‍♀️ I mean, it's fine. But never a winner.
#Estonia to win #Eurovision2023 I love it
#Estonia - Love the self playing piano - beautiful voice. #Eurovision
Estonia for the win, i'm in love #Eurovision2023
Self-playing piano, which she decides to then pretend to play. Interesting artistic decision from Estonia. However this (a) is my favourite song so far, and (b) never gonna win. #eurovision
Estonia: Good voice but slightly breathy in parts … lovely line, good dynamics, if I was going to be picky I'd say her diphthongs need work (combining vowels like a-e instead of keeping them pure) but this is a very good performance. #Eurovision2023
even though it's not my favourite, estonia's song has a special place in my heart! it's so majestic and beautiful #Eurovision2023
Enjoyed Estonia in the semi, still enjoyed it in the final. It is a great song and performance. Except the part where sis looked like she was jogging around the stage. #Eurovision #Estonia
My vote goes to the piano. Well done piano! #eurovision #estonia
Wow okay Alika has a great voice #Eurovision
#Estonia 's song is very good but that dress seems straight from Shein bestie #Eurovision2023
Estonia fucking smashed it actually could they win? #Eurovision2023
Estonia… .smashing it with Bridges ❤️#eurovision
only watching this for my estonia <33333 #Eurovision I LOVE HERRR VOICE SOOO MUCHHHHHH
Estonia that was a real grower - also loved the Estonia on the piano, great attention to detail! #SBSEurovision #Eurovision
I liked Estonia. Flawless performance #Eurovision2023
#estonia lovely song, sung beautifully. But not sure it has enough for #eurovision
More great vocals! All the singers are smashing it tonight so far #Estonia #Eurovision
Y aqui va otra de mis favoritas (me molan las buenas baladas jajaj). Estonia me encanta. ❤️ #Eurovision #EurovisionRTVE #Eurovision2023
Love estonia, best song #Eurovision2023
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