Status: Eliminated
Artist: Reiley
Song: Breaking My Heart
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Semi-Final 2
Twitter: @reileymusic
Instagram: @reiley
I think this song from #Denmark is going to be a later radio and streaming success, like Rosa Linn was with SNAP last year. It's very summery and fun, but I don't think it's a #Eurovision winner. Certainly should qualify though.
okay thank u fucking provider for not letting me vote, anyways if I could I would be voting for denmark bestie reiley cuz 🫶🫶🫶🫶🫶🫶🫶🫶 sending emotional support this way ig 😭 #eurovision
01 - Denmark I love this performers hair and there is a heart shaved in the back too. 🩷 Denmark should be proud, a pink, very Dolly Parton esq jacket and catchy track! 👏🏻 👩🏻‍🎤 #Eurovision 2023 - 2nd Semi-final
I don't think #Denmark is having as good of a start tonight compared to the rehearsal today, but it's a great song and they picked it up as they went on, the staging is fun and that outfit is very sparkly (even from a distance in the arena!) #Eurovision2023
love this song and he is just adorable 💙 #Denmark #Eurovision2023
The second semi final good luck Denmark.. he looks about 12?? Lol good luck #Eurovision
He's cute AF , was shakey at the start but loved the energy of it, @Reileymusic was really good for Denmark #Eurovision
Oh Denmark, usually you make better choices than this! No doubt he's sweet and the set is fun for tv coverage but, um, I'm not sure they can sing #Eurovision
Denmark is not a fav of mine but I found the staging quite good and I really like Reileys outfit 🥰 #Eurovision
Come on @Reileymusic make Denmark and Faraoe Island proud. I believe you can do it 🙌💪 #Eurovision go go go 🥰
Denmark. Surely to qualify. A 24 year old who has 14 million followers on Tik Tok. More like Junior Eurovision. This is how Eurovision winners are made. Ireland doesn't have a chance #Eurovision2023
I think Koreans & Japanese would really love #Denmark. He was cuteness overload 💙🙏I wish he made it to the final but looks complicated #Eurovision #EurovisionRTVE #Eurovision2023
Denmark, awe he's adorable, sounds like something I've heard before, I don't hate it, but the vocal is a lil too low an breathy throughout #Eurovision2023 #Denmark
I love the Danish entry this year, hoping the live performance is good. #Eurovision
I love Denmark's song and the kid is so adorable!! #Eurovision I hope his vocals pull through!
#Eurovision2023 semi-final 2 time! Denmark sent a baby (or maybe I'm old enough that every young person looks like baby to me hahaha). He's adorable tho. I'm glad they aren't gonna make him stand on the stage by himself for the results
Denmark - Riley Outfit: 10/10 Song: 7/10 Performance: Fantastic #Eurovision2023
#Eurovision #Eurovision2023 Le Danemark Denmark et sa Kpop : pas fan du vocodeur mais la rythmique fonctionne 😎 Pas facile de faire l'ouverture mais le gars a bien demarre le 'show'
Denmark's performance surprised me I really have grown to love the song I hope he qualifies 🤞🏼 #Eurovision
Che bravo Romeo Twink per la Danimarca. 🥰 #Eurovision2023
I love so much Denmark it's so modern and catchy ! I completely get the vibes ! #Eurovision #Eurovision2023
#EurovisionRtve #Eurovision #Eurovision2023 #EuroSemi1 Como no querer al danes, es tan adorable 🤩🤩🤩
Love a bitta Danish Lauv 💗 #Eurovision2023 #Denmark
Denmark. What an adorable little poppet! 😍#eurovision2023
I wouldn't be surprised if Denmark Riley qualifies, he's got a huge fanbase in the K-pop world and... allow me to direct you to the winner of the American Song Contest. #Eurovision
Ooh, I really liked the song from Denmark. Strongest tune I've heard so far in these semi finals 👍 #Eurovision
I think the best thing that can be said about Denmark is that he appeals to a certain… demographic #Eurovision2023
#Eurovision   Semi Final 2 - My Positive Heart Review 💕 Denmark : 💗 💗 💗 💗 💗 💕
SONG 01: DENMARK Denmark A fun and bouncy tune that might remind you of Troye Sivan's best. A lot of folks can't believe Reiley is 25, and they're right to doubt it - he's actually 67. #Eurovision | #Eurovision2023 | #Denmark
You know you are getting old when you like #Denmark song because it's not loud, and it's 'a lovely little song' followed by 'do be do do'. I used to be cool! #Eurovision2023
Ok, if I can't have Denmark's gorgeous pink sparkly jacket, I'll happily have your jacket #GrahamNorton 🤩 #Eurovision2023
Estamos in love con la actuacion de Reiley. 😍 El representante de Dinamarca Denmark es el encargado de abrir las actuaciones de esta segunda semifinal de #Eurovision2023 con “Breaking My Heart”. #EurovisionRTVE #Eurovision
Honestly not the biggest fan of Danmark's contribution for Eurovision, but I'm 100% here to support Reiley and my home country Denmark #Eurovision2023
Denemarken is niet mijn smaak, zijn kopstem is ook al niet te best😅 #Eurovision
Vote for REILEY if u like KPOP❤️ #Eurovision2023 #Eurovision
"Her hidden talent is that she does a really good impression of a baby" yeah but so does Denmark #eurovision
Come on Denmark!! ❤️❤️ #Eurovision
denmark is cute, love the whole mood #eurovision2023
Vote for REILEY Denmark if u like KPOP❤️ #Eurovision2023 #Eurovision
#Eurovision Vote for REILEY Denmark if u like KPOP❤️ #Eurovision2023 #Eurovision
Vote for REILEY Denmark if u like KPOP❤️ #Eurovision2023 #Eurovision
el de dinamarca es como el de reino unido? el popular de tiktok que llegara al top 3 por eso? #Eurovision
Bless him, I love Reiley #Eurovision
Vote for REILEY Denmark if u like KPOP❤️ #Eurovision2023 #Eurovision
It's #Eurovision2023 time - and first is #Denmark - very catchy! 🎶👏🎶👏 #Eurovision @bbceurovision
I actually love reiley's song it's so cute I love this #eurovision
Che carinx quellx della Danimarca 🥹❤️ #Eurovision2023
Hoor veel commentaar maar ben echt fan van Denemarken 😌 Denmark #Songfestival #Eurovision #Eurovision2023
#Eurovision Vote for REILEY Denmark if u like KPOP❤️ #Eurovision2023 #Eurovision
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